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35 Home Remedies for Swimmer's Ear


I've been trying Litterally everything, all the remedies you all listed, and then some even dr gave me steroid antibiotics, norco for the rediculous pain, and ibprofin too. Citrus in ear, smoke in ear, rubbing alcahol, hydrogen peroxide, combos, nothing is working but the norco for pain, but as soon at that wears off it's intense pain. Dr says swimmers ear. It's been 4 days and no progress. Any other suggestions? I Litterally cannot hear in my right ear at all. And I have a constant loud ringing in it as we'll. Right now just doing the antibiotics,, and norco. I'm running out of pain pills and I'm terrified to feel that intense pain again. Even tho even with the pain med. every like 5-10 min I get an intense sharp pain shoot through my ear. Help ? Some one? Any one?


I have had horrible swimmers ear for several years. I tried everything... even steroids once. Earplugs and wax don't work cause water gets past them.

Here's the fix: Take a small piece of cotton (about the size of a large pea)and saturate it with Vaseline. After you put it securely in your ear top it off with more Vaseline so nothing can get past it!! Voila!!! It works!


I had a crackling in my ear and a blocked sensation every time I yawned or burbed for four days since doing an hour long floatation tank filled with very salty water. I swabbed hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil in the ear with no effect. Last night I laid on my side and my husband dropped 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in my ear. It crackled and then there was an explosive pop in my ear like an air bubble exploding. this morning ear is clear!!

swimmers ear

if your ear is itchy but not yet entirely blocked... or just as a preventative... soak your ear with Hydrogen Peroxide... It does not dry out your ear or have any negative side effects upon your ear. It causes the bacteria in your ear to absorb the peroxide via osmosis ( the way liquid travels through semi permeable membranes ) until the bacteria literally explodes. You can feel them exploding in your ear as the peroxide bubbles.

If your ear isn't too far gone and just itchy this will usually fix it. Just keep soaking the ear until the bubbles noticeable subside. Adding a little vinegar into this mix isn't too bad either as the vinegar is a base and will inhibit bacteria growth.

Rubbing alcohol is a pretty strong descant. ( drying agent )... some folks use it to dry our the ear. You have to be pretty careful in using alcohol in your ear. Once or twice won't hurt you but continual use you run the risk of drying out the very thin skin inside your ear. Then it cracks and will get infected and you've just made the whole thing worse... One or two days of use but not a continual thing...

I've read the olive oil treatment which sounds suspicious to me. seems to me that bacteria would enjoy a snack on olive oil.


I had swimmers ear for the first time last week. to cure it i looked up every remedy nothing seemed to work. So I went to the doctors and they suggested BENADRYL allergy and sinus. I also used HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (2-3) drops 3 times a day(leave in ear till stops crackaling), it cleaned my ear out in about a 3 days. I hope its use full to you.

Tabby cowgirl

Warm vicks on a cotton ball over night helps relieve the pain.


Rubbing alcohol is known as surgical spirit in India. The local chemists have no clue when asked for rubbing alcohol. I'm new to home remedies so when the chemist around me said there is no such thing as rubbing alcohol, I went to the ENT specialist who said I should ask for surgical spirit. The cost of asking that advice was $40. Knowing that rubbing alcohol is also known as surgical spriti, priceless.

John B

I have tried Hydrogen Peroxide with Rubbing Alcohal and white vinegar.
It seems to work. the Peroxide causes
whatever is in your ear to foam up with a crackling sound like rice crispy's cereal in a bowl of milk. About 1/3 of each ingredient. You can repeat the treatment about every 4 hours. I can't guarantee that it will work for everyone. It just worked for me even when the swimmer's ear was in the later stages of infection. It might save $$$$$

Gilbert ear man

Ive done this since it was done to me when I was little.Im 29 and got swimmers ear,but realy for any earache,just warm a spoonful of warm oil and pour down the ear and close with a cotton swab.Be sure to leave the swab in for a couple days because it can come back quickly if you take the swab out too soon.Thanks and hope this works.


Very simple solution that my daughters EN&T specialists told me. Rubbing alcohol & white vinegar. Mix equal parts (1 table spoon to 1 table spoon) use either a dropper or cotton ball (to suck up the mixture) place 2-3 drops in each ear in the a.m & repeat at nite. IF swimming, ONLY use the drops AFTER swimming for the day. Continue for a week. IF situation does not get any better seek medical attention asap!! Good Luck Everyone!!

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