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456 Home Remedies for Genital Herpes


At the first sign of an outbreak, take L-Lysine and increase your intake of Vitamin C. Dab the area with tea tree oil, lavender oil or a combo of both for instant relief.


As soon as you feel like your about to have a out break, keep the infected area clean and dry. You can keep it dry by using a cornstarch powder and sleep without underwear.


As soon as you feel run down or tingly like your going to have an outbreak, load up on orange juice and L-Lysine it is a vitamin sold over the counter and it is inexpensive, also eat foods rich in Lysine like yogurt. Drink lots of fluids and rest. You can take Lysine on a daily basis to prevent outbreaks also try echinacea another vitamin that builds up your immune system.


If you are on the Depo shot to prevent pregnacy, and you develope genital herpes, stop taking the shots. I had it so bad they were about to do laser surgery, but I stopped the depo and they all dissappeared within a few weeks.


as soon as it begins to itch dab every 4 hours w/ bleach. a q-tip works well for this


Run water in a tub as hot as you can stand it. While the water is running in, get salt and put about 4 tablespoons under the running water. Make sure you mix the salt around. You only have to put just enough water to sit in, making sure it's covering the area. This will ease the pain, cause it to bust, and thus heal faster!

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