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63 Home Remedies for Blackheads


dab toothpaste on blackhead areas leave on for about 10 seconds rub toothpaste off with towel then rinse face while you scratch the blackheads off actually does work if you do for a week


boil some water in a small pot with the top on it !! than when is boiled put ur face in it NOT in the hot water but let the somke hit ur face nd put a towel over it , so the smoke wont go everywhere then just squeez them gently !! it'll be so much easier to get them out =] do it over night bc u might get a red nose lol


I mixed like 3 tablspoons of honey with a cup of sugar and made the mostamazing scrub I've ever used. One problem I typically face is; scubs aren't gritty enough. This one is super gritty, and it smells sweet too. Not at all harsh like the scrubs at stores. Another problem I have faced is; the corner of the mouth black heads and zits. This scrub allows you to get in there and really scrub that area without the worry of getting nasty scrub in your mouth, its honey and sugar, so it tastes good too. Ha ha. Honey is also a good mosturizer so if you leave it there for a minute or two after tyou scub with it, it will serve as a moisterizer as well. You cant lose! I've only done this once and I've seem amazing results. Try it, it will work for you too!


Mix lemon juice and honey!!!!! :]


i guaranteed this very simple remedy will help clear your blackheads you can see results in just one day i did and all you need is two ingredients first you get out one teaspoon of any kind of milk and half a teaspoon of salt and put them in a container together but don't mix them you get better results if you do not then you just start to rub the salt and milk where ever you have blackheads the first time i tried it, personally it smelled really bad but it's different for everyone anyway just rub it around the area for just 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly your blackheads may disappear or you have to squeeze them but trust me there sooo easy to remove because of the salt and milk... HOPE I HELPED GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


Wash your face using warm or cool water.I mean 'warm water',not hot water.
Use sorbitol or glycerin soap such as neutrogena to wash your face twice a day because it is gentle in your skin.
When you want to make up,use hypo-allergenic brand.Always remember to keep your pillow and also your towel clean.Honey is not only good in taste but also good for blackheads.You can apply honey in affected area in your face as it is more safer than any creams available in the market.Drink 8 glasses of water daily as it is good for your health.Last but no the least is your daily eating habit.Eat healthy foods such as veggies,fruits,whole wheat foods and nuts and avoid oily foods.Fast foods and junk foods is a big no.

karen harrison

apply fair amount of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide over infected areas to prep skin. mix bentonite powder with lemon juice to form a smooth paste, apply over face as a clay mask leaving for 10mins before rinsing, dry off skin. Mix aloe vera gel & 2 drops lavender essential oil to an egg white, apply mixture over face. to act as soother.

i do this twice weekly, its not a cure but it does work.


Buy a blackhead extractor from After a shower or steaming your face gently used to extractor where ever you have blackheads and then clean your face with whatever anti acne product you use. sure to clean the extrator after every use or you will cause yourself more blackheads.


Apply a paste made of ground radish seeds and water on affected areas, the effect is magical.. :)

Make a paste out of baking soda and water. Gently massage on face (or wherever you get blackheads). Rinse. Follow with a light moisturizer. You won't even believe how soft and clean your skin will be. I use it as a whole body exfoliater instead of the chemical-filled garbage that you find at the store.

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