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I noticed what triggers an outbreak with me, and it makes me so happy that an herpes outbreak is possible to avoid. Underneath you read how to avoid an outbreak, not how to treat blisters.

I get an outbreak If I had sex or masturbated a lot, in a time I shaved my pubic hair, and this shaving causing some inflammation. I think fatigue adds to the chances of an outbreak as well.

In other words, your body can counter attack an herpes outbreak, but don't push your immune system too much. Once I feel the tinkling feeling of an outbreak I do the following (this really works):

1. I take 1000 mg L-Lysine tablets, at least an hour before my next meal, and avoid the arginine types of food, like nuts (I normally eat these daily) and I start eating Lysine types of foods, like fish.

2. immediately I soak the infected area with tree tea oil and wrap the area in plastic foil, so the tree tea oil stays at the area. If you wait too long, and this is a matter of minutes (!), the outbreak continues and you get these nasty blisters, and than you are screwed, cause the healing process takes weeks longer.

I also do this, but I am not sure to what extend this work (the above definitely does):
-I take vitamines B, C, Zinc and garlic capsules



I have had genital herpes for 5 yrs. I've noticed that oatmeal, and high stress levels, alcohol (in high consumption) and aspartame trigger the virus in me. My symptoms are extreme tiredness, sore body, and headaches. As soon as symptoms appear I cant hold my head up as I become very lethargic. Valtrex does not work on me what so ever and acyclovir made me start loosing hair. I took Valtrex for 8 months 500mg 2x a day, and it only made me sick and outbreaks would still happen every two weeks like clockwork. I have been bathing in a tub of warm water with 3 bottles of regular 3% hydrogen peroxide from walmart for 30 min, and it takes care of redness and bumps by NEXT morning. $3 H202 vs. $240 Valtrex, guess which one works? BTW the hydrogen peroxide 3% from Walmart is one of the only ones that do not say stabilized. Hope this helps someone out there.

West coast girl

I am visiting this page for the first time and i am so happy i found it. everyone has been so kind and helpful. i have not officially been diagnosed, with GH, but from the research i've done and pictures i've come across im pretty sure it is what is going on with my body. i'm not sure how to feel, i'm depressed and feel like i'll never find anyone to love me with this embarrassing disease.

i have been sleeping with one person for the past almost 2 years and we are not exclusive, so i'm wondering if it was him who passed it on? i guess now whats important is taking care of myself and not placing blame, because he had no obvious signs so i'm sure if it was him he was not aware.

i just went to the store and got some tylenol pm and herpicin, they were out of abreva so i figure there are similar active ingredients in it. until i can pick up some abreva i will see if this helps.

i only have 2 sores inside my labia, but my anus feels swollen and is itchy and sore. i'm guessing that the sores are down there as well. i have not been able to look.

i am a 28 year old female and feel i have learned a horrible lesson on taking better care of myself. i love all the support everyone here gives each other, and i'll post how my outcome is with the treatment i'm trying.

also are there any support forums that people go to just to chat and connect with each other on? i'm sure facebook does not have a 'living with genital herpes' fan page! haha if they did i'd join under a fake name, because of the stigma attached!!

once again thanks again!


1. Stay away from the higher arginine foods-though I eat a lot of wheat, wheat germ, wheat bread- I don't eat chocolate much. I eat a lot of chic, fish little beef.
2. Plenty of veggies, fruits
3. Multi-vit/min
4. When sensing an outbreak 3-4 grams of Lysine/day
5. Here's the clincher and I have not found it on the net-DRINK 2-8 OZ GLASSES OF RAW MILK/DAY AS A REGULAR PART OF YOUR DIET. Can be tough to find-NH no problem-loaded w/lysine naturally.Raw milk is one of a very few whole foods and really good for you including the fat. Look it up on the net and you will see. Been drinking it for a little over a yr.
And add occasionally, WHEY PROTEIN TO IT.Optimaa Nutrition brand is the best and most pure as an isolate. Loaded with lysine and other good stuff like the raw milk for immune system.
6. This is a big one: friction avoid as much as possible-masterbation out of the question, it will bring outbreaks from the friction.
7. Avoid extreme stress


I contracted both HSV-1 and HSV-2 in September 2010. My first OBs of both were late September, and I found out with a pos blood test that I had both. Yikes.

I thought my life was over and quite honestly, the HSV-1 was for me worse because it caused pretty obvious cold sores on my mouth, rather than HSV-2 causing an itchy rash 'down there' where the public would not see.

I immediately went on Acyclovir, but it made me kinda sick. Still got a cold sore once a month right before my period started (was on the pill at the time). On the good side, the Acyclovir kept my GH OBs at bay, leaving my first OB my only one.

After experiencing heart flutters and palpitations (not sure if related to Acyclovir - talk to a doc about that one), I decided to go off both the BC pill and Acyclovir in Dec 2010.

Since then (it is now March 2011), I've only had one GH OB (about a week after stopping Acyclovir) and NO cold sores.

I may have lucked out with a mild case of both, but here is what I do:

- Herpecin lip balm on lips like ALL THE TIME. I put this under my lip gloss even. Use especially at bedtime. It comes in a chapstick size container with an OBVIOUS label...just peel the label off and BAM! regular blistex people - nothing to see here! :)

- Drink plenty of water and stay away from sodas.

- Eat foods high in lysine and low on arginine - google this.

- Get plenty of rest and avoid stress. Stress is still the most common OB trigger EVERRRRR. When any life stressors eat at me I say to myself 'you're still alive', remembering what it was like to get the news, overcome it, and be thankful and I didn't get something life-threatening.

- If you are on the pill, stop taking it if you can. You should be using condoms anyways.

- If I get a cold sore, I pop it. You're not supposed to, but you can speed the heal time of it if you DO pop it, but there is the risk you will spread it somewhere else. Please watch out for touching your lips and then rubbing your eyes; same goes for GH OBs.....

- When I feel prodrome coming on (the tingling feeling right before a HSV-1 or HSV-2 outbreak), I will ice the area, RELAX, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and use the Herpecin on my lips if I can, and an acyclovir topical gel on the GH OBs. These creams are marketed and sold my a pharmacist for a REASON; they work.

- Take daily vitamins, and Lysine supplements don't hurt, either. I don't take Lysine supplements, but I've been told people swear by them.

- Tell at least one person you love that you are infected. It helps to not keep it a secret - you're not a terrible person for having this - it's a damn skin disease, just with bad social stigma that in time will fade, especially since they are working on a cure soon.

Chin up and remember - you're still alive, so go live your life and don't let this get in the way :)


I just want to thank you all!! I am so happy I found this website. I tried the Tylenol, abreva paste and OMG, it worked! I had a bad BO and I thought my life was ruined. Anyways, if this is your first time here reading about it, try it, try it, give it a shot, it works!!!!
God bless, I will forever be greatful

The Dr.

I found a cure for herpes, drink food grade hydrogen peroxide mix it with 8 oz of water, follow instructions here at look up hydrogen peroxide cure for herpes, also research this topic over the intranet. I was cured in 2 mo. and suffered from this for 10 years. This kills all viruses in your body.
you can buy it online at


20 years old and diagnosed with genital herpes in December 2010...I thought my life was over. I told my boyfriend I had it and he instantly said I didn't get it from him. But after doing a little research and educating ourselves it is possible to have herpes and be asymptomatic...herpes also can lay dormant in your body for years until it decides to surface. But since Dec I have had a total of two small outbreaks that I blame poor eating habits on (college student) but to take care of my outbreaks I haved used carmex to rub on any forming blisters and it also helps with the itching. I have also purchased organic apple cider vinegar that I drink 2 tablespoons in a glass of water 3 times a day. I also apply it topically but it burns like hell! But will also lessen the pain and itch DRAMATICALLY. Ladies do not give up hope. Think of herpes as nothing more than a simple skin disease :) do no let herpes stop you from enjoying life


I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 1 on my vagina in October. It was extremely difficult because my partner at the time was Herpes free and I had no idea where I'd contracted the virus. Per my Gyno, I would've contracted the disease via oral sex from an infected person without an active outbreak - which is still contagious.

Since being diagnosed in October I have had constant outbreaks that were PAINFUL to the MAX!!! I cried, prayed, and searched for advice online from others like myself. I first tried a warm water ($0) and tea tree oil ($8) douche, which worked well for pain relief, but lasted only overnight at the most.

I found this website and was extremely excited to head to Walmart where I purchased the Walmart brand Tylenol-PM ($4), MERCUROCLEAR ($3), Vagisal Satin Cream ($8), and Abreva ($21). I smashed the pills mixed in all the fixin's, applied to my swollen and inflamed 'Princess' and immediately felt better. I used for several days and the itching, buring, open sores, everything cleared up.

I no longer wash with 'normal' soap as it is too 'strong' for that area. I use the Family Dollar brand Feminine Wash daily. I also take the generic Valtrex pills during an outbreak in addition to the little mixture above to spead up my headling process.

I've also cut back on the dark soda, eat more seafood, and green veggies. I also eat more fruit. I take 4000mg of L-Lysine daily, 2000mg of Garlic every other day, and a 1000mg Vitamen C daily.

I've since had no more outbreaks, I feel comfy around my partner who of course has since contracted the disease. It makes it easier dealing with a person who has Herpes, but we share a common interest in not getting anymore outbreaks :)

I can walk, cross my legs, and have sex whenever without the painful sores. Thanks to all the post before mine because you really helped me feel comfortable with the disease and control it as opposed to it controlling my life.

God Bless and I hope I've helped someone too :)


i have had genital herpes for 9 years. it can be difficult to buy the valtex and creams. so i buy LANACANE MAXIMUM STRENGTH. it numbs, and relieves the pain and itching. but too much use(more than 4 days) can lead it to irritating the skin that is not outbroken. but it helps for when you have to be in public. i get outbreaks from STRESS and CHOCOLATE. i say i am allergic to chocolate and cut it out of my diet.
i am going to try the Tylenol tonight. thanks, and stay positive. forgive your self.

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