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I seen the remedy about crushing up Tylenol pm on this website. I didn't have any of that so I crushed up regular advil and made a paste. I used 3. THIS WILL BURN!!! Especially on sensitive genitals. After the burning went away I felt such relief. No itching and no bothersome pain from the sore.


I tried many different remedies on here, taking l-lysine, vitamin c, making a lysine paste, ACV, tylenol paste, baths...
I take baths with epson salt, ACV, tea tree oil once a day for ~25 min. I use the Tylenol PM paste technique at night which really helps but during my last OB (which is getting less and less severe) 2 days in i decided to take a chance on the Abbreva, yes i know it's meant for cold sores but anything was worth a shot. I was amazed it completely cleared up in 32 hours after i first applied it, i used it 5 times in 3 hour intervals and then went to sleep and when i woke up i was amazed to see myself almost completely healed.
I am used to extremely bad outbreaks, lasting 10-13 days and spreading to multiple places, then only having about 2 weeks between them. Combining all these remedies cut my OB to a very tiny area and only lasted 3-4 days... i am truly amazed.
I plan on changing up my diet and upping my intake of vitamins and lysine, hopefully over time my OB will become much father apart and less severe.


To the person that submitted the remedy 'Tylenol PM'.....THANK YOU!!! I tried this last night. I have to say tho that it did burn for about 3 to 4 minutes but after that....NO PAIN! I would highly recommend to anyone that comes here looking for relief to give this a try.

tylenol pm

TYLENOL P.M.....Please make sure that when you apply this that your area is clean and dry... You will need to make sure that after you apply the paste that you lay and let dry for a few minutes... Do not put any under clothing on until it dries... Lay and watch the itch and pain go numb!!!!...(He thicker the paste the better... I usually use about five or six tylenol pm crushed and dissolved with hot water (not a lot of water a tiny drop)... Then I just wipe unto my area! Cover it on the inside of the vulva and outside even the vagina... It will not hurt! will not burn, you may feel the sensation of the medicine starting to work but spoon (about two minutes) you will feel so at ease!!! TRY THIS!!!...


Desitin baby rash cream or any generic brand works well. It soothes it and keeps it dry for fast healing and comfort.

my remedies work!

I posted the remedy about the tylenol pm. Well I forgot to tell you guys that I also use Abbreva!... It is a cold sore medicine in a small tube that runs you around 14 dollors! is not an oily ointment it is a cream that dries up quik!... This medicine and the tylenol pm works better than anything else I promise you!... The abbreva is costly to be such a small tube but when you apply it you will get your moneys worth!... It will dry the sores up on point! You will not itch either! Just try it and tell me what you think!... For get all that other stuff on here! You do not need you area to be wet up with other ointments you need somethin to keep it dry!... You need to sufficate the sores by adding abbreva or making a tylenol pm paste!... I hardly have outbreaks! Its been 7yrs until now that I have had one and this is what I use! You will feel brand new,clean,and comfortable I promise!... You will need to shower only!!! And reapply before bed!it works great over nite!

kayla tate

Asyou all know , genetal herpes cannot be cured , once you have it , you haveit for life. But there are ways to help the infection heal faster and not hurt as much ..
What i do when i get a outbreak , is soak in a hot bath with 2 cups of epsom salt . When i get out i dry the area carefully , and i use extra sensetive baby wipes , and open my private area with two fingers. i then use the wipes n clean along the walls of my labias and the top of my clitorous .. this will hurt , but the area will be completely cleaned. then i use vitamin a&d on the sores. also if you need to urinate n cant because its painful , the best thing to do is take a toliet paper roll and use that to seperate your labia and pee through that .. its a excellent way to prevent burning. HOPE THIS HELPS


The best remedy ever!!!... Here is what
You do. Make sure your genital area is clean and dry. You need to find the best pain-sleep reliever pill(such as tylenol p.m. Advil p.m., ect.)Next you will need to crush atleat three to four pills into a powder. Next apply a very small drop or two of hot water to powdered pills. Then mix to a not add too much water make the solution as thick as possible.then once you have made the paste, use a small paint brush or even your finger to wipe and cover the itchy area or blister. Cover completely. This is a guarantee remedy that will soothe the pain and horrible itch!...the p.m. Medicine has something in it to numb you! Plus it has a pain reliever. Try it the solution will dry up your infected area and heal it at the same time!... You will feel sooooo much better!


I find Epsom salt baths good (2 or 3 handfuls of salt)with a splash of apple cider vinegar, and some tea tree oil. After the bath, dry the area with a hairdryer on cool setting. Then put some ice in a towel and put on the area, as the ice will kill the virus at the surface and prevent it from multiplying and spreading to other areas. You can also dab on some neat tea tree which is anti viral and helps dry out any sore spots and speeds up healing. Ice can also be used at the tingling stage before any sores appear and may even prevent an outbreak from getting worse. (The ice advice was from my doctor). Lemon balm is also supposed to be good, I make tea from the fresh herb(it grows really easily in the garden). Lemon balm is a calming herb also, and a positive frame of mind is important when dealing with this, as stress can trigger outbreaks. Good luck.


I have been suffering from herpies on the top of my right buttoock for over five years. It has been frustrating and the best relief I have had is; thermal bath / natural spring which sounds equivalent to Epsom salt bath and taking garlic tablets. I wear pure cotton panties to keep the area protected and never use the bath towl on that areaof the body to avoid spreading.

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