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TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!! Works like a charm!! Antifungal creams weren't working and since you supposed it goes away by drying out, I figured since toothpaste is supposed to help get rid of acne(by drying it out) it would work for ringworm too, and sure enough. I left it on for a couple hours, wiped off and then applied neosporin. My husband also used bleach instead of toothpaste and that seemed to work pretty good too.


Just dab a cotton ball into 100% Tea Tree Oil, and rub it onto your ringworm. Do that three times daily (moring, noon, and night). It works beacuse Tea Tree is an aniseptic. You could try Lavander Oil, but Tea Tree is better.

My mom's a massage theripist who works with aromatherapy so I got this from her.


For ringworm remedy, i was breastfeeding and i couldn't take over the counter and prescribed medicine. The patches then spread all over my body and some on the baby. I took a raw clove of garlic everyday and then they disappeared.It took a week for them to disapper completely


'Naturals' hand sanitizer, with 'Melagel' over it. found the ringworm yesterday, almost gone today.


I am in Argentina and recently developed ringworm on my calf. Currently being in the middle of the pampas on a farm, I do not have access to antifungal creams and such medicines. I did tons of research and began a strict regimen of a scrub of sea salt and vinegar mixed into a paste. Apply until dry. This has reduced the spots. I keep it covered when not applying treatment to prevent spreading. In addition, I went through the horse medical kit and found a treatment called trushbuster which while not intended for humans (due to it potency), has worked amazingly. It contains alcohol, iodine, formalin (not the best for human use), and gentian violet. The spots are clearing up even faster and it has only been 3 day. I figured any medicine meant to kill bacterial and fungal infections in a horses foot can for sure kill ringworm.


My son got a ringworm in his head and it took forever to start clearing up. Then he gave it to my daughter. My grandmom told me to put bleach on it. My daughters was dried up and gone in less than a week.


THIS REALLY WORKS!!! I went to Mexico for my honeymoon and contracted ringworm. This was no regular case of ringworm either - it was tropical ringworm that was resistant to most treatments because of over-prescription of medicines in Mexico. It started as a little spot on my back and spread all over my entire body in a matter of weeks. I tried everything... OTC medicines, anti-fungal prescriptions from the doc, other alternative remedies (nail polish, bleach - yes I was desperate) and nothing worked. So I finally was told by a friend to try TEA TREE OIL and I rubbed each spot as many times a day as I could and it worked like a miracle! In a matter of days it stopped spreading and started to go away. I now use the stuff on any weird skin issues that I or my family has.. Trust me - try Tea Tree Oil - the stuff is potent and kills fungus.


I use listerine - clears it up in 2-3 days.


we've tried a million remedies for ringworm... some work better than others. An odd one that hasn't been mentioned is applying 'tiger balm' on the spot a couple times a day. It burns and smells, but completely cleared up the spots FAST!


I have a mild case of ringworm on my calf. It was itchy for a week before anything showed up.. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed two rings.

I've been washing the area with Teraseptic (an antibacterial cleanser that doesn't sting), and applying a thin layer of Tinactin (an over-the-counter antifungal cream, medicinal ingredient is 1% tolnaftate) and then covering with Nexcare foam bandages. I've been doing this twice a day - when I wake up, and before I go to bed.

It has only been three days, but so far so good. It is starting to clear up.

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