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63 Home Remedies for Blackheads

Ahad Ammar

Baking soda

Baking soda is probably used to treat the blackheads and acne as well. The dirt and debris get stick in the layers of the skin and baking soda fights against these problems very easily.

1. Take two tsp of baking soda and mix it with the mineral water until it becomes like a smooth paste.

2. Apply this paste on the areas where you see the blackheads are found then massage the areas with the smooth and gentle hands.

3. Let it dried for few minutes then rinse it off with warm water.

4. Repeat the remedy twice a week.


If you need a total quick fix to eradicate all blackheads for the next day and have completely free clear nose this is the answer. Get any facial scrub, take it to a sauna. Drink plenty of water as you need to sweat AlOT. Sit in the sauna for 20 mins to open pores, apply facial scrub and rub in for 5 minutes. Rinse well, sit in sauna again as long as you can, sweating heavily the sweat will push you blackheads out of your skin. Keep doing this. Make a day of it with a swimmying pool included. End of day, look through magnifying glass. No blackheads. Works for me and I have had oily skin all my life with a permanent blackhead nose problem. I have heard that thick disolved aspirin tabs paisted on your nose helps as the ingrediants in aspirin are the same as in products self specifically for blackheads and maybe stronger. Hope this helps.


Don't use lemon! It's too acidic and will eat your skin. The acid will affect your skin.


Sand and water, mix it up it will make mud and just scrub it on your face then let it dry completely then wash it off the grains if sand gets in your pores and cleans them out just like any other face scrub you buy except you can go in your yard or anywhere there is sand and water and its free!!!! No more spending money to get rid of those specky blackheads


ok these remedies havent helped my poor blackhead on my nose but they may work for u X3

1. place white or minty toothpaste on effected area and let sit 5-15 minutes. rinse off well with warm water. didn't help my black head but may help yours. but if it doesnt, it leaves u with smooth, minty smelling skin :3

2. peel a potato and rub on effected area then let sit 4 15 minutes. haven't tried this one but i will when a potato comes around...

3. i have read that honey works well just by its self. it says that honey will close up the pores starting from the bottom if u leave it on for 15 minutes. i am trying this right now with organic honey ill see if it works...


I suggest staying inside in room tempature and dont get overheated. Use Ice Pack and keep firmly on it for a long time. Also, i recommend getting it checked that way we know its not a serious injury, otherwise you may need stiches. I have a black eye right now (8/26/2013) and its going down when i did this. But yeah it depends on how bad it is, but usually this helps. Ice Pack, and dont get overheated, drink lots of water, and get plenty of rest.


Here's what I do for blackheads and over all skin care. Take 2 small very small Tupperware containers (like those ones used for salad dressing in lunches). Get one egg. Separate yolk and white. Put yolk in one container and white in the other. Ok now for the blackhead mask. The container with the egg white, add a splash of lemon juice, pinch of turmeric, pinch of cinnamon, 2-3 pinches of baking soda. Put the lid on and shake well. Mixture should be foamy and watery. I put this on as a mask after the exfoliate. I always exfoliate with a table spoon of sugar and olive oil. I take the exfoliate off with a soaking wet hot towel. I just press it on my face a couple times. Then I apply the egg white mixture. Your face will get really tight and the mask will dry. You can either sleep in it over night or take it off with a hot towel after 20 mins. Now back to the egg yolk. Add a tiny drop of olive oil and a splash of milk. I also add a little aloe from a fresh plant but in the bottle should be fine. Put the lid on and shake it up makes a great moisture mask. I usually leave this one on over night cuz of dry skin. You can keep both containers in the fridge for a couple weeks. Hope this helps. It's done wonders for me. I do this every night (at least I try to) and the egg is a great anti aging supplement too!!!


You can get rid of black heads easily by using a mixture of lemon & sugar! You can make it in any amount desired! You apply a little bit of lemon & a little bit of more sugar.. Make it like a paste mixture depending on where you apply it! For example for my face I used a small cup! Once it's a mixture apply it on your face & massage it in circular motions for about 10-15 minutes! Wash it off with cold water.. And there you have soft skin!


i think that one of the best things to do about pimples and blackheads alike is to first if they are ready instead of using your nails to pop them is your finger tips especially in the bridgeof the nose and lip or eyebrow or side of the ears but i wouldnt recomend poping them if they are hard to get. after you get what you can wash your face towel dry then throw some toothpaste (preferably white or clear) on the worst places,let dry then wash off.the bakeing powder they put in toothpaste will dry the pores out if theres irritation use an oilfree facial moisturizer the toothpaste will make the pimples and black heads go away and make you feel refreshed and smells good. hope it works for you. i tried it and i rarely have pimples or blackheads anymore.

Dr. Fernandez

This will literally disolve any blackheads so this is what you need! In a small bowl mix peroxide and oxiclean. Mix 2 Tablespoons peroxide and 2 Tablespoons oxiclean. Powder or the spray both work fine for the oxiclean. Once mixed put a cotton ball in mixture to soak up solution and rub all over nose or problem area and continue to do so for 10 minutes then rince with (cold) water. Enjoy!!

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