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35 Home Remedies for Swimmer's Ear


My chidren and I are in and out of Florida lakes and pools continually. We used to battle with swimmer's ear repeatedly, but now - NEVER! We put drops of a mix of alcohol and vinegar in our ears after every swim as a preventative. I keep this mix in my gym bag, and in each medicine cabinet where it's always available. I hope this helps you!


I would strongly STRONGLY advise against letting someone blow smoke in your ear! Cigarette smoke is among the leading causes of ear infections. Why risk turning a case of swimmer's ear into a full blown infection??? HOWEVER, the theory isn't all bad. A hair dryer on low and far enough away from your ear to cause damage does the same trick without the risk. :o)


I have always had horrible swimmer's ear and drops only ever made it worse. Take normal table salt and heat it in a plastic Ziploc bag. Put salt in the cornerof the bag so that it sticks out at a point. Place point carefully in ear. The heat soothes and really is effective!


I feel for all of you that have it or have had swimmers ear and im glad to inform you that doctors are retarded or atleast the one i seen was he perscribed me ear drops ok common sence guys really why give drops if i got the damn swimmers ear from to much liquid in my ear already ok that just made it worse so no drops the thing that really did the trick and it sounds crazy but if you have a smoker in the family have him/her blow cigarette smoke in your ear the hear from the smoke and the fact that its a dry gas helps to dry out your ear and it does the trick in like a couple of days just do it like 3-4 times a day

comment if you try or have tried i want to know results


If you get swimmers ear, my mother used to mix white venigar and rubbing alcohol together and heat in microwave for 5 seconds. Drop a few drops of that in the ear and pull ear slightly to manuver liquid into ear canal. The venigar helps ease the pain and the rubbing alcohol dries up any remaining water in canal. To this day I use this remedy on my boys, and it works like a charm every time! :)


at whole foods, i bought all natural first aid Ear Drops by NutriBiotic. the make up is: vegetable glycerine, alcohol, grapefruit seed extracts 0.5%, and tea tree oil. after the first 3 drops, i felt better. you can probably make your own if you have the ingredients.


So, I've seen some remedies similar to mine where you use vinegar and rubbing alcohol can also JUST use the rubbing alcohol so you don't need to mix anything together. I've had swimmers ear probably about three or four times now and each time one of my uncles told me this:

1) Lay down on the couch, bed, or some place comfortable. Lay on the side that does not have the water in it so the ear that does is open and facing towards the ceiling [facing up]

2) Have someone else [or yourself but easier if you have someone else do it for you] fill the rubbing alcohol bottle cap with the rubbing alcohol and then pour it in your ear [yes, it feels cold and funny I know, but just relax]

3) After a minute, sit up and tilt your ear down to the ground with a cloth/napkin against your ear, letting the fluids drain out of your ear and onto the cloth

Now sometimes, after doing this, it doesn't work. Some things don't work as well on you than it does on others. So if it's not effective on the first try you can either try again after waiting [you can wait as long as you'd like] or just try another remedy you think might work :)


Wet a cloth and put it in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds, wrap heated wash cloth in dry towel and place on ear. It will help the water come out and the heat soothes it.


Blowing Smoke in the ear helps sooth it


a bit of alchohol on the end of your finger and swivel it around in your ear should help

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