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Don V

Has anyone else heard of a product called Fresh Balls? I don't remember where I saw that it helped someone with outbreaks. I looked up their site and it is for genital sweating and odor. If anyone could recommend something, I would appreciate it!


I am 16 and I have been diagnosed with GH 2 days ago, these past few days have been like a rollercoaster but my family my boyfriend and my GP have been my saviours. I realised I had soars on my vagina and got checked out and then diagnosed. The sores are just getting more painful by day and urinating is extremely painful , so I started to apply Vaseline(petroleum jelly) on my sores and makes urinating a lot easier and stops rubbing together of sores. But doesn't stop the stinging fully. If anyone has any other remedies to stop that stinging could they please comment them. I have been very tired and dizzy as of the antiviral medication I have been prescribed. Sitting down and standing up must be done slowly as it can be quite painful and uncomfortable in certain positions . If anybody has any tips or questions please comment them!


I am 16 years old and I was diagnosed with gh about a few weeks ago???? I mean like just ready the story makes me emotional ???? I got if from my father when he sexually abused me ???????? I have been taking care of my self and people think its the end of the world but its not???? think about others when you have sex, as in use a condom with them so it doesn't spread????


I have had GH for the last 12 years and my first OB was the worst, by far. I have gone OB free for years at a time with suppressive therapy, however around May 2015 I started having OB's monthly and at times only going a few days I between out breaks and even with my antiviral. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?I have a doctors appointment Tuesday to hopefully address why this has started happening. What I have had luck with was; keeping the area dry, hair dryer, using ice pack (wrapping in cotton towel), weapon salt baths, using a fan help dry the area and applying vitamin e oil to the sores w a Q tip. What I can say it this, life goes on even with GH, it is good to know we are all not alone.


I'm 23 and have contracte GH for the first time. Last year I had two surgeries on my kidneys and neither hurt the way this does. My sores are at the top of my labia and just to either side and to pee is so excruciating I scream. I also have sores around my back passage which are just as horrendous. I'm avoiding eating and drinking as going to the toilet is such a nightmare. The only relief I get when peeing is to sit in the bath. But this can't go on forever I have to go back to work. I'm walking like a duck I can't stand up or sit down too quickly it's agonising. I've been on tablets since yesterday from the doctor but not feeling any relief. Please someone guide me as to when I might get some relief. I haven't been given a gel I've just been putting sudocrem on the sores. The worst part of this whole this is the week before I broke out I met someone who I really like I feel I've fucked up any chance how do I tell them that I have this :'( I can accept that I've got GH I just wish some of the pain would stop and I'm crying non stop.


Hello, so after 6 years of having GH, 4 years of which were full of constant outbreaks, I'm happy to say I have GH under control.

The 4 years were the worst, the outbreaks a nightmare, it wasn't just one at a time, I would get one outbreak then another would appear then another while the others were still present, one would heal and I'd be left with others still erupting, the pain was excruciating.

I read so much about GH, it all helped but felt daunting, I found that a diet high in lysine and low in aginine helped immensely, seen as Im a coffee nut it meant cutting back on the caffine, I was gutted but I managed it, you can buy half caffeinated half decaffeinated (for people who use ground fresh coffee) or just plain decaff.

I used good quality tea tree oil for sores, wet an ear bud up with the oil and pop the sores using it, it stings like mad but it takes away the itching and burning sensation, helps them scab and heal faster, it also works at the first signs of an OB, just rub the oil on the sore patch.

Finally the thing that has most helped in stopping my outbreaks is pineapple, you can either eat a large fresh ring of fresh pineapple everyday or what I do is buy fresh non-concentrated pineapple juice and drink about 3/4 a pint every single day, never missing a day otherwise I have an OB, I'm now 99\\% OB free, I figure its cheaper than meds/or going the docs for prescriptions, saves the hassle of it too, and its much healthier than the meds.

Now if I do get an outbreak the I hardly even feel it or know its there, it never wakes me in the night stinging, itching and burning like it used to, its nothing like it used to be and it does make it so much easier when its less obvious and painful.

I have also used cold pressed coconut oil daily (about 3 tbsp) successfully to stop outbreaks, but stopped this due to the sickly feeling it gave me, if you can stomach it then thats an even healthier choice.

To the people feeling low about GH it may feel like its the end of the world but its really not, its the beginning of you having more respect for your body, laughing at yourself and finding the humor in everything around you and being less judgmental towards others, its learned me so much, yeah it is a pain to have but it does wear off and I'm always thankful its nothing more, you can still have a love life and children, I have both.


I was diagnosed with it GH today and i dont know how to cope, im only 19, and never in my life imagined myself to be here. Worst then the pain, its itfhy like crazy, does anyone know anything that could help get rid of itching or ways to get the sores to heal faster? Its been going on for 9 days now


I've been dealing with GH for about 5 years now and I've found some awesome tricks.

1)To help prevent outbreaks I wash with a pH balance soap Summers Eve is great. Use it daily, don't skip. Your pH has a lot to do with outbreaks.

2) When I get an outbreak I immediately start taking shots of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, it helps restore the pH balance.

3) Wear cotton underwear and breathable clothes, the less moisture down there the better.

4) Corn starch and baking soda both help to dry out the sores. Choose one or the other and apply by dipping a cotton ball in it and putting it on the sores.

5) Your underwear make great ice bag holders, take advantage of this 15 minutes every couple hours.

6) After you shower make sure to completely dry the area. I usually use a blow dryer to make sure.

7) Take an OTC pain reliever.

I hope this helps someone


what i find really, really, effective for genital herpes outbreaks is broccoli


I've been doing research on how to help heal GH & I constantly see recommendations to use Manuka Raw Honey. So I got the honey & applied it a few hours ago & as soon as I applied it it started stinging & burning me like crazy & it lasted for about 10-15 minutes before it began to subside. Has anyone ever used Manuka Honey on there sores & if so did the same thing happen? Is this normal? If it's, not any suggestions on what I should do??

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