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noticed about 6 wheels on my inner thigs right in the crease thought to myself omg please dont let it get on my nani looked it up online this is what i did in 2 days it was gone first i cleaned the area with a mixture equal parts iodne and alcohol then cleaned it again with clorox im not gonna lie it stung bad then dried the area completly then painted all the wheels with clear nail polish and waited till it dried then baby powder on top kept applying powder throught the day next night i removed the nal polish with polish remover this stung really bad then repeated the entire process like i said in 2 days they were completly gone my skin was raw from all the stuff so for the next 2 days i put lotion and neosporin on the area i swear this is what i did and this is how wonderful it worked good luck

ByeBye Scars

Use Nizoral Shampoo and Mederma. I found this on another forum and I swore if it worked I would try to share it in as many places as possible. I had three ringworm scars, one on my shoulder and two on my tummy (all a half dollar size or bigger). After I used my prescription cream (I didn't try the bleach)for two months, my doc told me it will take up to a year for the scars to go away. I wanted to cry. But in less than two weeks the scars are gone/light shade. This is how I did it: At night put Nizoral Shampoo on the spots and go to sleep (let it dry), in the morning take a shower and scrub the area using an exfoloating glove/rag ( I did it hard). Pat dry and use the cream the doc gave you for the rest of the day. Repeat this process for seven days. On the seventh night instead of the Nizoral shampoo use Mederma ( both are available over the counter) in the morning take a shower and you will see the dead skin and scar wash down the drain. Just to be sure dry off and rub the rest of it using a towel. Please note at times it might burn or be irratated an you might question yourself, but I promise you will see it dry up and look 100 times better. The following week I kept using the cream from the doc during the day and Mederma at night. Just make sure your fungus is healed before doing this. Good luck! And please share with others!

A. Weas

The best remedy I've found is one that was passed down through our family for generations...make a mixture of half iodine and half rubbing alcohol....apply it with a q-tip or cotton ball to the affected areas...I've used this remedy all my life and it works great...ringworms usually disappear in a day or two


i have had my ringworm for 4 days and have been treating it with all kinds of anti fungal cream and alchohal which by the ways did not help at all! so i decided to try a plan to dry it out and then treat it.
2.sea salt
3.antifungal cream
4.cotton balls
5.blow dryer
1. mix vinegar and salt in container till a paste like liquid forms
2. shake up
3. pour into spoon
4. dip cotton ball into liquid in spoon apply to infected area
5. blow dry infected skin till dry
6. pour the rest of the liquid in spoon onto infected area.
7. put a layer of salt on wet infected area.
8. blow dry.
9. repeat 3 times a day
10. once dried out good begin treating with anti fungal cream till COMPLETELY GONE!
11. enjoy being ringworm free.


Pee (urine) actually works. Take it or leave it.

An ol down south remedy.

Put it in a pill bottle and apply with q-tip for a week! If it doesn't can kick my @$$!!!!

P.s it'll be best to use your OWN pi$$.

Not a Doctor

For Tinea with blistering and inflammation
For tinea with blisters that spreads. First treat inflammation with ibuprophen, then use a drawing salve on blisters to help dry them. Rinse with cold water and soap and dry thouroughly. Then follow up with anti-fungals. I have finally been seeing results with thus method. My suspicion is that the fungus can hide beneath blistering and use inflammation to continue to spread despite topical treatment. That is why I suggest treating inflammation, drawing blisters with a salve, and then treating with anti-fungal. I hope this helps every single person struggling with persisting tinea. Let me know if this worked or helped you. : )


I had ringworm for what seemed like forever. At first I didn't know what it was and my doctor gave me an ointment that did nothing. Went back a week later, got a stronger ointment and some sort of pill. The ringworm started fading and the medication ended.. but it came back almost double. I started applying apple cider vinegar three times a day only to have super dry skin and continuously spreading ringworm. Called the doc, he sent me a longer prescription for anti-fungal pills, and then I continued to apply apple cider vinegar, and the n put over the counter fungal cream on top, to stop the dryness. So far, so disappearing! GOOD LUCK!


I don't know if what I am now having now is ring worm. I had this before. It is a worm like something that zigzag under the skin. I visited my GP and I was giving all kind of anti-fungal cream that really made things worse. The itch is really bad. The area does not hurt but whatever is under there kept moving and leaving a zigzag trail and it itch terribly. At first I thought it was an insect bite, because that is what it felt like. It got so bad that I suggested to my doctor that the area needs to be opened so to scrape what ever was bothering me out.Tthen my mum sow it and recommended cola nut as the cure. She sent for cola nut broke part of it and chew it and then spate it to the area affected. I suddenly felt a cool calm and within five minute the itching has stop. This procedure was repeat 3 times is the day. 3 days after I started seeing sign of cure. I was so relieved. Three years has gone by and I have this same thing appearing on the skin again. This time round the cola nut seem to only sooth it but not curing it. The doctors don't seems to have any remedies either, so I called on my mum for advice. She recommended normal fluoride based toot paste. I apply it and immediately started feeling some relieve. 24 hours is gone and I am still itching only to soothe it with the toothpaste. So I decided to combine the tooth paste and the cola nut together and slap it on the affected area religiously and it seems to be working. I will let you know how it does in a few days time. But what a combination. I also want to know if anyone knows about cola nut. I know it is used widely in West Africa. it is usually chewed, and it is said to keep the stomach free of worms as well energising the body.


I caught a nasty case of ringworm on a trip to Cancun. I tried OTC antifungal meds for 2 weeks and at first they really helped cool the burning and itching, but on the 13th day it came back with a vengeance. So hit google and did some serious research and what I found that has cured me in 5 days is this: (1 - Absorbine Jr. and (2 - Pure tea Tree Oil. Now the location of my ringworm made curing it a challenge. It was on the upper part of my anus on the skin between the scrotum and the hole of the anus. I know it sounds both funny and horrifying at the same time, and believe me it was. I've never felt such a burning sensation before and wiping was agony. So after reading several sites my therapy was Absorbine Jr. morning and night and tea tree oil at noon. I would also use baby powder after to keep the area as dry as possible. The results were amazing. Within 24 hours the symptoms were almost completely gone. I kept using it for an additional 6 days just to make sure it was eradicated. I did not want it coming back. I will tell you that using Absorbine Jr. and tee tree oil on this area of the body isn't the most comfortable thing even without ringworm, but the reward was well worth it. If you have it anywhere else on your body I don't imagine it would be as bid a deal. I would highly recommend Spring Valley Pharmaceutical Grade Tea Tree Oil 2 fl oz from Wal-Mart for $8. It's powerful stuff. Either one of these may have cured it on its own, but I wanted to give it both barrels because I was so miserable. Good luck and I hope it helps.


Pure fresh Garlic clove - Returned from Europe (Spain, France, etc) and noticed ringworm. I read alot of the remedies posted, and decided to try a couple of the remedies which sounded good. My wife suggested I try fresh garlic cloves, cut the clove into two pieces and apply the garlic directly to the ringworm. Additionally I took a garlic suppliment. There are a couple ways to kill ringworm, either sufficate it by nail polish etc, (suffication can take several weeks) or poison the ringworm...This is what Garlic does, less than a day, the ringworm was gone, for good.

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