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31 Home Remedies for Bedwetting


This may sound weird but it helped me. Give your child one tablespoon of orange blossom honey every night before they go to bed. after a while they will stop wetting the bed. It worked for me.


We have 5 children, all of which at some point in time, have went through this stage. We stopped giving drinks an hour and a half before bedtime and making sure to 'tinkle' before going to bed.
A bad habit parents get into now-a-days is pull-ups!! My oldest was 7 and we told her no more pull-ups and it only took her a week to start getting up to go to the bathroom and quit peeing on herself out of pure lazyness and not wanting to get out of bed. Needless to say- only my first two kids got pull-ups (there is only 13 months between the two or the 2nd wouldn't have gotten them either!)


No drinks before bedtime. Espicially no beer, ( for the people who do still Wet the bed) Try not to let them get up for a drink and make sure they go to the crapper before bed. If all else fails. Get plastic bedspread and sheets


Bed-wetting in older children can be caused by Trigger Points in the lower abdominal muscles - several points close to middle under the belly button. It can cause adult bladder-release also. A little massage in the area would help the condition - not too hard, but for 15 seconds or more several times a day if you can for several days - even a week. Try to get the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Clair Davies. Very many helpful remedies for many conditions we don't always think are caused by muscles.


I had this problem till I was 12! When the doctors are smart enough to tell you there is nothing physically wrong, they should be smart enough to tell you it could be a state of mind.

The cure was simply learning to wake up from a deep sleep. My father would wake me about midnight every night. My mind finally learned to wake me rather then create a dream state of being in the bathroom in order to relieve the pressure on my bladder.

Never punish a child by making them hold it or scolding them for something they do not understand, trust me its bad enough dealing with the fact you live in pure fear of your friends finding out.


have your child hold it a little longer each time has to go potty. then he does this everytime it will cause his bladder to streach and he will be able to hold it longer thourgh the night.


no liquids 2-4 hrs befor bedtime. provide a stress free enviorment for the child cranberry juice, easy on the processed sugar, more bannas


Take ursi and corn silk as a preventative measure.


Eat parsley or chew on cinnamon bark.


Avoid sweets, fruit, chocolate, meat, or artificial additives.

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