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9 Home Remedies for Thumb Sucking

Unapologetic Mommy

To prevent thumb sucking, simply breastfeed your child from day 1 and do not force them to wean. Biologically, humans are desifned to nurse until age 6 or 7, when the baby teeth have fallen out (just like every other mammal in existance) so if your child feels the need to nurse until age 4 then you need to let them. Thumb sucking and/or pacifier use is a direct result of insecurities and lack of attachment to mommy. If your child uses either of these methods and you formula fed, then they are missing the security that they should have gotten as an infant. Shame on you.


So, when I was little I had serious problems with sucking my thumb. It was so bad that I would suck my thumb at dinner time!
But one day my mom came home with some stuff called Thum. She got it from one of the pharmacys in Time Square. It comes in a little bottle and looks like clear nail polish.

You just paint it onto your nails, and every time you put your thumb in your mouth it tastes so horrible that you take your thumb right out of your mouth! They still sell it at the little pharmacy and it also works for nail biting! Hope it helps :)


Put hot sauce on the child's thumb. The hotter the better. They have to learn some way.


There is a great product called 'Thumbuddy To Love' which is a positive teaching tool and does not realy on bitter subtances or shameful appliances. you can get it on thier web site or on Amazon.


Use Femite on the thumb of your child. it is a cosmetic product and not injurious, this can also be used if your child does not stop breast feeding (use the femite on the nipple). it has bitter taste which cannot be removed evene after washing with the soap for 3 to 4 times


I know this is a big block of text but it is very informative.

If your child is a thumb sucker a great thing to do is put tape on their thumb. They will not want to suck on a r thumb if it is taped up and it tastes dry and papery. This worked great for my daughter who sucked her thumb from birth to 10 years old!

Another affective thing to do is put the juice of a fruit that your child doesnt like on their thumb. Say, your child doesnt like oranges. Rub an orange on their thumb.

The habit can be continued if they suck their thumb in their sleep, so when they go to sleep try putting a mitten or glove on their hands.


to stop thumb sucking put lemon juice on the thumb then put salt and red chilli powder

courtney cox

if you have a thumb sucker in your house just get some louiseanna hot sauce and just dab a little on there. And bye bye thumb sucking.(if he/she likes hot sauce then just get a pepper) sounds crazy but it did wonders on my cousin 4 and a half


Put lemon juice on the thumb or something that the child doesn't like to prevent him from sucking his thumb.

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