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31 Home Remedies for Bedwetting


A friend of mine took her 9 year old daughter to a chiropractor to see if they could help her stop wetting the bed. The doctor said sometimes there is a bone in the pubic area that doesn't form right while the child is growing. She then adjusted the little girl and helped that bone sit the way it was supposed to. To my knowledge...she has never wet the bed again and she has graduated college now!


A safe and effective bedwetting remedy is to take Cornsilk capsules - my 7 yr old has always wet the bed thoroughly every night. I was recommended by a herbalist to try Cornsilk and bedwetting stopped the first night and ever since has been dry!


I was 19 years old and had wet the bed all my life, it was terrible...I couldn't go to school camps and stay over friends places,some times I did and I wet the bed..At one camp the teacher came out with my sheets in front of all the kids and said who the dirty person who did I have many stories... My parents took me to doctors, we tried everything... medicine, alarms ... nothing worked....
Then I was recommended to go to a Hypnotherapist which I thought was strange. I turned up for my first session and lay on a table. The specialist asked me to relax, relax and fall into a passive relaxed state of mind. He taught me to become so relaxed I was awake, but in a different state of mind. He taught me to feel a heat in my mind that made my toes warm and tingling; he then taught me to move this energy to my legs, knees and eventually move this energy to different parts of my body. I was 19 years old and very sceptical about the whole lot, but followed his program which became self hypnotism. Eventually I could move this energy and heat to my fingers, which he then asked me to move to my bladder, he said feel your bladder, move the heat, the energy, which I did. He then said every time I go to the toilet, stop, start then as you do this, move the energy to this area. I started doing this and practising self hypno therapy at the same time. My bed wetting stopped, I mean completely stopped, I was 19 and free...
I used this self hypnosis all through my live to deal with many things and it is amzing.I am 47 now and never wet the bed since this worked for me ,I used to before wet the bed every night until I was 19.Thats my story and it true.


Pull ups are for every age. I wet my bed as a kid and slept in smelly sheets (because I hid the problem). Would have preferred pull ups! I don't damage my son's ego now, he'll get there eventually, as I did. I used to have anxiety dreams about searching for toilets but not being able to access them (eg it was giant sized, or I couldn't find it). I'd wake in a wet bed. My mind was trying to tell me I needed a wee while I slept but my body couldn't wake up. Where's the shame in that? However, my son suffers the above too, but, he too will do a lazy pull up wee soon after he wakes in the morning, and it often leaks. Maybe the commenters are all a little right then?


Just like what someone else mentioned, please try a chiropractor. I did it with my son (who was one of those kids NOTHING helped) and after the first treatment was accident free. It didn't hurt at all. He got his back adjusted and accupuncture done on his lower abdomen (there was no needles involved)
This has done wonders for his self esteem. NO ONE was allowed to make him feel bad over this. And as a parent if you are, remember you made your child and by not getting them the proper help, you ARE FAILING your child.


Well I stopped wetting the bed about a year ago and I'm 14. Turns out that I was just an incredibly heavy sleeper which cause me to not be able to wake up AND snoring. As soon as I got my adenoids removed, they both stopped. If you have snoring issues you might wanna look into this..


A lot of people are skeptics about chiropractors but a friend made a believer out of me. Our chiropractor has cured my families ear infections, that hacking cough when you lay down, and even bed wetting. As far as the bed wetting goes, a child goes through growth spurts and this can cause your bones/spine to pinch on nerves, the nerves that trigger 'hey I gotta pee'! When you have your childs body 'popped and cracked' it relieves the nerves letting them work properly again. 4 kids, it worked on all of them.


Bedwetting for some children can be alleviated by not giving them any milk after school until next morning for a few weeks until they stop wetting the bed. Then gradually give them a little more each day. Some childrens' brains are not wired right away to get the signal to get up and go at night when their bladder is full. This works well for kids that sleep right through the bedwetting. It worked for mine!!


I wet the bed until i was about 13 years old. One thing that got me to finally stop is a few tips that i heard from other people. One tip is that after six o'clock i wouldn't drink any milk. Then i wouldn't drink anything before bed. If my mouth was dry i would just garle water. Once i started doing these things i compeletly stopped wetting the bed.

The Ex-Bedwetter

Hi there,

I stopped wetting the bed about 1 and half ago and im 13.
I stopped by setting my alarm clock to whatever time and i'd wake up about every 2 hours.
If that does workout for whatever reason dont drink any liquids about 2 hourse before bed and make sure you empty your bladder right before going to bed.
Another one that my doctor told was to drink water all day until 2 hours before my bedtime and anytime during the day you have to pee than go and dont hold it in even if its just a little bit.

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