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35 Home Remedies for Swimmer's Ear


standing on one foot, the one that corrseponds with the swimmer's ear, and with the swimmer's ear facing the floor,jump up and down. the water shud drain in about a minute or so.


Ever since I was little and had swimmers ear my dad would take baby oil and heat it up untill it was warm take a straw put some in it and then put some in my ear then put a cottonball in my ear just in case any drained out! I'm telling you it works great!!!


I have 4 kids and this has worked wonders! Mix EQUAL parts of vinegar (I use white) and rubbing alcohol and put drops into the ears after swimming. When you put the drops in (I use a straw as a dropper) make sure that the fluid goes ALL the way into the ear canal by having the child lie down when you do it. Throw the extra away as it does not keep (the alcohol evaporates). I usually make a small amount, like 1 tablespoon of each - it doesn't matter how much you make, just make sure that you make it half and half.

I don't put cotton in the ears, but just mop up whatever liquid runs out when they stand up. If one ear hurts more than the other I'll have them lie down for awhile to keep the fluid in the ear as long as possible.


My grandma used to warm a little sweet oil, tip your head put in ear and place cotton ball.,

This method works, however, it is hard to find sweet oil. I've found it at Eckerd's and the small bottle was a little expensive.


Mix equal parts water, peroxide, and white vinegar. Use an eye dropper to put a few drops in ear. Let set for a minute. Tip head to let mix drain. Put a piece of cotton in ear. It's better to do before you go to bed. Recipe was given to me by a doctor in Florida. Works great.

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