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I waited to leave a remedy because I wanted to make sure the ringworm was completely cured. And since it is, here is my story:

About 3 weeks ago I first noticed a spot on my inner left forearm. I also found a similar spot on my right thigh. I did not take any action because I had no idea that it was contagious.

After a few days, I asked a nurse friend what it was, and she immediately identified it as ringworm. (This was also confirmed by others who had had ringworm in the past.) She advised me to use Lotrimin for a few weeks. I immediately bought some, and used it for 4 days, without any visible results (though more time and applications may have brought success...I don't know). Worse yet, I developed many more ringworm spots...a total of about 25! (Perhaps from re-using my towel more than once?) I used the entire tube (twice daily application) in the 4 days. I was becoming a little nervous, and considered going to a doctor for an oral prescription, but decided to do a little research first.

After finding this site, I decided to try the clear nail polish remedy. IT WORKED!!! I could see the nail polish started having an effect within 24 hours, so I decided to keep using it. I kept the spots coated 24 hours a day, only reapplying if the cheap nail polish started to flake off. I used the nail polish for just 3 days, and put in on my one spot on my forearm for a 4th day just to keep from potentially infecting others. I applied it generously, and covered an extra half inch around each spot to be sure. I generally reapplied it after showering, on clean and very dry skin. I also simply used the nail polish applicator, instead of using a new Q-tip for each spot.

Please note: I DID NOT HAVE ANY BROKEN SKIN so the nail polish did not cause any discomfort. I do not recommend using it if you have broken skin. I did not use nail polish remover because it wasn't necessary with the cheap nail polish, which simply flaked off.

The additional advantage is that with the coverage of the nail polish, the ringworm was not likely contagious. My husband did not get any ringworm because of the nail polish coverage, and he had every reason to be infected due to regular contact.

It is now 3 weeks on, and my skin is clear and healthy, and has been for over 2 weeks. I hope you also have success in using this method of ringworm treatment. :)


I actually developed tinea pedis and scabies while living with my roommate and his 12 dogs that were absolutely filthy. I'm not necessarily a germophobe but I was raised to thoroughly clean after I use things even down to the simplest task of washing my hands every time I come home before I do or touch anything. My skin kept breaking out in these horrible lesion type things and I tried everything from baby powder to dry out the skin, hydro-cortisone cream all over my body and even lotrimin cream as well. Honestly the itching was driving me mad and was embarrassing to scratch when I was out in public. Also, at the bottom of my feet I developed these bubbles that just kept spreading. I tried performing 'surgery' on myself by popping them open and squeezing out the goo inside and it relieved the pressure of the swelling but in the morning I'd have new ones. I assumed I got that on my feet from using the same shower he did as he walked around the house barefoot. (sorry don't mean to be graphic but I think it may help someone)
I don't know if I recommend this treatment for everyone but there were a few things I did that actually helped me and prevented me from having outbreaks as extreme as that. Every morning after my shower (scrubbed twice with anti bacterial soap and water as hot as I could stand) i would stand on a towel naked and pour and use my hand to spread rubbing alcohol (90% or stronger) all over my body being careful not to inhale the fumes and allowing it to dry, then I could put my clothes on and be itch free the rest of the day. The first couple of times I did this all of the spots would burn outrageously but after that it didn't hurt at all. On my feet I would also spread CVS brand anti fungal itch relief cream (that worked better than lotrimin) on the bottom of my feet. I would also do this when I came home and changed out of the clothes I wore outside which I put directly into the hamper to be washed as soon as it was convenient. I washed all of my clothes and bedding in boiling hot water and did not wear any of the same thing twice. In the first 24 hours I had immediate relief. At the end of the week I was completely clear. Turns out once you have scabies you're prone to outbreaks so as soon as I see any sign of it I do the same regimen and it's gone in no time. Also, I moved out of that filthy house and didn't look back. Hope this helps someone.


I picked up ringworm from a stray kitten 8 weeks ago and developed multiple lesions from my neck to my upper legs before I found out what it was. While topical anti-fungal creams slowly healed the lesions, I kept on getting new ones, despite changing my towel every time I showered, washing everything in boiling water and being extremely careful not to scratch the lesions. I had even had three weeks of antifungal tablets ( once weekly dose) which didn't make any difference. I was recommended an 'old' remedy, Whitfield's Ointment, and it has worked after one week of twice daily applications, healing all the lesions at once and no new ones to be seen. It is a bit harsh on the skin, drying the area to the point it peeled ( no blisters) but the healing response was immediate.


hi i found the post here two days back when i had got itching. Then i thought to use vinegar, salt, garlic, anti dandruff shampoo treatment and as it was nite i phoned my parents n told them abt my problem. they told me not to buy anything n told me to visit my hometown which is four hours away from the city i study. i dad took me to a experienced doc who gav me sporidax,avil tablet n terbiforce cream within the nite itching stopped n in 24 hours my spots blackened. when i turn back to this blog again i see many crazy ideas like shaving, scrapping out with salt etc r real crazy just find a gud doc get solved with ur problem in a day it also saved me lot of money


Apply lemon juice 3-4 times a day. It will dry out the fungus. Should be gone in 3-5 days. Never had one return after using this.


Coconut oil worked for me. Heres my story:

The first thing I tried on my ringworm was teatree oil, straight, several times a day. At first it seemed to help but eventually it made things worse and the ringworm spread as teatree straight is hard on the skin and I think this allowed the ringworm to get a better hold on me. When I started applying the teatree oil I expected it to take maybe only a week but when after several weeks it got so bad I tried GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) and this made it itch more. I tried vinegar a few times as well but my skin was real sore. Then when I was feeling really desperate I heard somewhere about Coconut Oil; organic unrefined coconut oil, the kind you eat or cook with. I began applying this 3 times a day, washing the area well first, and within just a few days it was significantly improved. I kept this up and it got better and better and then it went away!!! Even after it was gone I kept putting coconut oil on twice a day to make sure it didn't come back. Coconut oil helped the itching and coconut oil is good for your skin so won't damage it at all like tea tree oil can and coconut oil feels very soothing. I also internally took oil of oregano for several weeks to help my immune system. The ringworm was gone maybe 5 weeks ago but I am still putting the coconut oil on the area. Maybe in several weeks I will stop putting it on. I really don't want it coming back!!


I developed ringworm after a pedicure. The rash started on top of my foot but actually while treating that, the ringworm developed on the bottom of my foot. I soaked many days in the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which didn't seem to be stopping it...then I began to rub on some outdated Grapefruit seed extract but the ringworm spread. i finally resorted to rubbing with bleach...I didn't scrape open the bumps, just rubbed my foot with a cloth soaked in bleach...that i believe, or the combination is what finally killed it.


My daughter of two developed ringworm we tried 4 different creams from the doctor including strong steroid creams. nothing was working. i discovered a range of products from the dead sea one of which was sulphur soap. i rubbed the soap on my daughters ringworm morning and night whitin a few days it started to fade for the first time, two weeks on its nearly gone. safe to use unlike alot of the home remedies ive seen on here.


I was diagnosed with ringworm by my doctor who advised an over the counter pharmaceutical spray. This had zero impact and the rash spread to around 20 areas on my body, arms and legs. A friend suggested using a diluted form of Dettol on a wet sponge in the shower. Within a few days it had completely disappeared and a year on there has been no further sign of it.


ive had ringworm for months and i have tried everything like lotrimin af, nailpolish remover, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, jalepenos,and dr. gordshells skin cream. some of those worked for alittle but it kept coming back and spreading so my boyfriend told me to try tea tree oild and it has worked twice a day for a few weeks.

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