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this is my first outbreak and for the past few days I have been taking Epsom salt baths twice a day... i find it helps but it also hurts after u get out?! all my sores have burst open and I'm not sure if this is a remedy more to prevent that or encourage it. I've been using a blow dryer on cool to dry myself afterword. but I've been in excrutiating pain for almost a week now... what can I do to make it go away!? I need to work tomorrow and go back to school/working next week. please any advice will help!!!


i was diagnosed about seven years ago i may have had three ob since then i have used holy oil and it works really well


A easy way to keep the area dry is with a blowdyer. You don't have to go through the pain of wiping. Also I've been reading that black tea bags helps and apple cider vinegar. Keep dry. For mouth- ice the area at first keep vasiline or capstick on at all times or keep dry. Also drink cold milk at first sign of outbreak. and blow dry I did all of this and avoided a outbreak.


I have had GH for about a year now. I'm a gay male and it at the top of my butt so I don't know how it will work for the girls. But I have been using Caladryl that is used for Poison Ivy. It had really dried it out and works great for the itching. I have also been doing the Epsom Salt baths and putting baby powder on after the Caladryl dries.


I was diagnosed with genital herpes 6 years ago. My first outbreak was torture. I couldn't walk, go to the bathroom, wear pants or even sleep normal. I don't wish this on anyone. The doctors put me on Valtrex and a topical but before I knew what I had I thought it was a yeast infection and was using Vagisil. This definitely helped the pain!!! It's not the perfect thing to use but I happened to have it and it helped. You can buy this anywhere so it's a lifesaver. I just had an outbreak for the first time in 6 years. I got lucky it took that long but it still sucks! Since I haven't had one is so long, I wasn't prepared but happened to have Vagisil that's helping me for now. But I will try the peroxid or whatever i have in the house until I can get to the doctor or store.

miss g

i put tea tree oil directly on the soothes and seems to speed up the healing process.i also put it in my bath water.

scared to pee!!

This is my first outbreak ever!!! idk when i was exposed but so far i have tried a few things. i take 2 baths in epsom salt a day. i use about 2 cups. it works pretty ok. i also read that carmex would help dry it out well its no instant heal but it is looking better. i also tried the garlic thing... inserting it and it sucks i woke up sweating and smelling just like it idk if it helped but smelling like garlic :(


I've had this for maybe 5 years now and I've tried just about everything. The only thing that I found to quiken healing and soothe at the same time is taking a warm bath with epsom salt, a little vinegar (about 2 table spoons), and after soaking for about 20 minutes, take a clove of garlic (peeled) and insert into the vagina as if you were inserting a tampon; if you want you can tie a string around it so you can easily pull it out afterwards. Leave in in for about 6 hours (best to do it while sleeping, with no panties), and the garlic will cleanse your body of the bad bacteria causing the outbreak. You will taste garlic through out the whole time so don't be alarmed, this means its in your blood stream. After that you will feel so much better. Just remember to keep area clean and dry at all times! Wear only 100% cotton panites or if you want to go without underwear for a couple of days then do so. I hope this helps, if not please see your doctor because it may lead to something more serious.


I haven't tried anything yet except for the baking soda. I wouldn't recommend using it because of the excessive amount of burning. Left me crying in front of my boyfriend, who is extremely worried about my condition.

I will be buying some Epsom salt either tonight, if I feel that I can go out with the pain that I'm in, or tomorrow. Otherwise, I read a few articles and stories about eating foods that are high in lysine and low in arginine. A few good examples are fish, chicken, peanuts, and soybeans. I heard that these should help your body process the food quicker, therefore somehow healing GH sooner.

If anybody has any great remedy that is natural or cheap, feel free to email me at Thanks and I hope my information helped. Keep your fingers crossed. Like they say. 'no pain, no gain.' Sometimes the pain is worth it.


I'm going through my first outbreak (I think) and what I've noticed bothered the area most was my vaginal secretions. I know this might not be a great idea, but I've started using tampons to keep any secretions from coming in contact with the sores. It has worked well so far, I make sure I change them often to avoid TSS, and as far as the string goes, I just tuck it in with the rest of it so it doesn't rub up against any of the sores. Hope this helps!

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