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35 Home Remedies for Foot Odor


Try to look for real cause of your foot odor for example, an overgrowth of Candida albicans maybe one of the reasons. A diet modification or treatment of candidiasis may solve your problem. Hope this may help a lot.


The best and cheapest remedy for smelly feet is lemon. Wash your feet well and dry them, then cut a lemon in half and rub all the juices all around your feet specially between the toes and let them dry. Wash your shoes regularly. If this does not cure it nothing will😉


FOOT ODOR--YUCK! This solution takes seconds and doesn't involve soaking your feet. It's easy, cheap, and IT WORKS. Put Absorbine Jr. on your feet before you put on socks. First few days, do twice a day. Then reduce to once a day for a couple more months. After a couple months, you can even stop completely. I'm a tennis player so my feet sweated from all the time spent on hot tennis courts. I saw this remedy and I thought...that's too easy. I tried it, and it worked perfectly. I even stopped after a few months and the odor didn't return. This stuff is amazing for knocking out foot odor. It only takes 15 seconds to do, and it feels great on your feet---cooling and soothing. If you're on your feet alot, it will also relieve the soreness. You must try works.


As an avid basketball player I have dealt with horrible foot odor and smelly shoes since I was a teen. After trying many chemical-based products and a number of natural home remedies I just recently found a natural solution that actually works. Lavilin Foot Cream. It is an all natural product, but unlike many other natural products it actually works to kill the order not just cover it up with an earthy smell. I can finally wear flip flops again and keep my shoes inside the house!


soak ur feet in water and pour a small amout of bleach. soak for 5 min daily. it will kill bacteria.


The number one way to cure smelly feet is to take a Zinc supplement.....hands down. I take 100 mgs a day in the morning and my issue disappeared overnight. I tried everything out there (not joking on this), this was the only cure. Use saddle soap to clean smelly leather shoes on the inside and outside. This does an excellent job of restoring dress shoes. Also worth noting, use a anti-fungal powder called Quinsana. This helps absorb any sweat the might cause issues later. Cheers


Most foot odor or body odor comes from bacteria.To get rid of the odor the bacteria must be killed. Wash your feet every night with antibacterial soap. Dry your feet well. Then pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and spray your feet from top to bottom, front to back with the alcohol. Use this method every time you have foot odor. This worked WONDERS for me!! Now remember this!! Your feet WILL continue to smell as long as they remain wet and sweaty all day.
This is how bacteria forms. Try to keep your feet DRY! Wear white socks not black. Use foot or
baby powder. Change socks or shoes twice daily
if needed. Remember, wet feet is the enemy.


Zederna Insoles made of cedar wood worked well for me. Fully natural and efficient. Not cheap, but long lasting.


For bad foot oder, soak your feet in a warm tub of water. Add 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup peroxide and any body wash soap you want to use. I used Axe for men on my son's feet. He soaked for 15 minutes rubbing his feet together under the water to wash. Remove and pat dry. Allow feet to air overnight. Clogged pores also cause oder and bacrtia growth. Worked great!


Best remedy I have found is a product called 'Shoos Off' . Lasted a really long time.

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