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Ok Here is a trick I use. Boil a potato until soft, but not mushy. Cut potato into pencil size and put the rest in a container. I use a big bandage clothe and tape, but whatever you can use is good, but break potato slice in half and put both on the sides of your nose. cover up and do this before bed. In the morning your blackheads will be on the surface of your nose or on the potato slice. Wash away with cold water. the potato acid from the boiling water pulls the blackheads up to the surface and allows for easy removal. I use this potato trick for almost anything since the acid in it draws up dirt, infections, or anything thats not clean to the surface.

mishal shahzad

put honey on the black heads or wax it and clean with cello tape


Okay, first wash your face with a gentle face wash, rinse with warm water. Steam your face or use a hot wash cloth to open your pores. Take uncoated aspirin (crunched up) with lemon juice, and mix into a paste. Scrub for two minutes, and let set for 5. Rinse with cold water to close up the pores afterwards to reduce later blackheads. Hope this works for you guys!


I read awhile ago while looking up different ways to recycle your used egg shells to use the membrane located at the bottom of the egg,take it out carefully and apply where blackheads are in abundance. The membrane will take the blackheads right out of the skin.


what i do to help lower the chance of getting blackheads:
buy oil absorbing sheets and rub oil and off your face when it starts showing. and do NOT touch your face thoughout the day. it should decrease blackheads and keep face clear for the most part.

Collin, Maryland

I have always had a problem with tons of little blackheads on my nose. I am a very active guy and that's where they tend to be. I read the remedies on the pages and put a twist on it. I boiled some water and added salt and baking soda. I let it come to a small boil. I took it OFF the stove and let it COOL down enough where it was very hot but would not blister my skin. Then gently I used a toothbrush and applied it to my nose and GENTLY brushed. It worked like a CHARM.


The black heads around my nose were not real bad. But if you got close to me you could tell that I had black heads. TO DRAMATICALLY REDUCE BLACK HEADS: Use a facial scrub. I used Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Moisturizer massage it into your black heads for about a minute. My black heads were deep so it did not do much. After that I applied rubbing alcohol to my black heads and took a small needle and started scrapping at my blackheads. Then...I took a hot wash cloth and let it sit on my black heads until it got cool. (I applied the hot wash cloth 3 times) After I washed and dried my face. AND WAHLAA!!! You can't even see them. (they are very very tiny) I am going to do this tomorrow until they are completely gone. THIS REMEDY WORKED FOR ME!


Mix lemon juce salt nd pepper then dip cotton ball in it and aply 2 affected arias


Put white glue (Elmers) on your nose and let it dry. Then pull it off and it will pull out the black heads


To get rid of black heads and srinch pours a good face mask-

Apply egg white let dry then rinse with cold really works

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