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Dawn Sims

This is going to sound CRAZY but trust me it works. If you get a ringworm take a plain sheet of notebook paper, crinkle it up into a loose ball and place it on a glass plate. Light the paper on fire and let it burn until you see the oil on the plate. Immediately apply the oil to the ringworm and it will be gone overnight. I grew up in the country and always got them and it was a no fail system. Thanks.:)


All these remedies seem to be a lot of work, being lazy and cheap I find using regular “burn your mouth” Colgate tooth past. Growing up wrestling you learned to get rid of the stuff quick or no wrestling. There are a few theories in the family from scratching it with a Knife and then applying the tooth past to the area “personally not recommended “to just applying it to the area, the tooth past dries so not to get all over the place and usually cures it in a day or two.


I was desperately searching for a cure.
I tried almost everything.
1. clotrimazole.
2. tolnaftate cream and spray.
3. Apple cider Vinegar.
4. Witch Hazel.
5. Rubbing Alcohol.
6. Bleech.
7. Hydrogen Peroxide.
8. Tooth paste.
9. Salicylic acid.
10. Vicks.
11. Mouth wash.
12. Hand-sanitizer(alcohol)
13. Anti-bacterial liquid soap.
14. Icy hot

I tried all the above mentioned items, plus a combination of some of them together as a foot soaking agent.

The moment when i completely lost it, came when I saw a second ringworm right next to the original one. ARRRRRR

I poured a little less then half a cup of bleech, half cup of rubbing alcohol, half a cup of witch hazel, half cup of ACV, and then as soon as i poured half a cup of hydrogen peroxide I heard a whooshing sound and saw bubbles and some somke :-) grin, I thought to myself this would kill the fungus once for all. I then poured cold water, just enough so that I could soak my foot fully into the small plastic bucket.
I then rubbed the two ringworms with my fingers under the solution, and kept my foot under water for atleast 10 minutes. The skin peeled off from the ringworms, and the itching stopped. I went to class, and then after few hours, Itching came back.
I came home, and I was furious, at the drug agencies and the FDA for creating creams that only stop the growth of the ringworm instead of killing it. (thats how you make money).
I then took a small night lamp in my room, with .10 WATT bulb, and turned it on. Once the bulb got hot, I started cooking :-) It hurt really bad when I started to roll the bulb on the ringworms, but the feeling of killing that nasty bugger overcame my own pain. I really burned the suckers good, the skin turned red, and the bulb was covered in some sort of mildue. Ringworms started flaking, and I kept going, until I knew that the ringworms were dead and were now burning in hell. The itching had stopped.
It has been 3 or more hours since this experiment, and the itching had not returned.
The skin ofcourse was red due to minor skin burns, and may even leave a mark, but I will accept it open heartedly because it is just on my foot, and it will be just another battle scar to my body collection.

Arrrrrrggghhh 142nd Pirates for life.

(Do not tell me that it cannot be killed; if it is living, then I will find a way)


a year ago i had a ringworm on the inside of my left forearm. My dad said trust the doctor. I used anti-fungal ointment and everything and it took forever to go away, and it itched all night whenever i would try to sleep. One day i scratched it then put baby powder on it. It was just a lucky guess because the next day the ringworm was gone! Then a few weeks later i tried it again and it worked. Im not even kiddin it really works but it sounds crazy. Just scratch it put a thin layer of ointment Then over in baby powder. Mine went away in just 2-3 days. I got rid of 6 of them just like that. I highly reccommend this remedy


I've had ringworm of the scalp for so long, I actually got used to it, because I didn't know it was ringworm since it didn't make any bald patches the way it typically does when it's on the scalp. I've literally had it since I was in high school, and I'm 43 yrs. old now, so by the time I finally shaved my head so I could see the skin, it was a very advanced case. Because of the hair, when it's on your head, if it doesn't make the hair fall out, it doesn't form the typical ring shape, so it's not recognizeable as ringworm except that it does form a round or oval-shaped rashy patch. Mine was a deep, purplish-red color, and it itched like crazy if I didn't shampoo my hair every single day. I learned from that it was ringworm, and one of the home remedies they recommend is Selsun Blue shampoo or Head and Shoulders Intensive Care, since these have the ingredient 'selenium sulfide' in them. Selenium sulfide seems to work really well, as this silver-dollar-sized patch on the back of my scalp has now faded from a deep red to a light pink color after only a few weeks, and that's just from washing with it every day. For less extreme cases of ringworm, what I'd suggest is using Selsun Blue shampoo like a lotion. Shake it up good, and rub it on straight from the bottle, without water, and just let it sit for a half hour and then wash it off. I had a small outbreak in the middle of my chest, and I cleared it up this way in only a couple of days. Since ringworm is a fungus, Selsun Blue should also work on jock itch and athlete's foot, as well as vaginal yeast infections, probably. Selenium sulfide is the magical ingredient; totally painless, gentle and highly effective.


Tanning Salon. I had ringworm for six weeks, severly on my tricpes, and it spread to my biceps, forearms, back and forehead. I tried everything, doctor and home remedy, and nothing got rid of it. I went to a tanning salon before a vacation, and the first 10 min session got rid of the smaller sores almost instantly. The second 10 min session turned the 7 and 5 inch lesions on my triceps into dry patches overnight.


I thought I had ringworm, went to the doctor, took oral and topical medicines. I tried every home remedy but it continued to spread. I then went to a dermatologists and found out I did not have ringworm at all. I had pityriasis rosea. Please google for more info. PR does not spread to the face so becareful with self diagosis.


Being cheap and lazy, I had heard that garlic is antifungal. So I just sliced a piece of garlic off of a clove and rub it on the spot two or three times a day. Easy.

I Hate Ringworm

I have one ringworm on my right cheek,it was very close to my right eye and nose. I went to the dermatologist and he did a culture test by using a q-tip then wiped the entire area with a q tip then dip it in a testing solution, he look at it for one split seconds then turn around and said that it wasn't a ring worm and just ' a skin irritation'. He perscribe one lotion and one cleanser for me to use and said that it was going to look really bad before it gets better and order me to come back in 7 days for a follow up.

I've tried creams and lotions that the dermatologist recommended for a week and it didn't work. I tried the hydrogen peroxide and lamisil and that didn't work. I tried New Skin liquid bandage and it did dry the area however, it came right back. For those who don't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the dermatologist bill, making him- her rich, please give this a try for two weeks.

1. Wash the entire area with Apple Cider Vinager (use cotton balls dip in ACV then press and hold for two -three minutes for good absorbtion)

2. Apply the entire area with 100 % Tea Tree Oil (from Whole food store). Again, use a cotton ball (new one )and pour tea tree oil on the cotton ball,make sure that it is saturated with Tea tree oil, then hold and press the area for 5 mins.

Con't to follow this regimen for one to two weeks. I made a note of the first day I use this method and it added up to eight days. It was gone by the seven day but I con't to use it just to make sure that suckers is gone for good. Hope this helps


This takes time (about a week for a two inch sized ringworm). I used foot scrub, iodine, and anti-fungal cream. Everynight after showering make a iodine scrub by mixing the iodine and foot scrub in your hands. rub it on the area and rinse then dry with a paper towel immedeatly! afterwards apply the anti-fungal cream . I did this and my huge ugly ring-monster went away in about a week. I continued to do this after it was gone just to be on the safe side.

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