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63 Home Remedies for Blackheads


After a shower , apply thin layer of liquid vegetable to the area. Then wipe it off. The little bit left behind will soften the black head and it will flow normally. The differennce can be seen in one week with one treatment. Monthly treatments is all thats needed for maintenance.


First off squeezing them out is probably the worst thing you could do.

I have a solution.
Paint your face with Elmers glue, let it dry on and then peel it off. Make sure it's totally dry. You will actually see the black heads on the glue. Yes, its gross but it works without hurting your skin. :)


gett a good skin care routine if you wear makeup then dont sleep with it on use a makeup remover and then a facial wash

Marcie P

Yikes! Squeezing them always causes me awful scarring. I have a huge hole on the left side on my face from squeezing out a ginormous blackhead once. It was more like a two for one deal type of thing. I recently tried a sample of b.liv's off with those heads and that stuff works miracles. In a little over 2 weeks those suckers were gone and my pores feel so amaze. Check it out if you want... it's a little on the pricier side but I would never trade this over squeezing, steaming and all that painful stuff.


Ok here goes an easy and effective remedy for blackheads:

Take steam for at least good 1-2 minutes (this helps in opening of the pores), take a spoon full of sugar and milk, again 1 spoon and start scrubbing the effected area. Put in as much pressure as required. Personally I put in a little more pressure in nose area since that's my problem area when it comes to blackheads.

Continue doing it at least twice a week, you will see the visible results in a week or two and also it is very important to wash face once one gets back home from outside as the dust and the pollution accumulation in the pores is what causes blackheads.

Hopefully it was of some help :)



For blackheads i use this simple home remedy. Mix sugar, honey and lemon juice to form an exfoliater. Rub on skin leave for 10 min and rinse with hot water. The lemon juice brightens skin while the sugar exfoliates it. The honey is just to bind it and so you can use natrual yoghurt or anything else NATURAL.(ie no syrup or chocolate)
As a facemask you can mix advocado, yoghurt and lime juice and leave for 20 min before rinsing.


Wow! Toothpaste on nose after hot water face cloth is amazing. Leave on for 10-15 mins and wash off with steaming hot water. Blackheads gone :)


heey, im 14 right now & i had alot of blackheads on my nose, i had seen that if you put mint toothpaste on it and wait about 5 minutes or until it dries then grab a washcloth put it in warm water and take the toothpaste off of the nose. It worked well for me , now my nose is smooth as can be ! My family couldnt believe it c:


Each night before bed I like to wipe my face with tequila and honey and lemon. Then I make a paste with toothpaste, bi-carb soda and marzipan. I leave this on overnight and in the morning I peel the paste, which has set Overnight, off my face. Then I wipe my face with a damp warm cloth and my skin is cleared :) I repeat about once a month for a week

maha siddiqi

To remove black heads u should wash ur face daily and take steam use pumpkin and egg mix it and put it on ur nose and wash it after 5 min and in the night before sleeping wash ur face with fresh milk and in the moring use cold water this will remove blackheads

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