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I've hag GH now for a year and have had about 4 outbreaks but for anyone who has it thats too many to handle. I read these post and almost cried when u deal with GH you feel so alone. and to see that there are more woman out there that deal with the same situation was so uplifting. I tried the tea oil, apple cider vinegar , vitamin E oil, and epsom salt bath. It sounds like alot of ingredients but its so worth it after the bath I went from being in excruciating pain to feeling like a million bucks. after a 15 min. bath I applied the Tylenol Pm , Vagisil Past and Abreva. and Im Pain free and can go on with my day. thank u so much for your help and Hopefully this will help someone else.


I was diagnosed with HSV1 located genitally over 13 years ago. I had a BAD inital outbreak (heavy valtrex was used)... but NONE ever since (there is hope for those just diagnosed) until yesterday. While not nearly as bad as the first one, the location of this one is painful (it's swelling and making it hard to pee). I came on here and last night I took a bath in espom salts, and made a tylenol paste.
I used tylenol, benadryl (which is what the PM is in tylenol PM), and vagisil. Mixed into a paste. I dried the area well, applied Abreva and then applied the paste. OMG ... IT WORKS! All night and some of the morning I was pain/itch/burn free and the swelling was lessened. It started again this afternoon so I again soaked and reapplied. SO HAPPY it works.


take 2-3,1000 mg tablets of L-Lysine daily. And wipe genital area with MERCUROCLEAR (a topical antiseptic/anesthetic). I got it at Walmart for under $3 for 2 fl. Oz. Surprisingly the active ingredient in both is a form of hydrochloride). I noticed some change since using the L-Lysine but way BETTER RESULTS since using the Mercuroclear. I have had two bumps that only stayed for 2 days each but never filled with puss & were not painful. Before that, I had two that would never fully heal for over 2 months! Those two are completely gone now. I also quit eating peanuts & started eating way more brocoli (like 2-3 times per week). I made that decision after reading about foods to avoid when you have herpes.


I tried the h2o2 remedy and it worked but I could not stand the taste it left in my mouth.T asted like bleach.So then I bought an ozone generator to ozonate water as it is supposed to have the same effect. I bought one of the better ones as I figured I would be using it a long time.The first couple of weeks I drank 2 liters every morning after running the ozone through it for about 45 min.I was very emotional during this time and my sinuses and ears felt like they were very sensitive. Since then I generally drink the water 2 times a week or so.My main triggers were alcohol.chocolate ,excessive physical exertion. It has been 8 months since an outbreak,when I first started.During this time I have consumed chocolate,gone on a 12 hour drinking spree (wedding),and played sports to the point of dropping.I am not saying I am Cured, but I don't wish to change my lifestyle,and this is a small price to pay to keep this under control.I also haven't gotten sick,even though I have been exposed to many who have. IT also helps with hangovers.The water is easy to drink,just smells like ozone. The model I bought was the airzone xt301. I have no complaints.Hope this helps someone


I found out about a year ago that I have genital herpes. Thanks to this site I have only had 2 minor breakouts since, and it is all because of the crushed tylenol pm/abreva/water paste. This is amazing. I felt so stupid with blue genitalia, and my fiance was laughing at me, but now he makes sure I always have some on hand. Let me tell you one more thing that will help. Neosporin. Oh. My. God. Why I didn't think of it before I have no idea. I literally use it the second I see a blister coming during the day, and between that and the paste, my last 'outbreak' was 2 barely there blisters for 2 days. I really hope this helps, and for all those who are looking here for the first time, you are not alone. It is manageable. Keep your head up! :)


I was just diagnosed with Genital Herpes 1 week before the new year of 2011. Im experiencing my first outbreak and cant stand the pain. When I pee I cry for 30 minutes because it hurts so bad. I tried everything, peeing while in the bath tub, peeing in the shower, dumping warm water over my genitals while peeing, and covering the sores with wash cloths while peeing. I went to the doctor and she gave me the solution. Its going to sound weird but the answer is Crisco. Yes, the butter like stuff in the blue can.Its perfectly safe to put down there, its chemical free, perfume free and water proof. Just cover your sores with a light layer and you can pee with no pain at all. Its amazing! After you are done you just lightly wipe it off. Try it! No pain!


hi there, I'm new to this whole thing of herpes. and it sucks. plain and simple. I'm a stress ball. I'm getting married, i ahve a high stressed job, my mom is sick, it never ends. and everytime i feel i've lose control my lip flares up with a cold sore. Now- it's not just my lip, it's genital as well. I wanted to just sit in bed and cry. I work out 7 days a week, run, active fun and my fiance and i are great together and then this. sucks. so what did i just find out? vitamin E in the purest form is amazing. i put it on the blister within my private area and i can urinate with pain, i can workout, i can walk and feel pain free. this thing - isnt as bad as it was anymore! my lip sucks. it looks gross but i am stopping sugar now- and no more chocolate. let's fight this!!!


I have had GH for 10 years now and for some reason my main Trigger is STRESS! So I don't always have the money for valtrex or acyclvoir because they are very expensive! Normally I only get 1 to 2 outbreaks a year but sometimes it can be just like the very first and everyone knows what that one is like! So I started thinking what would give me relief so that it stops itching and would dry up THANK GOD for my 3 y/o because I thought WAIT diaper rash~ So I took Baby Desitin and Baby Powder and it took the itch and pain away BE VERY CAREFUL USING THESE ITEMS IF YOU HAVE KIDS I RECOMMEND USING GLOVES BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO PUT THE GERM ANYWHERE NEAR THE ITEMS YOU PUT ON YOUR CHILD!!! Good Luck and I hope this helps


I got herpes about a yr and a half ago. My first ob wasn't bad at all. I thought I had cut myself shaving. If it weren't for the fact that I had to go in for a pap smear, I would have never known. Anyways, I didn't really have many obs until about 8 months ago. My bf and I decieded to get married. All the stress of wedding planning combined with a 4 yr, plus work plus full time school, I was having obs every freaking month! Normally I just take the meds (acyclovir), but it just recently started to not work as well. I had read a bunch of stuff on the internet about tea tree oil. I thought most of it was crap, but I thought, what the heck? I bought some at Walmart yesterday. (For $8) I was at thw tail end of an outbreak, I had about 4 more days before the sores would be gone. I put that stuff on last night and woke up this morning with the sores pretty much gone. I put more on this morning and they are gone completly! When you put the oil on it gets really warm down there (kinda like warming lube) but its not uncomfortable. I'm going to use it next time I feel like another ob is going to happen instead of spending more $$ on drugs.


I do not know if I have herpes yet, I am to be tested on Tuesday. However, I am positive that this is an initial outbreak. I got on this site and tried the Epsom Salt, Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar bath. I sat in the hot bath for about 15 minutes. Then I used the Abreeva and the Tylenol PM paste. Its been amazing. I started out by using a baking soda paste that hurt so bad when I put it on. The Tylenol PM paste doesn't hurt at all. I can already see the swelling going down also. ITs really a miracle 'cure'.

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