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Sone of the things people are trying out of desperation are alarming. Please don't use anything with chemicals down there. It's a very delicate part of the body. No Lysol, no nail polish (WTF?). Not only are these chemicals really REALLY bad for you, but you're apply them to one of the most sensitive parts of the body. BAD IDEA.

Don't risk making your outbreaks worse. Only try remedies that are all natural, or consult your doctor for medical advice.

A therapeutic grade of lemon balm essential oil (aka Melissa oil) can help outbreaks clear up faster. It's expensive, but a small 5ml bottle from 'Native American Nutritionals' will last a long time. They have one blended with fractionated coconut oil that is affordable. This is a 'hot' oil that should always be diluted and not applied 'neat' or full strength.

The best way to heal quickly is to stay clean and dry and try to avoid touching or scratching. I know it's hard! Baking soda is drying, yes, but may irritate sensitive skin. Try corn starch or arrowroot powder instead. Witch hazel without alcohol in it can be soothing, or pure aloe gel. You can keep either of those in the fridge for some extra relief using a cold compress of aloe or witch hazel.

I have not tried this, but black tea bags are rumored to work. That's a natural remedy for sunburns as well, so worth a try. Steep black tea bags in hot water and allow to cool completely before applying to the aft area.

Eat healthy and drink lots of water. Water will dilute the acid in your urine, which can irritate an outbreak. If it's painful to pee, pour lukewarm water over your genitals as you pee. Try to clean and dry the area after you use the restroom. If you aren't at home, you can carry some witch hazel wipes with you.

I have herpes, herpes don't have me

I was officially diagnosed with hsv 1 and 2 in 2013 but I'm pretty sure I contracted the disease in 2012. When I first found out, I was hurt and scared ONLY because it was foreign to me but once i educated myself as much as possible...i felt better. I prayed and moved on. To be honest, sometimes I forget I even have it bc it doesn't happen frequently. And when it does occur, I don't get sad or mad.. i just take care of it. I had an OB in jan on this yr...i haven't had another until now and that's bc I have been stressing a lot. I take lysine and zinc. I NEVER taken Valtrex or any other med related to it bc i rather allow my immune system to do exactly what it's designed to do...and to help it... i take lysine and zinc. I also use tee tree oil ...i also crush zine and lysine pills and make a paste then the next day total improvement. By the 3rd day everything is almost normal. I only had problems urinating once and that's bc an OB occurred in a different spot on my vag and it was hard to pass urine...other than that...the location of my usual OB is at the bottom of vag kinda at beginning of butt. ..and when it comes it's only a little scratch or bump...nev r a cluster of blisters...i do get the headaches and that for me is the most annoying thing...more annoying to me than the OB...of course the itching is present but I just apply the oil and paste and it goes away. I do date I do live my life bc life goes on. I've never infected anyone ..since I was diagnosed. ...i just make sure to not have any sexual contact during that time. It's the stigma that makes this disease bad. Dont feed into it. Your life can be just as normal. Dont get upset Wth yourself.'ll be ok!


When you are urinating, and it stings, try this: Keep a large plastic (the largest you can find) pitcher of water by the toilet. Before you sit on the toilet, fill the pitcher with room temperature water. As you urinate, pour the water on your private areas to protect them from stinging. Also drink a lot of water keeping yourself as hydrated as possible - especially as soon as you realize you are having an outbreak. It will dilute the acid in your urine. Between the water you drink and the water pitcher pouring method, it will really help stop the pain.


I'm 19 and am having my first OB. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I got my period on Sunday morning and Monday was when I noticed that something wasn't right. I had a blister on my clitoris. It got worse each day since. Today is the most painful. I went to the doctor and she told me I had herpes. But its too early to do a blood test or a swab to see what kind of herpes. (Oral or genital). It hurts to sit it Hurst to walk. It hurts to have my legs close together. I've been reading on here things I can do. I just took a hot bath with Epsom salt. Blow dried myself and tried baking soda. That hurt like hell so I only did one side. It doesn't hurt anymore and I can actually feel the difference. One side is throbbing and the other isnt. My doctor prescribed me the Z pill. (I forgot what its called) and she also gave me yeast infection pills due to some cracking that I had down there I guess. I've never had herpes before and I've never had a yeast infection. Today has been hell and I feel bad for everyone that has to go through this pain!! I'm just curious if anyone has any other good methods to either numb it or make the OB go away. I hope I only have to deal with this one time. I've read some of you get it each time you get your period. Which is when I got mine. Praying its not like this every month! Comments much appreciated!


I know what your feeling. Ashamed, embarrassed, dirty. I know what your thinking... How will I tell my partner? Should I tell them? What am I going to do with my life?? Well I want to let you know that after being diagnosed 10 yrs ago, I can say that it gets better. The first year was the worst outbreaks. I had 2 maybe 3. In retrospect I think what made them feel worse was the shock of not knowing what it was. After that I went about a year and had a small ob. 7 years since that ob I can truly say I can't remember having an ob until now. My sex life has not changed, I just took a break from sex when a ob occurs. Just Like u would if a woman were on her cycle.
My remedy is hydrogenporoxide either when the tingling occurs or when the bumps appear. Apply an ice pack to the area at night while u sleep. You'll see a difference over night. If ur experiencing back pain, apply ice there too. The virus likes to settle at the base of your spine and lie dormant. Ice literally keeps the virus on ice! Finally I was prescribed valtrex 10 yrs ago. During my initial ob I took it everyday. But once they healed I completely stopped taking the meds all together. Sometimes when I would feel a tingling sensation id take one but I have a bottle of 10 yr old valtrex in my cabinet that still has over half the pills in it. For my current ob I did the same remedy and the doctor prescribed valacyclovir or valtrex. The area is clearing up on the 3rd day. Continue to educate yourself about the condition and read stories of everyday people. Even I was encouraged by a recent post on here. And don't forget to pray. I truly believe God has helped me through all these years. He doesn't see the stigmas that society places on people with GH. He just blesses!

Pray this helps. I'm with ya !


I'm a 48 year old woman. I had my first outbreak over 20 yrs ago when I was about 23. Then no more outbreaks until a year ago, Now I've had around 4 outbreaks this past year alone! At first ithought perhaps my boyfriend unkmowingly has it snd was triggering my outbreaks but my obgyn says that's unlikely. He has never had symptoms and believes he doesn't have it.He thinks when he went to his doc and told them to test for 'everything' that they tested for genital herpes too but I think that's a special test that must specifically requested. Am I right?

Anyway I don't understand why my outbreaks last so long. At least a month to 6 eeeks each time. And thats with taking Valtrex twice a day. My doc prescribes 30 pills at a time for me now. I'm so so itchy!! I can't help but scratch the sores open and then it still itches! The only thing that temporarily relieves the itch is baking soda but it doesn't seem to help heal it. I've even applied nail polish remover to help dry it and relieve the itching but it doesnt seem to help. I tried Lysol wipes after I read that suggestion on here but it didn't help at all.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else gone over 20 years without an outbreak and then have the outbreaks start coming all the time?


i got diagnosed with genital herpes on my 23rd birthday... Happy birthday to me! My first 6 months were hell! I had an outbreak every 2-3 weeks.... My doctor finally put me on acyclovir. It saved me! Since going on it I only had 3 outbreaks. I also started taking 3000 mg lysine a day. Anytime I get a tingling sensation I started to put lysine ointment on and I never got any sores. I just started an outbreak a week ago. First one in 7 months. The longest time I've went without one! I've started doubling my lysine intake, b12 intake, vitamin C intake, and my acyclovir. It's day 7 of my outbreak and it's almost done. I've been taking strong Epsom salt baths as many times a day as I can. Been going camando as much as possible. I've also been putting caramex and wiping with witch hazel and clearasil pads. Stings like a b but works at drying them out. I hope this helps someone and know that life isn't over!


I`m a male and I get an outbreak maybe 1 or 2 times a year. Well I just got the worst one ever. I`ve always taken Valtrex when I could get it. Well here is my story. I took just 3 1 gram pills(1 every 12 hours) and I just ground up 1/2 Valtrex and 2 lysine pills, mixed with a little water and put all over affected area. Well 12 hours later its 90% gone. The pills alone have never worked that quick. I wrapped it with gauze and taped. I`m on my 2nd go round now. I`ll let you know how it works out.

We can't give up

Where do I start I guess by saying this has been the hardest news to take hearing I have herpes five days ago I had sex with my husband after being separated a few months and after a couple weeks I started feelings funny down there like never before so I went to the er and thats wen the bomb dropped I had herpes. I broke down and since then I have went through so many emotions of feelings of disbelief, dirty, depression, sadness,and complete confusion and not to mention the physical pain has been the worst ever. After doing so much research I have found somethings that eases the pain and speeds the process along which is putting raw honey down there after I pee cause it stings so bad then place cold rag to soothe it. Also gold bond cream stops the itching while gold bond powder helps drys it up yes it tingles at first but it really worked for me. Finally I take the meds from dr to reduce outbreak in future as well as b12 and vitiam c and lysine and drink plenty water and less sugar intake..of course I wanted to give it up but now all I can think of is getting my body as healthy as possible my best advice is wat doesn't kill u will make us stronger..hope this helps at least one person cause reading these stories helped me


it sounds retarded and painful but i promise it works in almost 24hrs.-48hrs. CARMAX, even in those private areas. It will burn for a split second but it will subside.

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