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I was diagnosed with GH on Feb 2011. It was the most painful experience of my life, I thought my life was over. I refused to believe what it was although I had all the symptoms until I tested positive. I was given valtrex and in two days I felt so much better. Since then I have had two outbreaks and I have to say thank God they werent as painful. I got an ob less than a month after my first. This devastated me and I looked for alternative methods to avoid having an outbreak every month. Lysine and olive leaf extract work wonders!!! 1000mg a day and if you feel a tingle double the intake. Take as many vitamins as you can, they help in one way or another. I didnt have an ob again until a few weeks ago tgat I went on vacation and stopped taking my vitamins, Im sure the ob had everything to do with that. The itch is intense, thanks to this website I made a paste with water tylenol pm and vagisol satin and the itch immediaty stopped it was like I was normal again. I was so happy I cried. I love this website. Its so hard to believe that this disease afflicts so many good people, I was ignorant to believe it only happened to promiscuos people. Therw is help out there, find something that works for you and stick to it. Dont let this disease take control of your life. Good luck everyone. You are not alone.


I have had genital herpes since I was 25. I am now 65. I have prevented outbreaks by eating lots of protein, kind of like the Atkins diet, so you lose weight too. I also take The amino acid, Lysine, regularly 1,000 mg a day and more when I feel a tingle. I have found that B vitamins in any form can trigger an attack. When I get a sore, I douche with water and apple cider vinegar, the natural kind. And that soothes it quite a bit and heals it. I am looking now for a lysine cream to apply directly to the sores. I think that should help.


THANK YOU so very much for creating this blog/archive!!!!!!!!!!

I have had GH (diagnosed as HSV1) since 1988. Initially I had ONE MAJOR outbreak back then, two weeks after entering into a physical relationship with a man I had been seeing for about two months. That said, I had horrible pain and discomfort and thought that I had a tear in the back of my vagina. Low and behold, when I went to the GYN she tested me and I was diagnosed with HSN1 -- being 18 yrs old at the time was not helpful, as this was absolutely devastating to me! He was 8 years older than me and had an ex wife (he was recently separated) and a two year old daughter...

I was obviously young at the time and was undereducated about these types of viruses. I went home and told him about the diagnosis and he stated it was absurd. Well, at the time he wasn't aware that I was explaining it was simplex 1 -- which was caused by oral and was then transferred to me that way. He had frequent outbreaks of fever-blisters and just discarded them as if it were nothing. Back then, I had no clue that those little things were actually HSV1. Anyway, I had one outbreak 5 years after that, and another one about 5 years after that. I treated myself back then with tea tree oil because I was very familiar with it and the medicinal properties. I have NOT had any obs since 1998-99 until just this past week and OMG how I had forgotten the pain associated with it.

I take multi-vitamins daily, 1000mg of vitamin C, inter-muscular B, eat a lot of yogurt and liquid vitamin D3 twice a week. Over the past two weeks, I haven't been drinking water as I normally do and failed to take the vitamin C. In just two weeks -- I ended up with an ob. I was and have been in so much pain since Tuesday it's been unbearable and in fact, I have taken a low dose pain pill for it(because it hurt that bad!) NOTHING was helping and vinegar and tea tree were bringing tears to my eyes. :(

That said, I found this WONDERFUL page and just this morning read through again about the remedies you all have shared. Well... I left straight to the pharmacy and got the following:
vagasil satin
and mixed together the paste! WOW already! I am PAIN and ITCH free... not burning either.

Additionally, I did get a personal douche bag and hydrogen peroxide 3% and douched 50/50 water and peroxide. I am feeling pretty darn good! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR SHARING!!!!!!!!!! WOW! You all are incredible and I hate it for all of us that we suffer through this pain however, I do eat right and knowing what I have now learned... I will NEVER skip my vitamin C again... I am doubling up on it right now.

I will report back and let everyone know how long it takes to 'heal'. Based on how I am feeling, I am guessing about two days.

Much Love and Blessings to All!


Hi everyone! Foot creams such as LOTRIMIN and TINACTIN and 1% TOLNAFTATE (antifungal cream) works pretty good for those who have type 1 GH.. These foot creams are greaseless and odorless and relieve the burning and itching immediately.. within 1 or 2 weeks you should be healed..keep using the medicine even after your gh appear to be healed (3 weeks tops).. you can find these foot creams just about any where..RITE AID, CVS PHARMACY, AND REGULAR GROCERY STORES.. Dont have alot of money?? buy the store brand..its just as good as the name brand..apply medicine adleast twice a day or as directed..breakouts should desist for a while.. and remember to keep your intake of vitamins up..use vitamins that can help the body from the inside out..thanks for your support everyone! hang in there! AND DONT BE UNCLEAN! TELL YOUR WIFE OR HUSBAND, BOY FRIEND OR GIRL FRIEND THAT YOU HAVE GENITAL HERPES! IF THEY LOVE YOU ENOUGH THEY WILL UNDERSTAND AND WORK SOMETHING OUT TO WHERE THE BOTH OF YOU CAN MAINTAIN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP AND A SAFE SEX LIFE.. IF THEY REFUSE..WELL IT PROBABLY WASNT 'MEANT TO BE' ANY HOW..


I agree about keeping the area dry and clean. I've been doing this for a while now and it's been improving. After showering, I gently dry the area, apply some Oxyfend cream, and repeat again in the evening.

Seems to be improving nicely. GH seems to thrive in moist warm areas so try beat it at its own game.


Well, I just have a question or two plus some comments, and not so much a remedy...I am trying several remedies that I saw on here (the epsom salt baths, apple cider vinegar, lysine, vit. D3, Vit. C, Zinc, Abreva, tylenol pm paste, ice packs, bleach, my anti-viral med. acyc., garlic, cinnamon, green tea, white tea, honey, echineca with goldenseal, ginseng, baking soda, cornstarch powder, and mercroclear (sp?)). Anyhow, I was wondering why it is taking me so long to get over this particular outbreak of GH? I also have HPV, which has led to genital warts as well coming out at the same time as this outbreak. Long story short (ha), I guess I waited too long to go get medical help. I thought I was told a long time ago that the body will eventually fight this off, and one will get over the outbreak. So, I waited like 4-6 weeks before getting any treatment. Even when I did, I just for the first 2-3 weeks was just using the anti-viral acyclovir to treat this. It had been a while since I had any kind of outbreak. Must have been two years...that I can think I had forgotten what all to do to clear this up quickly. I know there is something you can do, or take..but I can't quite remember. Anyhow, I started about 3rd week in, after the 4-6 week delay, looking at this site, and others, and started trying a lot of the stuff mentioned here, like I mentioned earlier. Well, in any event, I am doing them all at once..hoping something will be the magical to speak. But, I just wonder why it is taking me so long to get over this. I fear this may go on for months...I hope not..but even just from the time I got medical has been almost 6 weeks..and not fully better yet. I guess my immune system was down, and I was stressed, I have allergies to everything outdoors too (on allergy shots and take allegra), and thought nature would take care of things...but it hasn't or wasn' then I decided to get help..and I fear too late. Is there anything that will speed things up, that I haven't tried yet..maybe? I don't know how much more to try, or spend..but..I just want this outbreak at go away. It is too much. Also, I am a smoker of cigs. Is anyone else on here a smoker, and able to get better quickly...?? I am just so sick of this. If anyone knows of anything to do..please let me know. I am thinking of going tomorrow to an herb shop to get more maybe the red marine algae...and St. John's Wort..or something...but when is enough, enough? Am I overdoing it...or are others doing like twenty things at once too?? just curious...I also hope I am not doing more harm to myself somehow...and I don't want to end up broke either. 33 yr. old,gay, male, here. Live in Georgia. If anyone knows of any suggestions, then please let me know. I am hoping a cure comes along quickly. I will pray for everyone, and hope things get better. At least I know I am not alone in suffering..but this sucks..bottom line. Peace out.


Hello, im 23 and I've had GH for years and the best thing to do is keep the area clean and keep it dry. To get rid of the little boogers I soak in a bath of Luke warm water with bleach in it. Then afterwards I use a Q-tip to directly apply bleach to the blisters. Rub it into them for as long as you can stand it. The pain will subside and stay gone. Do this as often as possible and they will be gone within a day or so. Yea it hurts but bleach kills 99.9 percent of viruses, says so on the label and GH is a virus ;)


first and foremost i want to say thank you to everyone here, you have all been such a big help to me for emotional support. i have tried every trick on here for physcial healing and none of it has worked but i sure do appreciate the time everyone has taken in sharing and dealing with me. My blood tests finally came back today, tested positive for hsv 1 but negative for hsv 2. Since it was negative for the 2 type my doc will not prescribe me anymore valtrex he says he refusues to for type 1 it shouldnt b that bad, i am currently working on 0y 4th out break since i contracted it just a short time ago. I dont know whats causing it to be so frequent and so horribly bad since its only type 1 anyway but i do know i cant deal with it. Ive done everything even the food grade hydrogen peroxide, i dont feel any better, i have burned bled itched and cried every single day for the last month. Im considering endidng it, noone will want me now anyway, being a big woman i have already gone nearly 3 years without love so that pretty much hammers the nail in that coffin. Before i go i just wanted to say thanks fto everyones, their is such a good support group here. To all the newcomers i hope u had better luck than i did with treatment and i. To everyone everywhere if u ever are in a hospital or medical situation as long as u r coherent inssit that they where gloves, thats how i got this. Thanks again to all.


Im 20 yrs old and I think ive had Gh since i was 15. I was never really informed on what gh was so I just put it off as a symptom of my hpv..but now as I'm older I relize its GH I was on valtrex for a year till my insurance ran out and I was outbreak free for 3 years after stoping the meds...but for the past 2 years I've been getting atleast 3 to 5 ob a year...I usually just put neosporin on it and it goes away within a week...I'm having a breakout now and its the worse I've ever had it started with 2 and now it spread and I have 6 sores..I started with acne sulfer stuff that made it scab up but the continues to spread..I've had them now for 7 days and I'm miserable..I'm broke so the only resourses I've had was some leftover epsom salt and neosporin...the warm epson salt baths ease the pain and the neosporin seams to help a little...but It keeps getting worse..and I'm really scared..I just started dating a guy and we had sex once a few weeks ago...but I'm scared to tell him I have it..I havnt had to worry about it in years and I always use protection...I just want to get rid of the outbreak as soon as possible so I can think of what I'm gunna tell him without the stress of having the outbreak at the time I do it..what's the BEST and quickest way for me to get rid of it...I have enough stress as it is..bad enough I go to bed crying everynight..


ZILACTIN WORKS!! Ive used it for years. I've had it for 16 yrs and taking a large amount of lysine when you first feel it coming on will help. Also, keeping myself shaved keeps me from breaking out. Something about having hair down there flares up a break out. The best thing I've found for breakouts is ZILACTIN... It's the best!!! It burns bad at first but it puts a protective coat on it and it will heal it up in no time. Don't waste your money on the other stuff. Eat more red meat during a breakout. Don't be so hard on yourself, you can control this.

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