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My heart goes out to you all including myself. I was diagnosed 28 yrs ago. I unfortunately, took a shower and used the wrong towel. I thought my world was over. Was told by the diagnosing dr. I would never be able to have kids. We there is hope because there is a God above who heard my crys. This is what I did. You must first mentally refuse to accept. It seems that the stress of having it was a trigger for me. Once I refused it, I did my homework and used old fashioned remedies. I took a warm bath every night using Dial soap, the gold bar. My grandmother swore it could kill anything. Since my sores were on my labia and inside I put zinc oxide on the open sores. Its what they use for diaper rash. Your urine will run right over the open sores without any pain. I also held my vagina apart during urination to prevent my urine from touching me. Drink plent water to ensure your urine doesn't get too strong. That helps a lot. Wear loose underware and when your alone with no one around don't wear any underware. The air heals them in no time. Wash your hands often and AVOID the eye area with unclean hands. If you refuse to let it take over it can't. I'm now 50 years old with 2 children and a husband who was warned over 25 years ago that I ha d it but loved me despite it all. I noticed the older I got the less the obs come. I went for 5 years without any incident and then stress entered into my life and back they arrived and in different places. Also, Ester C vitamins helped keep my immune system in tact thereby keeping me free. Good luck. I hope this helps. You can live with it just don't let it control you. You CONTROL it! God bless. LM


I contracted the 'curse' from the 2nd guy i was intimate with, I WAS CRUSHED, thought my life was over. Over the past 20yrs i have found that adding a tablespoon of miracle 2 neutralizing water, and 1 tsp food grade hydrogen peroxide to my jug of water each day PREVENTS OUTBREAKS! The miracle 2 cleans the blood, and the hydrogen peroxide kills the virus. Its been over a year for me, and my boyfriend is still curse-free :)


I have had GH for over 10 yrs I love this website I've read a lot of wonderful ways to help me through IE:tylenol PM paste and epsom salt baths. My OB's are few and far between and I am sure everyone is different. I read a lot of advice about certain foods triggering OB's. I do not drink alcohol but I am a chocoholic and I love nuts. I'm very laid back so stress is not my trigger I do notice however when I'm sick and prescribed a penicillen derived antibiotic I get a yeast infection along w/GH OB when I'm sick I always ask the doc for sulfatrim or something that's not fungal based.


I am 22 year old Asia male.and I live in maimi now. At age 22 brithday, about 4 months ago I lost my virginity to a girl who is now a friend. The incident didn't last long, I believe a total of 7 minutes but not continually, as her parents were about to come home. I also didn't reach climax. The incident was unprotected which I know always poses some risk. Also she said she was on her period, but I saw absolutely no blood. I've asked her repeatedly if she had been tested. Her response was that she had a test after her last boyfriend and I believed he didn¡¯t have herpes . She also said she has no diseases. She isn't a herpes person either, although she has done drugs. I am a college graduate and she is a white female college student. She has had experience however, having told me she has had 9 partners but only two or three committed boyfriends whom she slept with unprotected. This is the only sexual exposure I've had although i've done other virtually non risk things with other girls. I know it was dumb and I am now somewhat scared to get tested although I know that if I have it, testing won't change anything besides the knowledge of my status. I just wish I could force her to get tested in front of me because if I know her test results for sure there is really no reason I have to get tested. I have had no symptoms, although I did have a fever for two days about 7 months after wards. She has also never traveled outside the country, if that matters in terms of demographic risk. now , we all have herpes, and i dont how to do with it.she felt very sorry and sad. i told my mother, and she felt sorry for me. i have passed a dark time. after i was told a nice site for herpes dating and¡¯ 'sdloving,c0m'. i join,its very nice and fun , and i have found my new GF with herpes. we love each other very much. and now i can do myself again. so i want to share this with more herpes we have a nice holidays in China.she is very cute,and I can find myself when I stay with her.after our holiday we will come back to maimi and find a job. We want to get marry 2 years later..but herpes always make us feel uncomfortable. So I come to this forum to find some friends to share ur experience.i hope u guys can help me and my GF.thanks, hope all herpes people have a beautiful life in the future.


I dont know when I got GH, but im just now getting over my first outbreak. Its been 2wks. I first tried using the tea tree oil after seing it on here, I used that in combination with Mercuroclear (sp?) Didnt think the TTO did much so I just used the Merc and it seemed to help a little with pain and kinda started healing them. I tried the abreva and it made my sores soo much worse and even caused me to break out more!!! I only did abreva 1x and stopped. Continued the merc and also a&d ointment. Took tylenol for the pain & fever (
For the burning while peeing, since my sores are on my labia and outer labia (only on the left side) I used a plastic card to block my urine like a charm!!! Good luck to you all! I hope this is my first & only outbreak for a loooong time!!!!


AHHH!! Someone please tell me what i should do! I am experiencing my second GH OB, my first having having been less than 2 weeks ago. During the first one i had little red bumps and i used the peroxide and abreava paste method it worked after several days. This time i have them on the inside so i made a douch with the peroxide it isnt helping just burning me to death. I didnt get any red bumps this time just skipped right up to white blisters, i am covered in them from front to back, i tried the peroxide and paste on themlike before but all its doing is burning me to death. What can i do!! This hurts so bad and i have to go to work in 2 hoursare the OB going to keep on coming like this every T weeks and worse every time!! If so i cant deal with this, i didnt even get this from sex, i got it from an unclean hospital, what am i suppose to do, any ideas?? I also tried both the zince and neoaporin creams but they both just made it itchier. What can i do!! Help please!! Have been taking the lysine since first outbreak doesnt seem to make any difference. This is so bad, i can barely stand up it hurts so much. Help??


I contracted GH when I was 15- the first guy I ever slept with and 2 months later I realized I had one blister. I immediately knew what it was. I'm lucky enough to only have HSV-1. I didn't have another OB for many years but I'm now up to 3-5 times per year and want to stay away from meds. I've tried EVERYTHING. I don't usually get more than one blister but this time I got three.
I can tell you now I have never seen them go away so fast as when I use Acetone on them. This means getting some on a qtip and holding it on your blisters for as long as you can, up to one minute (yes it burns, it feels horrible- but I can tell you that pesky thing will go away in two days.)
Do this as many times as you can in a day until the blisters are gone. after the acetone dries apply the children's NEOSPORIN!! the one with the numbing cream in it will help with your pain if you have any. Hope this helps some.


Thank you to everyone on this site! My biggest trigger is stress and I have been under a ton of it lately. So of course I have my first outbreak in over 10 years. It came on very fast so I couldn't do anything to prevent it. Twice a day I have been doing the epsom salts & apple cider vinegar baths followed by mercuroclear and then a blend of Abreva and Monistat cream. I use a hair dryer to dry the area in between - another great tip from this site. That has stopped the outbreak in its tracks! No itching, no burning, no new blisters, no open blisters. I wanted to try Tylenol PM in the cream mixture, but the types of pills around here are impossible to crush and have coatings on them.


i am having my very first BO of GH. Im not sure how i came in contact with this because its been almost 2 years since ive had ANY type of sexual contact. However due to an meregency surgery i did have to spend some time in a very unclean hospital about 10 weeks ago and im wondering if i didnt somehow get infected there?? I know the percentile for that is low but because i know i havent been intimate with anyone and i know this is for sure my very first outbreak it seems likely it had to happen there somehow. Anyway, i found the peroside to very helpful, im using it every few hours. I bought the abreva since it seems to be the key ingrdient in the mixture ive heard about and have just been applying that after the peroxide air dries and it is working great the bumps have signifigantly gone done and no itching or pain. However, what im haaving the most troublw with is stomach upset. I have been very nasuea an dhad a lot of vomitting. I am always careful about what ieat because i am a diabetic and i added the lysn vitamins to o. But i am still getting very sick and had a lot of dizzyness the ltoo. Does anyone know what i can do to help my stomach an?? Thanks for the great advice on here its so wonderful! Great support!


I just really want to thank everyone on this site for sharing your remedies. I have had GH since 2006 and recently I had my first flare up (I recently changed birth control.). I went into a really gloomy mood, but I found this website and it helped me so much to become more positive about GH. So, like I said before THANK YOU!!

Lastly, I have tried the tylanol pm and abreva remedy and peroxide remedy. They didn't eliminate the outbreak, but did subside the pain and stopped the spreading. I really recommend the tylanol for pain.

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