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I also fluoride toothpaste i started using on ring worm. itching reduced from from day. i will continue to use it. Apply it in affected area leave for 30 min let it dry then go to bath :xD


I used lamisil and it resident work so I started putting toothpaste on it. It worked great. With in the next few weeks it disappeared

Heather G

Ringworm Remedy - Derman Cream
Got ringworm (verified by fungal culture) two years ago and have tried for a year to get rid of it. Tried apple cider vinegar, copper, Acetone, clear nail polish, salt scrubs, prescription Nystatin cream, UV light (got sunburn), bleach (chemical burn), and all available over the counter antifungal creams. Nothing worked just caused a lot of irritation and hurt. Bought Thorne SF722 Undecylenic acid for Candida in my intestines and decided to try opening a capsule and rubbing it on the ringworm. To my surprise it started to turn white and flake off and the itching decreased, however it didn't clear completely up. I was onto something though. Found out that zinc Undecylenate in addition to Undecylenic acid work in synergy to eliminate ringworm. Found that this combination (from Pubmed article) was available in Derman cream. Had to order online because no one carries this. Cleared my ringworm right up. I an too scared to quit using it to see if it comes back but as long as I apply it once a day it seems that it is gone. No more redness or itching just normal skin. I will always keep some just in case they decide to discontinue making it! And I will probably have to keep using because I have a defective immune system. It is very important to have a fully functional one in order to keep this stuff at bay. I hope this helps someone, I researched this site for months and promised if I found something that worked I would let others know!


Rub the juice from a green walnut skin on the ringworm. English or Black Walnut as often as you can, don't cover, let dry and keep it dry


Try white toothpaste.I had ringworm once for over three months and used various creams prescribed by the doctor which eventually cured it??? Two years later it reappeared in the same place, the doctor said as the previous creams did not seem work to leave it and in two to three months it would self cure, probably what had happened with the earlier infection. Two years later another infection occurred in the same place but someone had told me to use a white tooth paste twice a day for a week and it has worked with no reinfections.


I 'caught' the ringworm on my leg a few years back from dirty gym equipment. Luckily I noticed it right away, before it even formed a circle. I used bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vingar and tea tree oil. I kept re-applying the mixture and letting it dry throughout the day and it was gone the next morning.
Last month, however, I ended up getting ringworm on my face from touching an infected animal. I didn't know what it was at first, I thought it was shingles. I used tea tree oil on it but it would clear up and pop right back. When I found out what it was I used the remedy above and over the counter no avail. It started spreading and looked awful. I started using other remedies - turmeric, garlic, nail polish - everything, but it wouldn't go away. I was hysterical, because both sides of my face were a mess. I finally resorted to using BLEACH. I did not dilute it and I waited until it dried up completely before washing my face. Ringworm was gone the next day. Who knew? I would recommend it for stubborn ringworm.


I've been battling with Ringworm for the 1st time since the last 2 months. We've two darling kitties who seem to picked up the infection from their cattery. since i stay in a 1 bedroom apartment, I cant really isolate them but go ahead with aggressive treatments.

my ringworm lesions are now no bigger than a tiny ant bite.Here's what i do.

1. Virgin coconutt oil has great anti fungal properties. i apply it liberally on my body 2-3 times a day especially after a shower.
2. tea tree infused bathing bars or Bamboo charcoal soaps too aid in anti fungal treatments. Make sure you bathe twice a day and wear a fresh pair of clothes.
3.Ringworm spores don't thrive at very high temperatures, so wash your clothes in boiling hot water ( if the material can withstand it ) along with a strong detergent and make sure you fully dry them before tossing it in your wardrobe.
4. I usually bathe in ice cold water since it helps to soothe and not irritate any new or existing RW lesions on my skin.
5. buy a small tube of anti fungal cream intended for ringworm and apply it atleast 2-3 times a day till after a week the lesion has healed.
wear fully covering loose fitting clothes to avoid reinfestion of RW to your household and also prevent new ringworm spores in your surrounding from getting in touch with ur skin.
6. Replace your towels atleast once in 2 day and make sure its washed in boiling hot water.
7. Your internal health also plays a huge role in the healing process. Include a healthy meal with fresh vegs and drink organic unfiltered ACV like Braggs(10ml in a glass of water)twice a day for optimal health.

1. Use bed spreads for your beddings and change your sheets every few days .
2,daily vaccuum and mop your floor with benzalkonium chloride products(lysol) , bleach or any other strong surface cleaner agent. Make sure your pets are not around while the floor is still wet.
3. Steam mop your rugs and draperies at a very high temp
4.Wipe all surfaces with bleach/ lysol
5. Make sure your rooms are well ventilated with plenty of sunshine. Unfortunately my aint but i ensure i leave no place damp.

1. Add 2 tsp of ACV to their bowl of drinking water . If they refuse to drink the water, place their paws in a tray of acv/water. they'll have a tendency to lick their paws.
2.soak a folded kitchen tissue in 50/50 or 70/30 Water/ACV solution ( based on how sensitive your cat is . try with a diluted concentration first ). wipe down their body with the same atleast twice a day.
3. bathe them in anti fungal shampoo atleast thrice a week till the ringworm has gone and continue bathing them atleast once a week for the next 1 month.
4, Invest in a good brand of pet food to insure theyre in the pink of health . hence faster healing. Ringworm affects animals much quicker who;s immunity is compromised.
5. if its necessary to comb your cat/dog, make sure you wet their fur first. this is to prevent flying of infected hair which leads to spreading of ringworm spores in the air and surrounding items.
6. make sure their grooming brush and clippers are disinfected in boiling hot water and soap/bleach after every use.
7. RW spores are abundant everywhere in the environment. even at the vet. make sure you give them a nice anti fungal bath after every vet visit.
8.Confine them to a room thats easy to clean, if possible. and keep cleaning the rest of the area till they are free from RW. This is usually confirmed by a Ringworm culture at the vet.

Most of the treatments stated above are inexpensive . All it requires is a little perseverance for the first 2-3 weeks. good luck all :)


I read that using iodine would cure ring worm. I used it on my daughter twice a day and it dried it up in twenty four hours, and healed fast. It's cheap at the drug store. We originally tried antifungal creams and it never did a thing. It's a old remedy but it works

Jan W

Several times when I was a child I got a ringworm on my face. I remember my mother telling me that when she was a child they would cure ringworm by rubbing it with the inside of the green pod that is around each black walnut when it is on the tree. She said it would burn like crazy but would cure the ringworm really fast.


Coconut oil, oregano oil and tea tree oil. They are all antifungals! Plus the coconut oil moisturises the skin.

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