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clotrimazole and betamethasone is prescribed and sanafitil antifungal ointment find it online goglee it or at walgreens.take a bit from each one, put it on the palm of ur hand and mix them it as much as u want.I sufferered from ringworm for almost a year.I had more than 30 all over my body and they all went away in less than a week.u will see them mostly clear by ur 3rd day.I tried all home remedies that u can think of like vinager bleach peroxide tea tree oil alcohol and nothing worked for me.but this treatment surely works great..since then my skin looks clear and they never come back like they usually do..when u take antibiotics they go away but right after ur done taking it they come right back.I tried the antibiotics 3 times..try this and let me know.believe me my boyfriend my daughter and I had it all over our bodies and it went away.PLEASE try it I want everyone to be free if fungal horrible.

G. Lewis

For ring worm on anywhere on your body accept scalp just ductape some crushed garlic to your skin for about 10 to 12 hour and of course may burn a little but the ringworm will start to leaving your skin.


RING WORM IS NOT A WORM! It is a fungus that grows outward, making a round ridge as it spreads. Better know what you have before treating it, it may not be ringworm. One thing that kills it fast is high strength Hydrogen Peroxide 30 - 35%. Normal drug store is only 3%. Danger! 30% H202 will burn skin. I suggest using a Q-tip and test a very tiny spot to see how much damage and pain is associated first. CAUTION!!!!!!!!! Caustic!


Blue Star ointment works quickly for ringworms. My kids had them and my aunt told me to use this and they were gone in 2 days. You can get it at any drug store or Wal-Mart


I read all of these and didn't see the one that worked for my husband. It's the brown stain from a green walnut hull. Of course it's not available year round, but when you have access to it, it works great and is very simple. You simply apply the stain and then do nothing else. By the time the stain wears off, (you can't wash it off), the ringworm will be gone. Hope this helps some.


I have had a persistent ringworm on both legs for 6 months, one of which had grown to the size of my palm. I tried the chemist prescribed chloramitrozole but it only fixed the tiny new sores, it made the existing ones worse.
I also tried tea tree oil, which stabilized them from getting bigger but did not improve them.
The solution - apple cider vinegar and salt - I have been using this combination applied directly to the sores with a cotton ball around 3 or 4 times a day. After 3 days the sores are significantly healed and the itching has totally stopped. I have found that scrubbing a little with the salt on the sores helps remove the skin build up and lets the vinegar get in to do its work. It will sting a bit the first few times, but it no longer hurts me. I am going to keep going after it appears to have healed for a week or two because I know it can sometimes reappear if you dont finish it off fully.


I read all of the post on here. I have ringworm on my hand and it flared up and stated to spread. I at first put bleach on it for about 2 hours and then i read a post on here about neem tree oil and leaf. I looked it up and seen all the remedies that it can cure. So i found it at a vitamin store and bought the neem leaf pills and the oil. With in 3 days it is almost gone. For only 25 dollars it was well worth it. The oil smells a little but it is acually the the neem leaf that cures the ringwom the oil just helps the skin. To top it all off the neem tree has a thousand and 1 uses. Its a win win herb. Thanks to the people that posted on the neem tree.


THe cure for Ring-worm is simple:

Mix a bit of water with store bought tobacco, and make a paste. Put the paste on rind-worm site, and then wrap a gauze around your leg to keep the site secure and free of escaping tobacco. By the next morning your ring-worm should be gone, gone, gone.


I got ringwqorms about 4 weeks ago. I looked up this site and found all this info so I tried everything. Lol. Literally I've spent about 80 bucks on stuff. So ill start at the begining. When I realized I had one they had spead from my breast (on and under and on my stomach. Being overweight is a huge disadvantyage btw. So I automatically start with antifungal cream which after one day didn't do anytrhing and I'm very impatint so the next day I go buy tea tree oil. This works if u can stan the smell. Being that I was veryt ancious to get rid of these things I applied tto every few hours. Needless to say my husbend said I smelled like roach poison so I got iodine. Which cleared up my infestation in two daysd. Now this was a very minor case and didn't itch,burn,or bother me. With all my excitement I stoped applying iodine and moved on. I was ringworm free. Or so I thought. Ringworms are a fungi and trherefore thrive in hot moist areas so complaments of louisiana heat and my sweating and not applying anything to the one affected areas I,within two days, was reinfested with the mothe load of ringworms in the same areas but more and they spread to my back,but, and neck. So that's when I bought every tratment lknow to man. My itching and burning was horriffic and almost untolarable. So once again I had no patience. I used antifungal soap by fungi cure twice to three times a day,I also soaked in epson salt once a day and bleach water once a day(a cup of bleach to a reg bath), lotramin,lamisil,and tanactin cream,sprays,and powders. The name of the game is to stay as dry as possible. I did all this for a vigoris week in which I still applied iodine and tto in between med applications. I'm still applying cream and powders to the areas but all is well and this time they won't be back!


I found a few spots of ringworm on my leg and one on my hand. I used 100% Tea Tree Oil from Walmart (recommended from this site). It cleared my ringworm in 3 days. I did keep using it for another week to be safe. No further signs of ringworm. I washed my clothing with detergent and added lysol because I couldn't find and antifungal detergent. I got the ringworm from some foster kittens. Please Do Not try Tea Trea Oil on cats. I checked with the animal ER to see if I could use it on them. The oil is toxic to cats (despite what I found on line). Great for humans, though. My treatment was simple, quick, cheap and effective. Good luck.

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