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I have had off and on ringworm for some time now and nail polish remover works 20x faster than any other cream I have tried. A+ to that


A slice of garlic.
I realized I had ringworm on Friday and my mom gave me some Tetracyline to put on it. I must admit it works but I'm impatient and to me it works very slow and imagine having to go to school with ringworm (Ew) so I came to this forum and saw that someone said tape garlic to the affected area for 10-12 hours and let me tell you..I've had it on my right forearm from around 7pm and it is now 9:16pm and IT IS ALMOST GONE PEOPLE! I'm serious!
Just tape a slice of garlic to the affected area and it will be gone before you know it! This is one method I trust for sure!


I promised I would do this if this site helped and it did. I was desperate because I had ringworm on my inner thigh that soon encroached on to my testicles, so I used a few methods from this site. Try and see what works for you, but this is what worked for me.

1) Shower (if in a less aggressive area forearm for instantce maybe you just wash your arm offin the tub or sink.

2) ACV(apple cider vinegar) - apply with cotton ball and rub in a circular motion until it bleeds. Do this for the first 1-3 days

3) Absortine Jr - apply with cotton ball (don't rub just dab and hold until the pain sensation is totally gone or until you reach your threshold)

4) Tea Tree Oil - apply with q-tip (don't rub just dab the area until you see the shine/wet look)

5) Gold Bond Triple Action Relief(extra strength) - apply after air or blow dry

-Shower or wash area if possible before every treatment.(if I couldn't shower I would use a baby wipe with a dash of ACV on it)
-Repeat all steps for first 1-3 days when your ready to discontinue ACV dose do so, but continue all other steps.

Other Key Points
-You will feel discomfort
-This won't be fun
-The sooner you attack the easier it will be to kill this fungal rash
-Your skin will be discolored (dark/grey/black)
-Your skin will peel
-When healed be sure to moisturize the skin because if not it will be itchy.
-KEEP EVERYTHING CLEAN & be honest with the people you live with to be careful you don't want to pass this on.

I hope this helps someone else.

Peace, Love, & Knowledge,


About 2yrs ago I had reunited with an old friend who had informed me his head had been itching horribly and wanted his head shaved into a manageable mohawk. This revealed a field of ringworm that had been hidden by his long hair. Now, I have dealt with ringworm plenty of times with myself and others and know the hassle of blowing money on 'maybe' creams...I took my knowledge of ringworm+burnout=bye bye wormys and put my friends pain tolerance to the test. Now I wouldn't suggest this method for children @ all because like I said there is a level of pain. I doused cotton balls with nail polish remover and gently went over the areas of his newly shaved head. Within 2~3 days and only 2 treatments (it was only repeated to make sure it took but I wouldn't say it was necessary) it was completely gone and there practically no itch! Later at an unrelated doctor appointment we shared our experiment with him and he just looked at us painfully and replied 'that'll do it!'


my 8 yr old recently returned from a holiday with 4 ringworms. My immediate action was to purchase anti fungal creams from the pharmacy, however 3 creams and a week later not only did they become more aggressive but another appeared. I new that sulphur destroyed fungas so i dipped a match head in the anti fungal cream and 'coloured' the ringworms pink (the pink being derived from the match head mixed with the cream). I gave them time to dry out then covered them with band aids and the next morning the ring worms were 90% gone...i repeated this idea 3 times in a 24 hour period and they were completely gone. As advised by the pharmacist ive continued to apply the antifungal cream to the area for 2 weeks to insure the infection completely heels. Now i understand this may sound unusual and i advise anybody to seek professional advice but should that fail this is an option :))


I chronically had bouts of ringworm during childhood. Our remedy (Japanese grandmother's) was to place a small piece of copper in a baby food jar and cover it with white vinegar. In several days, the vinegar turns green. Use a q-tip to apply all around the ring. It burns slightly. Then it dries up the ring into a scab, usually by the next day and it's over. Apply as often as possible. Keep solution for the next time. As far as the copper goes, you can use small plumbing parts, or my favorite, pennies dated before 1958 (wheat backs) just a few pennies will do it, making this cheap AND effective! If the vinegar evaporates between bouts, just add some more and stir. The green stuff will stain clothes. Eventually the copper is degraded and you'll have to add more. The greener it is, the stronger, and the faster it works!


I picked up ringworm from my cat, and she got over it but I did not. I used creams and oral medicine for 4 months, but the spot began to grow into a few spots. Fortunately, I went on vacation to a beach, and spent 5 days there. Rinsing in the salty sea water, packing on smooth muddy beach sand, and laying it out in the sun cleared it up immediately. 5 days of nature did what 4 months of medicine could not.


Keep your skin clean and dry and wash your sheets and nightclothes every day until the infection clears up. Use Tea Tree oil. Apply a light coat to affected areas three to four times a day, and continue to apply it for two weeks after the infection disappears to make sure that it is gone.


Vapour Rub (for coughs and colds) slathered on the affected patches twice a day kills ringworm fast. It also treats athlete's foot and nail fungus.

Listerine dabbed on twice a day will also cure a case of ringworm which hasn't got a grip.


I had been battling a bad case of ring work for the last 3 months or so. I had around 40 or so spots on my body. I tried everything from crushed garlic, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, oreganoil, lamisil, lotromel, and prescription drugs. Nothing worked. Then i started taking neem capsuls twice a day and put neem salve on once or twice a day. Also, I would exfoliate my body with alba organic body scrub then imediately after i used antifungal body wash and let it sit for 5 to 10 min before rinsing. Within a week half the spots were gone and the other half were almost gone. Before it was getting better i ordered dermisil and have been taking one pill a day. That has speeded up my recovery as well. Its been a couple weeks and i only have a couple spots left and continue to do this remedy. This was the only thing that worked for me. Hope it helps!

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