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I tried about fifteen things to kill this thing. The nail polish kind of worked but it's too hard to put it all over. I went to two different doctors took prescription pills orally and prescription skin creams. The cream called Derman work really well but you can't hardly find it. I've been using Blue Star Ointment found at Walmart and it's working!!!! It's a miracle. I tried, nail polish, tea tree, hongo cream, alcohol, iodine, multiple over the counter creams, peroxide. Nothing else worked. Get this it works. Blue Star Ointment


This is for those who are dealing with skin issues.
I developed a rash about a year ago. It started out with rings of dry pink skin, that was itchy. Several people told me, it looked like ringworm.
Ringworm is not a worm, but is a fungus of the skin. I tried the “Over the Counter” remedies. Nothing was working, so I went to the doctor. The doctor prescribed stronger ringworm medicine, which after several months, I did not see any improvement and I was beginning to feel helpless.
My husband could sense my distress and mentioned getting another doctor’s opinion. On the way to the doctor’s office, I prayed to God, to please give the doctor the wisdom to help heal my skin. After seeing three (3) different doctors that day, the third doctor diagnosed the rash as eczema. She prescribed Prednisone tablets and after the 3rd day, my skin was already responding. Today, my rash is gone and I feel happy and relieved of the trauma that had plagued my skin for over a year.
If you have been told you have ringworm & it does not clear up after using ringworm medications, ask your doctor about eczema. It is quite possible, that is all it is.
Eczema can be brought on by the dry winter air, hot showers, the lack of moisture in the skin, harsh soaps and laundry detergents.
Everyday, I Thank God, for giving the doctor the wisdom to correctly diagnose my skin condition.


Hi , Some people can have an allergic reaction to nail polish unless an expensive non-allergic one like Butter is used. The idea is to shut the air out of the fungus. This can be done with petroleum jelly or egg white for instance with a similar effect.


I couldn't get rid of a bad ringworm infection for many months & the creams (including hydro cortisone & tinea type creams) seem to be feeding it. Ringworm is a fungus so I thought it couldn't survive in a hot & dry environment so lets & treat it to a hot environment like a desert. So I have exposed the infected area in the hot sun or when the sun wasn't out put a hair dryer on the affected area. After a few days it is finally disappearing to my great relief. Also wash & change your clothes often & boost your immune system with a garlic supplement. It is finally working for me.


Went to the Doctor today with what I thought was Ring Worms on my torso. Turns out it wasnt, just a tinea infestation that sometimes gets out of control. It looks like Ring worm, acts like Ring Worm but isnt as contagious. Easy fix to, just bath yourself in Selsun..not selsun blue its not strong enough. Once a week you apply a thin layer of Selsun from your neck down to your legs and from elbows up, leave on overnight, Repeat every week for 6 weeks but continue to use Selsun every day for bathing. Doc said it could take a long time to clear up. Sometimes even years. Oh and when bathing gently scrub the area with selsun as well.. The fungus livs in the first layer of skin and this helps remove it.


Garlic!!! I had ringworm for a few weeks and someone told me to try this...has to be fresh garlic...cut garlic open and apply to worked!! Was gone in a few days!


Ringworm and Nummular Eczema can look exactly the same, so my best advice is to get an accurate diagnosis from a dermatologist who has examined scrapings from the spot under a microscope. I just had a spot on my leg about the size of a nickel that I thought was ringworm since I had it before. However, this time none of the ringworm remedies worked including the clear fingernail polish. I finally went to a dermatologist who examined it under a microscope and ruled out ringworm. He prescribed a cream for nummular eczema and it was completed cleared up in 4 days.

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Paper towel Clorox and glad cling wrap!!
I am 5 months pregnant and I have an almost 3 inch ringworm on my forearm. Ive used creams from the Doctors but it did not help. My mother told me to put some clorox on a paper towel and wrap it up with the cling wrap for 15 min a day(it will burn like hell) and just in a few hours you will see a difference.


Note: I used the words 'ringworm' and 'fungus/fungi' interchangeably because they are the same thing.

Mine first appeared on my forearm and I noticed it while cycling on a sunny July day. Presuming it was an insect bite, I ignored it for a month, occasionally putting Sting Ease(ammonia based product) if the itching was too much. Two month passed before I realized the nasty stuff was actually spreading, and by September it had colonized my legs, buns, neck, and upper female anatomy. Time for war. I hit this site and took the gems (the docs are too busy-expensive, over the counter didn't even slow the spread after a month of routine treatments), fungicide prescriptions are hard on the liver etc. The remedies that worked on hard-core, established ringworm, seem to have certain things in common, and these are best expressed by 'Ken' in 4/22/12(with the colorful vocabulary!) Since I had developed so many 'outposts' of this fungus on my body, I was able to experiment with different areas using different products. Now three weeks into serious battle, I've got it on the run and am mopping up renegade outposts, and ready to share my own battle strategy, based on this informative site. Broadly speaking, you need to exfoliate(get to next layer of skin, poison it, then suffocate it.

Principles: (1a)Entrenched ringwork cannot be cured on the surface, and you need to exfoliate your way to the next layer of skin--sea salt hurts but causes less collateral damage than burning your way through with clorox, fire, etc; take handfuls of sea salt and scrub to the next layer wherever the stuff has taken over(it will sting). (1b) Broken skin needs to heal before you continue(I shaved my legs with a cheap new razor before salting them, and had broken skin to mess with before the next step. the salt was probably good to the razor cuts, actually, but heal before going on. For gals, I would skip the leg shaving for a while. (2) Completely dry your skin after the salt rub down. (3) Weapons: many of the products worked(except over the counter which I suspect the fungi have developed a resistance to with the popularity of health clubs and pedicures that harbor this stuff(I keep wanting to use cuss words but don't want to offend). Best weaponry: essential lemon oil(I used on the face and upper female anatomy); neem oil(Swansons vitamin shop on-line--get the shampoo and soap as well)--neem really stinks, but probably a retreat from romance is in order anyway given the contagious nature of this monster!); garlic(also a romance killer); essential oregano oil; essential rosemary oil. I suspect essential lavender might work but didn't try it. (4) Suffocate it: all the products recommended--nail polish, liquid bandaid, and shellac all smell the same, so probably are but with different strengths. I opted most times for the liquid bandaid since it comes in a spray can for larger areas, but I used nail polish as well at times. This regime can be hard on your skin: after poisoning and drying, then applying the 'sufficator' product, hit the coconut oil. Internal concerns: I suspect that if we were a peak immunity, this mess would not have overtaken us. Eat yogurt. Take liquid acidophilus. Cool it on wine/beer(if not a drunk, Scotch or gin occasionally might be o.k.) I have started taking 20 drops of oregano oil 2xdaily, eat lots of garlic. I've put myself back on elderberry to build immunity. Finally, since I studied the various colonies on my body, and did experiments, I share with you what did notwork: over the counter(save your money); tea tree oil(immune to it? ) ; since I often hop on my back and forget the sunscreen, I don't think a tanning booth would have worked for me, though I suspect it would for many fair skinned, nordic types(bring your own sheet to lie on if you try it). And no matter what you do, do NOT apply any product with cortisone type materials because it only stimulates the fungus to grow. Read the labels.
P.S. I'm pretty sure traditional Clearasil with sulfer in it could work


Run hot water as hot as you can stand it on the affected area. then a little hotter so you have too move in and out of the stream of water.One hour no more itch,Next day no ring worm.
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