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Hello everyone! I got diagnosed with herpes in February 2010. I had constant outbreaks, I was put on once a day valtrex which did work, but as soon as I would miss one pill I would break out and it would be worse then all the rest of my previous outbreaks. I decided I didn't want to take a pill everyday for the rest of my life so I began looking at natural remedies and through a lot of trial and error and some very painful outbreaks I have found out what works for me. I hope that this will work for you too :-)
-I only wear underwear when absolutely needed, when at home I wear baggy pants that allow for a lot of air flow
-I clean the area where I get outbreaks religiously everyday and dry it out completely with a small fan everyday, I really think that this part is key.
-I take a multivitamin everyday to help my immune system.
-whenever I would get an outbreak before I monitored what food I was eating and was looking for a correlation between my outbreaks, I found that rice and I do not get along and that whenever I would eat it I would shortly have an outbreak.
-I have completely cut out alcohol.

I have been outbreak free for a month now, and for someone that would get them back to back nonstop that is a long time.
watch what you eat, write it down and see if there is a correlation between a certain food and your outbreaks. I know that everyone is different but I really hope that you can find what works for you. I know that it is hard to live with herpes, but you are not alone. I wish you all the best :-) love and hugs.


My bf/babys father.. me and him been together for almost 4 years.. he found out 2 years ago that he had Simplex 1 Genital Herpes... he has 1 big outbreaks and lil ones.. but for almost 2 yrs thank God he hasn't had not one lil sore pop out.. I just found out last week that i have Genital Herpes. and Im on day 5 of the worst outbreak ever to me.. Ive never endured a pain so tremendous in my life.

'Tylenol Pm'.. is what i read on this website... I tries exactly what it told me to try.. i have not had pain this whole day .. I did it once earlier in the day... i took a shower hours later.. and applied it again!! This remedy is amazing!! THANKS TO WHOMEVER MADE IT UP.. OR KINDLY THOUGHT TO SHARE THIS WITH US!! GBUGUYS!!

Homeopathic medecine woman

Things to avoid like the plague if you have genital herpes and/or cold sores: nuts (major contributor!) beer, and chocolate, excessive coffee. I know, I can't live without chocolate or coffee but when I indulge I make sure to increase the Lysine- at LEAST 3000mg/day. Warm salt baths help heal the sores by drawing fluid out, I find that too much sun exposure causes breakouts for most people. Sometimes I use regular bee's honey for the sores, depending on where it is,like on the thigh is ok, ladies do not put honey in or on the labia or vagina... it could cause a yeast infection. Honey also aids in chicken pox and I understand herpes, shingles and chicken pox are all related, Why do these terrible ailments exist?!?!!?!? Be well everyone.


Hello everyone I've had this life changing disaster for almost four years now contracted it from an ex- boyfriend... I've learned my lesson for sure this time.. i usually sit in warm water with baking soda in it for about 30 to 45 minutes make the water as hot as u can stand it really and soak in it until the water gets cold.. hope this will help someone else... and I most definitely will try the garlic pills and lemon thanks..


thank you so much to the person that posted the tylenol pm remody. went to the store, got ground up cloves (good for a chi tea recipe I have too) tylenol pm and abreva (expensive but a miracle worker compared to valtrex as far as immediate pain reliever) ground up one tylenol pm added a little bit of cloves grounded and a squeeze of the abreva to make the paste complete. washed area with warm wash cloth and made sure hands were cleaned before and after application..and..... tah-dah! when applied it at first it stung just a little, but not as much as I have been dealing with. The outcome has been great and sped up the healing process compared to my last outbreak. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Rise Above It

I've found attitude as critically important, to relieve the stress. Do whatever to rise above it. My research reveals that 40 million people have GH and over a million more get it each year, some populations it exceeds 50%, while the majority of those with GH have no symptoms. We are not alone... and just let the stress go and quit being so judgemental about our self! The more I read, the more I find GH becomes quite manageable. No one needs to blame anyone and we are all equally innocent, as each person probably got it much like we did.

I tried the nail polish remover and that made it so much worse. eek! The apple cider vinegar wasn't much help either.

Clean with hydrogen peroxide, use topical zinc, increase lysine and vitamin C, reduce the stress, and that's working well after just one day. Optional: watch a funny comedy... try laughing.

The next challenge is to know when and how to inform and educate a potential future partner, who probably already has GH but doesn't know it. If they're understanding, they're a 'keeper.' If they're not, then they're probably shallow and not my type. Anyway, protection is always a necessity.


SO i saw this thing about making a tylenol pm paste. Well i took it an extra step. One of the most affective numbing agents that i know of is cloves. so i made a clove, tylenol and abreva paste. crush the tylenol and clove together then use the abreva to make the paste. apply to sore. and WHALLAAAA.. the pain goes away. the clove numbs the sore. the tylenol keeps the pain away, and the apreva really helps the healing process.


It's not actually a home remedy just face it home remedies sooth the problem but not actually take the problem away.
I did my research and choose not to give up and found something NATURAL.I can honestly say it worked for me.I had genital herpes or 2 years.I was tired of making FEEL BETTER and wanted it to go way.I was tired of being depressed about it.I know it was something out there that can take the problem go away.OZONATED WATER OR TREATMENT.TRUST ME IT WORKS. This is not a scam. I am just a woman from a urban area.I never would have a imagine something so simple can do this.If you want to truth and you want to know what they are not telling you to make money off you go to GET THE TRUTH! It has changed MY LIFE. I thank god for giving me a second change.Also Get educated with whats going with pharmaceutical and anything else on life itself. PEOPLE WITH Eye's WILL SEE.


My best advice to tell you all is to stay from nuts ...they are the primary reason in my experience of your outbreaks

and be sure to eat healthy


Hi everyone, I must say this site is a blessing!!!!! Im 29 i have been battling GH for past 2 years OB after OB. I started taking valtrex and boy that medication is expensive. and to think i would have to take it for the rest of my life. wow. So i didnt have tylenol but i did have motrin and thank god almighty this is the cure.I have to let the world know vinegar baths then apply paste remedy stops the outbreak in its track. the blisters just suddenly fade away without even bursting. the pain is gone instantly. The swelling gone. Who ever came up with this is a genius. bye bye valtrex. oh and of course your diet is also major in preventing the outbreak.

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