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I have the cure for the GH
Its carissa Edulis ,tea bag type you take it twice aday for 3 to 5 months and the virus will be killed for good

check amazon vcure and look for carissa edulis.fda wont approve it as a cure so we posted it as a supplement

Good diet while treating the GH would help cure you faster especially taking Vitamine D and Lycine
Also Baking Soda 1/2 tea spoon added to the 1/2 cup of water 3 times a day for coyple weeks help rid your body of the acid which is the virus perfect condition

God bless


I use Monolaurin 1100 mgs. Health from the sun makes it and I get it from the vitamin shoppe.

Fed up girl

I'm glad I found this group it definitively reminded me that I wasn't alone. I recently saw a commercial for 'New skin' the liquid band aid and I realized that it made sense to apply that to my sores when I have an OB. So I went to target and bought some. I was Sooooo exited to get home and try it out because I figured it was perfect, it would keep the area dry and it wouldn't hurt or burn when I peed. So I went home and sat down and applied one coat and I will admit it did sting a lot but then it dried and so applied a second coat and that one didn't hurt so bad. I sat and let it dry awhile then I went to go pee and it was heaven. The sore was completely covered so no burning, I could wipe perfectly fine and I tapped myself on the back for finding relief or so I thought. Only mistake I made was putting on my panties after that and going to bed. I woke up and went to the bathroom cause I had to pee. And the under wear were stuck to my skin and the sore and pulling them meant ripping my skin. So the bottle said in order to remove the liquid band aid you have to apply more.. So I did and then took a hot wet towel and held it down and bam it came off easy with no pain just scared the crap out of if you want to use this method for relief do it at night and sleep with no undies!!!!


Hello, I've been suffering with HSV-2 for nearly 6 years now, for the first 4 years I had constant outbreaks, every month sometimes 2-3 at a time, it was a complete nightmare.
No idea where the HSV came from as Ive been with the same guy for 12 years, oh well, anyways I have the HSV totally under control now and its such a relief.

I used to just use tea tree oil, which does work wonders for me, soothes the pain and itching, helps the blisters scab and heal, but then somebody told me about PINEAPPLES, I was skeptical at first, wondered if it would work for me, but anybody who has HSV bad knows they will try anything lol.

So I tried it, basically, you can either eat a large chunk of fresh pineapple EVERY single day, or (like I do) drink about half a pint of pineapple juice (not from concentrate, must be pure juice) every single day, I am 99% outbreak free now, and I say 99% because occasionally I miss a day by accident and I get an outbreak, my own fault, but if you can stick to it you will be outbreak free.

I never get the pains associated with HSV anymore either, the tingling pains in legs thighs bum vagina area, I used to get them all the time, to the point where it hurt to walk, completely gone now :)

I used to have to watch what I ate/drank, and now with the pineapple I can eat/drink whatever I like as long as I stick to the pineapple every day.

Its cheap to buy, healthy for you as its full of vit c and big pharma aren't conning you out of money this way too.

I don't know if it will work for people who have just contracted the virus but its well worth a shot, and try it for a least a week or two.
Best of luck.


I am onto my second OB and I can say it it not half as bad as my first one, although it is still painful! I feel dirty and get really down when I have OB but all you have to tell yourself is it will get better and it will go away! I have found that having a bath in Epsom salt once a day for around about 20 mins making sure the water is covering your area helps. I also use Loma Herpan Cream which you can buy online at HVA online, I find that this helps the sores heal very quickly! Also if I do get the urge to itch and it is irritating me I get a few ice cubes in a bag, wrapped in something and place in down below this eases the itching and pain.

Sad fiance

I have not been formally diagnosed with HSV.. But I know I have it.. I'm not sure when it happened. I'm guessing I was about 19. My first OB was horrible. I was with my new bf and now fiancé. In which I'm positive he wasn't the one who gave it to me. Which makes me depressed and almost suicidal that I gave him such a thing.. He didn't say much about it I cried to him and showed him the blisters.. That was the only OB I had in 2 years..He said he loved me no matter what. I had a MC in December and he has been away for a few months.. I have had about 5 onsets and 4 outbreaks.. I'm devastated because when he comes back I will have to tell him. I feel horrible and dirty.. Currently using toothpaste. Though I have heard of pure oil of oregano mixed with virgin coconut oil. It's pretty expensive and my grandmother used to make me take some under my tongue everyday to prevent colds.

In God I trust!

Every time I get an OB, I come on this site because the best thing when going through an OB I think is knowing you're not alone. People who post that God can and will cure you if you ask, you lift my spirits! I do believe that with God by your side nothing is impossible. My first OBs were horrible I got a fever along with them and pain in one of my breast. After my first 3 OBs I stopped having those symptoms which was such a blessing. Now when I get an OB it last about 6-7 days but I only get about 2-3 sores and maybe because I drink a lot of water and sugar free tea it doesn't burn when I pee. I use witch hazel to clean it after I pee, then I mix tea tree oil with lysine ointment and apply it with a q tip. The worst part of having an OB is the itching, it's not painful like those first OBs. I believe there is a cure for herpes but doctors wouldn't profit by providing it. Keep praying and hold your head up high, you're not alone! If you're single and you feel you won't find anyone you're wrong! There's someone for everyone! Be grateful for the good things in your life and let them outweigh this virus that tries to bring you down.


I'm 20 and just got the news that I have herpes. I've had it for about five days now and it has been the worst pain of my life. I soaked in an Epsom salt bath today and then I made the Tylenol paste with abreva and cloves. I bought the store brand of abreva and Tylenol it's cheaper. I have to admit it stung putting it on(which I did with a gloved hand) but after a few minutes the pain and itching completely disappeared I'm amazed. It's just a warm numbing feeling. I'll still have to see if it gets rid of the sores but I'm not as worried now if I don't have to deal with the pain. I also started taking lysine today so we'll see how that works.


I was diagnosed with GH on Wednesday, three days after suffering with a large sore that was infected. Obviously felt very upset/ ashamed about it and tried a couple of things to ease it like aloe vera gel or propolis. I've found that having a nice soak in epsom salt and then applyong 'lysine topical coldsore ointment' (available from holland and barret) really sooths them. Been trying to keep myself dry down there so a hairdryer on low heat does the trick.

Also ladies if you're also dreading going to the toilet I'd reccomend buying a 'she-wee' (designed for festivals etc)- having a wee in the bath also helps but that's not always possible!!

It's Friday now and the sores have spread a bit to inbetween my bumcheeks which is uncomfortable to sit but it's defintely easing off!

Best of luck, chin up & don't beat yourself up about it, it's no different to being prone to coldsores!


I saw a reccomend action on here for shooting those painful herpes lesions with works! Very well! Immediate soothing. Leaves a cold, minty feeling. (You know what I mean) but it helps a lot. I still reccomend going to the doctors and getting the antivirals but this def helps for the pain! Thank you op!

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