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This site is seriously a saviour for me. I just found a small cluster of blisters today and only have one repeat on my valtrex prescriptions. I want to save it for a time that the clusters are larger.

I have had herpes for one year and have had 4 outbreaks total. Usually when I have an outbreak, I put a cottonball over the opening of my vagina and use 3% hydrogen peroxide. The cottonball prevents the hydrogen peroxide from going inside me so I can completely douse the area. I have a spray bottle so I just spray it directly on. It tingles a little bit and burns at the blisters but they dry out almost immediately. It works wonders.

I just tried the tylenol pm paste (using tylenol, benedryl vagasil and water) and that also worked so well.


So I'm not really sure if this is what I have or not. For the past few days I have been having sorness (stinging/burning) At first it was razor burn or a cut because I had Just shaved. Or maybe a UTI. But when I took a look at what was going on, I think I can see a blister or something. I'm really not sure, and at this point I just really don;t know what to do. I have never had cold sores before, and I have only ever been with one guy (My fiancé) but he says he doesnt get them either. I'm just very confused about this whole thing and not sure who to turn to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


ive had GH for 16yr and this may sound crazy but when u get an ob use milk put directly on it with a bathcloth and repeat it works fast use ice cubes to stop the pain and stay away from alot of peanuts or almonds too much triggers


I have had GH2 for 12 years. The best thing that has worked for me is the Black Salve. It is a black cream and you put it on when you first feel it coming and it will stop the ob. It will sting sometimes and if you are not careful, it can burn. You have to monitor the amount of time you leave it on, no more than 20 minutes, or it could be less. You only have to apply it once and very rarely twice. The Black Salve dries up the sores so fast and you can see the abnormal skin turn off-white. I have tried everything and spent so much money on stuff that never worked. Try it, if anything try this, it works. You can also put some on the bottom of your spine, once or twice every two weeks. The cream will last you months. I also use DMSO 99.9% and Virgin Coconut Oil on my spine, back and front. Always wash first and spray with hydrogen peroxide 3% before putting DMSO and the VCO on your skin. You can do this once or twice a week, depending on your ob's. I take Lecithin 2500mg, Lysine 3000mg, Red Marine 900 mg with my vitamins every day. I have been taking MMS2 3-5 pills daily for six months and plan to do it for a year. I also take Cell Food drops in my water for Oxygen, and take a spoon of VCO in the mornings. I do take a baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar once a day to alkaline my body. I haven't had an ob in almost a year and still counting. All of this has help me, but what made a difference was the Black Salve. Remember, it dries up to sores in 20 minutes or less, and stops it from multiplying. You don't have to wait days or weeks. Don't give up and good luck.


I don't know if I have herpes, and I won't know until I see my doctor, and they couldn't get me in until the 29 of august. But, as from what I've read it sure does feel like it. I read about the crushing up Tylenol pm to numb it, and I was scared to try it bc I didn't know if it was safe to use such a thing down there, but I just applied it good amount about 5 minutes ago, and it stung just a little bit so I put some ice on it for a second, and now it just feels warm and soothed! Like I said I don't know I'd it's herpes or just a heat rash as I just jumped into to swimming since I'm training for a triathlon. And, I won't know until later this month, but I'm glad I have some relief of the pain that has been going on for about a week now, so hopefully I can make it subside until then. I have been engaged for a year now, and have been faithful, and last year I did not test positive for herpes bc when I called to set my appointment I asked, and the nurse told me no. So, either it wasn't in my system yet, or my fiancée was unfaithful to me. But he has never had an outbreak. I'm praying that when I go see my doctor the results come back negative and it was just a heat rash or chafing or a bacterial infection that got a little out of hand from all the itching as I thought it was just razor burn at first. But, it's been a week now, and none of the pain has stopped. It could be partially bc I am on my period, therefore I am unable to let it dry out, and it hurts too bad to put a tampon in, but with my new found remedy I could possibly start the use of them again and allow it to try out and heal. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for negative results, but if it come back positive I have already found a piece of mind here on this forum just by reading all your posts. Thank you so much, and keep me in your prayers an hope that I can keep this under control and not let it take control of my life.


I can't believe I haven't seen this remedy on any of the posts here because this truly works and its cheap and painfree. The best thing is, especially when hearing some people are plagued with numerous outbreaks, is I only had one reoccurrance a month after my initial and it was so mild I barely noticed it. I mean really, I had two minor spots to watch.

So here's what you do. If its your first outbreak, do this vigilantly. I've read numerous professional journals that back up what I'm saying...I know you can find them online if you look. So, you'll need lyseine,, which you can get for a couple of dollars at walmart. Your going to take megadoses of this as soon as you know your in trouble! You can't eat enough of this mineral. Take 3000-5000 mg a day during the outbreak and for a few days afterwards cause it may not clear up when you tthink. Sometimes some blisters clear and you miss one. Also, take megadoses of vitamin c....super cheap at walmart also. You want to take the lyseine say 1000mg before each meal or with milk for best absorbtion. The vit c, take as much as you can throughout the day, not all at once. We do not eat a diet high in vit c but if we did our immune system could fight better to attack what shouldn't be there. Take what you can, and if/when you get the runs, back down and you'll have found a megadose good for you. Take this everyday of your outbreak and then go on a low does everyday otherwise of lyseine, 1000mg/day and about 500mg of vit c/day to keep your immune system up and strong.

Ok, this next part is super important! I keep reading about crushing tylonal. What does that do but kill pain. Here you go...when at walmart, buy aloe vera gel. Its maybe two bucks and it goes a longgggg way. Now, go to a health food store if your walmart does not carry this next item. To me, if I do nothing else, this paste does
it all. It can get rid of blisters in less than 24 hrs or less! Find a bottle of 'melissa' also known as lemon balm. The label may have either name so be aware. Find a small dish or tuperware at home for your paste. All of my measurements ar approximate but once you do this you should find it not difficult. Take the aloe vera has antiviral and antibacterial properties and is a wonder! Pour or squirt a good size dollop in the container. If I measured it with sometinhg, it would be a giant tablespoon worth. Then, open one of the capsuls of the melissa/lemon balm and empty onto the gel. Mix and make a paste. Iit should be an ugly green color throughout. Now, for initial outbreaks, I would with a cotton ball or your fingers, smear it all over your entire genital area. Don't forget going back a know...let yourself air dry or fan yourself a bit. Reapply this every couple hours. When you go to bed, apply liberally and wear no undies. Important,keep your paste clean. Don't turn it into a petri dish! So everytime you put something in, a finger, a cottonball or a qtip, it should be new and clean. Keep a lid on this so it doesn't dry out so you can use throughout the day. You likely need to make a new paste each day of your outbreak. Keep this in your bathroom or take with you to school/work to reapply. I'm telling you, I read tons on aloe vera and melissa that some journals even sppeak of people never having reoccurrances. Lookk it up. Ok, wear no undies or cotton undies from now on. Don't worry, there are tons so sexy thongs with cotton where it counts and lace on the edges. And really, I've gone pantieless now more times than ever...its a fun little secret. So keep up the lyseine and vit c or at min, keep them on hand. Whenever I have suspected even a tingle or an itch, for some reason, usually at night, I get up, pour aloe gel on a cotton ball and cover the entire area it it. You can apply the lemon ball mixture if you want but I've found the aloe sufficient and its clear, dries pretty fast and easy. But this is when I'm clear and only suspecting a tingle. I have only had my initial outbreak, last nov. And on reoccurance a month later. Since then, I've been on it. I kinda feel like I don't have it since I nip it in the bud before anything pops up.

Last things: keep your hands rediculous clean and wash under nails. Do not treat yourself with your bare hands if you could have any cuts or nicks on your can transfer and be visible. Look those pics up. Ewww. If you shave around your genital area at all, even just a bikini area, keep a seperate razor. I buy bic soliel. They have multiple colors, including red. I keep red for the genital shaving, and others for the rest of the body. I do NOT shave if I suspect anything. Even if its an ingrown hair. Be vigilent or it could spread. Oh yeah, there is a little lyseine gel you can get if you want. Its expensive. 8 bucks for half ounce or something. I bought it in the beginning. I suppose its good to keep in ur pocket or purse in case you're out and unexpected...buut really, the aloe vera is amazing. As side note, I've been using the aloe alone on my face everyday. I started thikning maybe I was getting a blister on my face/mouth. It didn't get far and I've never had an outbreak on my face. But it went from apllying by my mouth area to my entire face after I started reading about properties and uses for aloe. So now, on my face and neck/chest area morning and night. (Watch around the eyes...can sting.) It alone entices skins to rebuild the elastin in your cells, tightens skins, reduces wrinkles and fights sun damage. Read on that too. Amazing! I really think that pharmacies and the medical feild has us believing that we need their medicines to keep these things at bay. Cause really, for less than ten bucks or so, you can get the melissa/lemon balm capsuls, the aloe, vit c, andlyseine. Ok, maybe somewhere around ten dollars. I've read current great stuff on megadosing on vit c for all the viral ailments....can you imagine, no one even buying theraflu? But we're ttalking youhave to take a lot. But apparently, its safe and does the job. All of these items are safe, natural, and can be easily found in a fifteen min trip to the store. I know what iv written is a lot but, I've been so good, I'm happy with my results. So lastly, about what to do emotionally: I was beyond devasted when I found out. I can't remember when I've cried so hard. But then, the a-hole who gave it to me said to me finally, hey it is what it is. Go on from here. You knowwhat? He was right! So, I got rid of him for his lack of truthfulness and with this it is what it is, I put my mind to reading all I could. I read so many medical journals, blogs, etc. Then I read a lot about each of the items I've told you about.

Brittany m

I said that I would let everyone know I'f this zinc gluconate powder works. And you wouldn't believe it but it works better than Tylenol pm. I'f u have an extra 25 bucks it worth your money. When I posted about a week ago I had one spot. And yesterday I noticed another one in the same spot and then another one. So I just used the lid put idk a palm full and added some water, put it on. I dry it with a book for whatever I can find just so it will dry faster. (did this during the day) and I soaked in Epsom salt with peppermint before I put on some more . So llast night I went ahead and mixed a half of tylenol pm together with.( I used tylenol because it seemed to help it stick to me better) My bumps where red yesterday. And this morning they are my skin color. Their still their but never had. anything take down the size and color that fast!! hope this helps everyone!


Hello Everyone,
Im so glad a site like this exsists. It really helps me feel like im not alone on this issue. It makes me so sad to hear some of your stories and how much pain some of you go thru. I havent tried any of the remidies yet but hope to soon. My first out break ( about a year and a half ago) was tame comapred to my second out break i had. Valtrex works wonders for me but i am running out of it and no longer have insurance to cover any additional pills. The last six months i have been getting ob after ob. I feel i am lucky tho as usually i do not get to itchy and as long as i dont touch the sores i dont seem to get any pain. Does any body have a remedy that will clear the sores up very quickly ( like 2-3 days)? unfortantly i do not get any pre-warning of an outbreak. i go to bed fine and wake up to usually 2-6 sores.

on a side note i did notice something differnt with my latest outbreak. about 2 days before my sores developed i got what would be best discribed as something that looked like a burn blister with a bright white top. ( i did end up poping them and a white liquid and what appeared to be a chunk of white infection came out. Once i poped it, it just healed back to its regular state and i re poped it. i did this about 3 times before it went away. these never turned into a herpies sore and neither were they located where mu ob occured. has anyone else experienced this? thanks for your time! and i hope everyone is able to find themselves a remedy that works.Stay strong and know your not alone when dealing with this.


Hi! My name is Carla and I am having a terrible outbreak right now.. I AM SO THANKFUL to have found this website because I dont feel alone in this.. but I am in a lot of pain.. i am afraid to try any of these remedies because I think the pain would be unbearable, but I cant afford the medication.. ONE THING I did try in my desperation is washing the are with warm TILO TEA, and it calmed it alot! hope my breakot goes away soon and it helps someone to try TILO TEA. =D


I know someone had said the tylnol pm was hard to use because of the hard coat it has. I just get the bottom of my nail polish push down real hard n it breaks it apart leaving the coat to the side. So for about the last 4 days I've been using the tylnol pm leaving it on over night. The in the morning washing it off with peroxide. The. Soaking in some hot water with peppermint Epsom salt. ( read that peppermint helped gential herpes) n it has dried up. Pretty good. Just have been constant with it. Expect today had to work a long shift. Weird this I's my first break out was every where so was the second break out n this I's my 3 break out in 2 years. N it's in one spot just a dot. Always thought it would break out in more the. One area... Also I wear a tampon just too keep my self dry all day. Moisture irritated its. Keeping my self shaved also helps nothing to bother it. And loose cloths nothing pushing on it. Hope this helps. I've ordered some zinc gluconate powder. Read that it works really good. I'm sure by the time I get it my spot will be gone! But I'f break out again I'll let everyone know I'f it's work 25 bucks!

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