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63 Home Remedies for Blackheads


hi i use to get bad blackheads below my bottom lip and around my nose and i used whichhazel and stuff really worked and i tryd this clearasil wipes and zapzyt cream that stuff really works cuz id have no more if u dnt beleive me comment me


if u have trouble popping ur black head take a pen take out all the ink out and everything so it will just be empty inside take the tip of the pen and press it on you black head and dig it out as the black head is coming out


I put full strength tea tree oil on my problem areas every night and I have had fantastic results! It can be drying, so you probably want to moisturize too. My blackheads were pretty much gone in about a week and a half.


If you are having problems with blackheads dont worry there is the easest remedy ever to get rid of them just take an old toothbrush get it wet and scrub away.


if you beat an egg white and add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
put on with a make up sponge or cotton ball and leave on for 15- 30min.I'm not exactley sure how it works but it did.

hope it workes for you to :)


put toothpaste on the blackhead and leave it overnight then wash it off in the morning


Use one tsp. of lemon juice and one tsp. of ground cinnamon as a scrub.
repeat this everyday in the mornings for about a half month to see differences =)


I use a foot scrub product on my face, neck and chest whenever I shower to keep skin exfoliated. At least it keeps new blackheads from showing up, and makes my skin feel like a baby's! But be really careful if you have sensitive skin, or acne.


In the morning,use only tomato to wash your face.Just take some fresh tomato,mash it and then apply it all over your face(avoiding the eye area).Leave it on for a few minutes then wash off with water.Repeat it daily for atleast a month to get rid of blackheads.

Old Beachcomber

Use cotton balls soaked in witchhazel (Found in most drugstores) to gently cleanse affected areas. Use once or twice a day. Also good for pimples so you kill two birds with one cottton ball. My teens were skeptical at first, but now they and all of their friends have the nicest complexions.

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