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I just found this sight so thank you for the advise. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 6 years ago and thus put on high doses of Embrel then Humira. As those wreck havoc on your immune system I soon had my first ob. In my case it shows up in the most interesting area. Always on my lower left butt cheek. My Doctor says I could have had the virus for years but sat dormant as I had not been sexually active for quite some time. When the ob starts, within an hour I can tell if it will be a major or minor one. I currently take 800mg of Acyclovir daily but doesn't really make a major impact. I look forward to trying out these remedies and also remedies for the faint scaring that is happening to my snow white caucasian butt cheek.
I will certainly repost as I try these out.


It is relieving to know I am not alone. Living with GH can be depressing and stressful. I contracted the virus from my ex-boyfriend. Needless to say he is my Ex. I came across this website because I was looking for a simple remedy other then meds. I used the Lemon Balm aka Melissa. It coms in a supplement capsule or liquid form. I was my vagina with Dial soap. It is 100% antibacterial, dried it completely and applied the liquid form of lemon balm. It stung for the first 10-15 seconds. I applied two applications using a cotton ball. I do not feel any irritation, burning or itching. I have a outbreak with one sore that hurt badly. Currently I am lying in bed typing, watching T.V and feeling pain free. I'll keep you posted on how well it actually works. I got the Lemon Balm remedy from this website...thanks!


I was diagnosed with GH in 2008 only a few months after I had my son. My husband, a United States soldier was unfaithful and passed it along to me. We are now divorced as he claims it wasn't him) and have 3 beautiful children together. I came across this website and am so thankful that I did. :) For the past 3 years I've lived in denial thinking how could this happen to me, I was faithful to my husband, why me, what did I do wrong, etc. I was heartbroken when the nurse called me and said 'I'm so sorry sweetheart but your results are positive.' My Mom is my best friend and I didnt tell her until about a month ago. I was ashamed to openly talk about it. I'm trying out a remedy that I'm praying will ease some of my pain, as I have an outbreak due to an increase amount of stress along with my period. I just wanted to thank everyone for letting me see that it's okay to have GH and that life can go on happily. I'll keep you guys posted, I'm trying the epsom salt bath & aloe vera. Blessings to all of you and thank you again!


Buy a Juicer*
Juice Ginger Root
Make Ginger Tea= Hot water and pure Ginger Juice form your Jucier.
If you have an Out-break Pour some ginger on the bumps.
Home remedies = New Healthy Diet. Pure fruits and Veggies. Lay off the junk food and fast food. eat healthy and use your juicer to make veggie juice. The pills dont always work when you need them to but you should still take them when you feel an outbreak coming on. and if you need to dubble up on your dose. No more than 800MG/Day. acyclovir cost 12 - 24$ You dont have to take them every day.


The more I read these, the more I feel like a failure... I am so depressed, scared to tell my husband, can't afford the rx meds and in pain! Crying my eyes out because I feel alone, but I know I'm not because of all this information here. Why don't we take care of our bodies when we have the chance? I hope my daughter or son never has sex, and I know that's a selfish thing to say, but the world is a evil place. I'm going to try these ideas and struggle to even think I have to do this, but I'm lost... I know prayers works, I hope it does before I die.


Just diagnosed today with HSV. Married with two children and 8 months pregnant. Suffering through my first outbreak. I'm in severe pain despite the pain medication I've been prescribed. My husband of 8 years was tested today as well. (No infidelity involved, only one/both of us unknowingly infected.) Please keep us in your thoughts as we journey through this physically painful time.

Does the aloe vera gel sting? Thanks.


Girl with gh epsom salt and peroxide in the water while u shower dry realy well put a tampon on and then also that sheet cotton in between the lips.that they sell in rolls. It cost me like 9 dollars for a big ass roll. Guys also soak n dry well. Hold ur skin bak n wrap the cotton around n let ur skin go already. Girls guys keep it dry change often. N girls after break outs always keep wipes in ur purse n a lil wash cloth to dry don't use toilet paper in the front. N guys wen u pee n shake it off stop shaking n dry with paper or wash cloth keep it dry. Trust me if u keep doing this ur gonna be ok less break outs.


I haven't been diagnosed but according to my research so far, i think i have GH since i do have the symptoms and all (fever, genital sores, sore throat). anyway, i started having my first OB last week around sunday and began treating myself around tuesday. here's what i'm doing.

things i use:
1. Apple cider Vinegar
2. Salt
3. Water
4. Tea Tree Oil
5. Acyclovir Cream
6. Panadol
7. Anesthetic Cream
8. Cotton pads and Q-tips
9. L-lysine 1000mg
10. Vitamin - C with Rosehips
11. Laban (Yogurt)

I drink ACV with the L-lysine and Vit C first thing in the morning and then wash myself with a vaginal wash and put some tea tree oil. I also drink Laban with my breakfast every morning.

All day:
Reapply tea tree oil (make sure the genitals are clean and dry specially if you have open sores). I also drink around 4g of L-Lysine and Vitamin C. and i drink LOTS OF WATER! I tried drinking orange juice too but apparently it makes your urine too acidic so it really stings. It's better to just drink water and take Vitamin C.

At night:
When I get home from work I would soak myself in warm water with salt and ACV in it. Then, crush 1 500mg of Panadol and mix it with the Acyclovir cream and spread it all over my genitals, making sure i apply the sores, blisters, or anything that is not supposed to be there. After this, I would drink ACV again before i sleep.

(if you have a sore throat also and some infection in your mouth, gargle some water with salt and acv.)

I've been doing this for the past 4 days now and I have seen a dramatic change. specially when i started feeling that there were other blisters growing. i applied the panadol paste on it and they started disappearing in 2 days. the open ones are taking a while to heal but i know that it is healing up because it doesn't sting as much anymore.

I also have an infection around my anus so it's very hard to do a number 2. hahaha what i do with that is, I would take dulcolax every other night before i go to sleep and when it's time for me to do a number 2, i would apply anesthetic cream like 2 mins before it using a Qtip to lessen the pain. the first few days, i was bleeding, but now i'm feeling much better even if my stool is solid now and i'm not taking any laxative. so there, i hope that i get better and thank you for everybody who shares their experiences and remedies here. i have learned a lot. and so i want to share what i'm doing to...hopefully it works for you too! more power to everyone here!:)


I've had herpes for 4 years now and I suffer from horrible outbreaks! They are so painful that I don't even want to leave my house. The rx is far to expensive so I turned to a generic indian company for meds. They worked great for a while, and then the price went up. Oh well. Anywho, last week I felt a outbreak coming on and I decided to follow the advice of my aunt who is visiting from Brazil. When I first felt that awful tingle, I applied BLACK DRAWING SALVE at night (its very messy and smells), I also took 1- 1000MG OF L-LYSINE and 1-50MG OF ZINC. The next morning, I showered and blow dried the area, applied a small amount of BLACK DRAWING SALVE and took the same supplements. At noon I applied CAMPHO PHENIQUE treatment and took and same supplements. At night I showered and blow dried and applied the CAMPHO and took my supplements. I did this for 3 days and guess what? NO OUTBREAK! NO ITCHING! NO PAIN! NO TEARS! I'M SO HAPPY! Now I'm taking the supplements once daily. I hope this continues to help me. Oh! And the CAMPHO burns like hell, just to let you know. Hopefully soon I will be heading out of the country to receive and treatment to begin to remove the virus from my body all together, but until then, hopefully this will work. Hopefully this will help someone else also.



I've had HSV 2 for nearly 20 years- given to me as a 'gift' from my second partner. I was devastated and isolated and my world completely fell apart. It affects your self-esteem & confidence.
I'm happy to say that I have never once used a pharmaceutical drug/med to deal with an outbreak, & I'm happy also that the outbreaks came in the first year, and fortunately disappeared each year til now.. So no outbreaks for 18 years, until now, as I over-dosed on argenine(nuts).
Stress contributes too.
I eventually married a partner who loved me for me and never contracted HSV 2- amazing!
Initially, I would use salt baths & calamine lotion. Really cleansing & soothing.
Now, whilst enduring this outbreak... I'd actually forgotten I actually had HSV (by the way- I've never been diagnosed but it's pretty damn obvious!).. So this week I've used coconut oil... Amazing relief. Melted on to hands and smothered over the area. Also, Celtic sea salt diluted in warm water, applied with make-up pad.
I take Lyseine , Zinc, garlic.
I am considering using hydrogen peroxide so am researching it.
Thanks for sharing your remedies & I pray for calm & peace for all HSV sufferers.

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