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35 Home Remedies for Foot Odor


Soak your feet in Listerine the yellow bottle
This is the best it kills bacteria and it will go away for good..


Soak your feet in a bucket of water and baking soda. About 1 cup of baking soda in a gallon of water. I prefer warm water because it feels better on my feet. I usually soak them for 15 minutes every night and the smell is gone!


TEA BATH: This is an old trick and it works for most people. Ok, here's what I do...

1) Put a foot soaking basin on the floor (and a towel). Add one quart of cool water to the basin.
2) Boil a separate quart of water.
3) After it boils, turn off heat. Put four tea bags in the water & give it a stir.
4) Let the tea bags steep for ten to fifteen minutes - the tea cannot be too strong (the stronger the better).
5) Pour “Foot Tea” into the basin of cool water.
6) Soak feet for 30 minutes in warm to cool tea.
7) Repeat this daily for one week - Make a fresh batch everyday.

Afterwards, most people only have to repeat this maybe once or twice monthly. You just have to see how it works for you. You can do the same if you have sweaty palms - soak your hands too. The tannins have a drying effect and also kill the odor causing bacteria. Also, be sure to give your shoes a rest - Don't wear the same shoes two days in a row. Wash your feet with an antibacterial soap and dry them well the rest of the time. Hope this helps someone else - it's worth it.


Best cure and works INSTANTLY!! Just chop both your feet off! Worked for me, no more bad odor!


1. Mix sugar, clean water and isopropyl alcohol (91%+) or higher. Make sure there is more sugar than water so that you have a thick (quick-sand) type of mixture. As far as the alcohol mixing, it all depends on how much water and sugar you are mixing. These are my measurements that I use.

0.5 liter of water
0.1 liter of isopropyl alcohol (91%+)
And mix the sugar accordingly so that you have a quick sand effect.

2. Scrub your feet with this mixture for 5 minutes (in between toes too), to remove dead skin cells and any bacteria or fungus that might have developed.

3. Get a pot, rub Vicks (VapoRub) around the entire pot and pour water in it and boil it.

4. You want to soak your feet for TEN MINUTES in this pot when it's nearly warm-hot. If it's cool, it won't work too well.

5. Dry feet off well, and immediately apply Gold Bond Foot Powder all over feet and in between toes.

6. Do this process once per week, or if you have the time and patience, do this twice a week.

7. Keep in mind that in between time, please remember to wash your feet regularly in the shower with normal soap, dry off well and apply Gold Bond Foot Powder right afterwards.

8. Wear new shoes. And only wear your shoes when feet are clean, WITH Gold Bond Foot Powder on.

9. Always wear a fresh pair of socks.

Now your husband/wife can massage your feet without croaking :-D


UV light can kill most bacteria. So in the summer time when its nice and sunny outside prop your bare feet up in the sunlight and let them get a tan.
Also for people who have foot odor and thus really smelly socks, wear a sock made of merino wool. It doesn't itch and your socks will never smell. Avoid socks made from acrylic material or your socks will start stripping the paint off the walls.

BigBoss Mitch

Urine Is A Simple Cure For Smelly Feet!

Urea, an anti-fungal compound in urine. So, urinating on the feet can also cure stinky feet.
So , try urinate on your feet in the shower. Best and simple idea. It works.


Hand sanitizer works great to eliminate foot odor.


I have struggled with foot odor for a couple of years now. I am only 16 but if I go to a friends house or really anywhere and I wear tennis shoes I am more comfortable keeping them on rather than taking them off becuase of the odor. I tried this remedy of soaking your feet in tea. All you do is buy regular tea bags(I used community coffee brand) up to you but no Green Tea, Flavored Tea, Etc. Cook the tea by boiling water and placing tea bags in it. Once it has cooled off a bit pour tea into a bucket or bowl and soak your feet in tea for about 30 minutes. You should smell a difference after. I have done this about once a month and it has worked for me. Hope it helps(:


At first you have to keep your feet dry, dry, dry! So dry them thoroughly after every washing. Additionaly use newsprint inside your shoes because it absorbs moisture. But even better: Put special cedarsoles (insoles from Zederna or furwa) in your shoes. They absorb any moisture / sweat very effectively and moreover: Cedarwood has very antibacterial features (even used in the boat-building sector). So you get rid of athlete's foot as well.

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