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So I stumbled upon this page after looking for some home remedies to help the pain of my blisters.

Here's my story...2 weeks before my 19th birthday, I woke up with a massive headache. So bad that I could not even open my eyes! Later that day I noticed a bump that I thought was an ingrown hair. Turns out I had all the symptoms for herpes. I made an appt for the next day to see the doctor. I was so nervous/scared/ many emotions! How could this be happening to me. It took a week to get the test results back, but in the meantime my doc prescribed Valtrex to take twice a day for 14 days. She said it would take about 3-4 weeks to clear up. A week later, I got the results back and I was devistated...I didn't know what to think. At the time I had a boyfriend, but we had only been dating for a month. I felt like my life was over..I mean seriously I'm only 19, how is this possible..what did I do to deserve this? About a month later, I became ill with Mono. I had my blood tested, and turns out I had gotten herpes from oral sex from a cold sore on my boyfriends lip..blah blah... I've had about 3 outbreaks in the 2 1/2 that i've had the virus! I do not take my Valtrex unless I start to have an outbreak. I read all these forums about people being able to feel an outbreak coming on, but I never have felt that before. I don't get sick like I did the first time, and it's usually just a couple bumps. I don't know if I lucked out or what...I know God has healed me because it could have been a lot worse than it is.

When I do have an outbreak, I make sure the area is nice and clean and dry. Then I use witch hazel to clean around 'down there' I then put alcohol and a qtip and dab the sores. I've tried baking burns a lot, but works very well. After reading other ppls remedies, I tried tea tree oil, so we will see how that helps for me! Thanks for this website, its nice to have things in common with ppl, even if it is herpes. I've realized talking about it helps a bunch!

J. Mart

Hi I just recently contracted HSV2 and I found out that you can get Acyclovir at wal-mart for 4 bucks its a anti-viral medication that can surpress outbreaks. I take it twice a day and i take lycine 1000mg and vitamins. and i also find that washing with dial anti bacterial soap helps keep the area dry. I haven't had an outbreak since doing this but it is a must that you stick to the regiment . I hope this helps someone because when i first found out i had it i felt so alone... like no one will ever want me because of this virus i carry but i tell myself that i am me not a virus... and it helps if you have any questions feel free to email me @ hopenheart12@gmail


I was diagnosed with GH a little over a yr now, Sept 2010. My boyfriend of 5 yrs was unfaithful and unfortunately I fell victim. I stayed with him a whole yr afterward in fear that I would never find someone to look pass the disease and see my heart. For being with someone who treats u unfair is a far better option then no love at all... Right?? Wrong! I recently got the nerve to leave him and start over. It's been tough for I've struggled with my own demons of asking why me, and my thoughts of a lack of self worth. My outbreaks haven't been too bad but frequent. Every other month at times, only one spot most of the times. I practice healthy eating and lifestyle. Most of the time I don't even take the acyclovir, to prevent dependency. I've found the remedies on this website helpful. However, I just wanted to say life isn't over! It sucks at times, I still cry when I share my story but I'm making it with God, much prayer, and support. I'm happy to report that I now have a new man GH free and he's ok with me having it. I've been completely honest with him. I've shared the risks, the boundaries, and educated him on the disease. I'm living proof that there is life with GH. Be blessed, and keep ur head up. WHAT u have doesn't determine WHO u are.


I just found out that I have gh, HSV- 1 and 2. Its been very painful, uncomfortable and depressing. Luckily I have an amazing partner to have my back emotionally and I have made a remedy of my own to help with the physical pain. I've been using 100% aloe vera gel and 100% pure honey ( which is a natural antiseptic). I mix equal parts of honey and aloe gel and apply as needed. It burns intensely for about thirty seconds, but afterward it is soothing and for me provides all day relief from that terrible itching. My love and thoughts go out to all of you out there going through this same thing....


I was raped when i was 15 by a stranger who didnt think that rapeing me was bad enough but to also not even bother with protection. Ive had a very difficult childhood that most people wouldnt even bother getting out of bed if they had to deal with half of the stuff that i do on a daily basis. I had my first outbreak when i was 17. Before that time i didnt know anything was wrong. I got the diagnostics after i didnt sleep for three days due to the pain. It was a weekend so i just had to deal till i was able to see a doctor. Scared to death to tell anyone anything was wrong. The doctor gave me the results and asked if i had any questions i just asked if i could still have children. He replyed that i could then i remained silent. I then proceeded to make a list of all the partners i had and notified each of them of what i had just found out. I was safe with everyone else so i was just taking precaustions. One of the hardest things to do is tell someone that i care about what had happened to me. A painful memory to have to tell someone else. Then comes the time to see if they are going to run (like some do) but cant say i blame them. Or if they are going to deal with it with me. I have to tell my own family everytime i have a sore on my mouth so they wont drink/eat after me for fear that they would get it. (still hurts my feelings but i understand i wouldnt want it either). I hope that this story help people who are struggling with feeling alone or that their situation is the worst it can be. Trust me :) Its hard but there are people who will work with u...if not they dont deserve you or everything else you bring to the table.

13 year carrier

I was reading through a lot of these posts last night and felt compelled to share my story with you. I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes 13 years ago when I was 18 years old. I, much like a lot of you, felt like a tainted, dirty person who no one would ever want, nor understand. I am here to tell you today that over the last 13 years, I can count on one hand how many outbreaks I have had. The first one was a painful nightmare, but the few that followed were just a small sore or two that subsided after a few days. I do not take Valtrex on a daily basis for suppression, but keep it on hand for when I do have one of those few breakouts. I attribute the minimal outbreaks to the fact that I try and eat healthy, exercise daily and try and keep the stress to a minimum when possible.

On to telling those who you are involved with…I have dated and had sex with about 30-35 people since I knowingly carried the virus and not a single one of them have contracted it. I know it may not be easy to tell someone you care about because you fear rejection and shame. Not one person that I shared my condition with ever left me or judged me. I did find a few ways to “ease” into the conversation that may not be the most ethical, but I found it easier. When I start dating someone, I will mention casually that it is that time for me to go in for my yearly well woman exam and joke about how I hate propping my legs up in those stirrups and getting poked and prodded. Then I will say that I am going to go ahead and get the full gamete of STD testing since it has been a while. I suggest that he should go do the same if he hasn’t recently. Three days later, I tell them that I need to talk to them and start crying as I tell them that I have herpes. I say that I didn’t even know how long I have been carrying it, as the doctor said that 1 in 4 people have the disease and are unaware. Another route I have used is to go in for a Brazilian wax and say that I got a bad rash a few days after. I then tell the guy that I am seeing that I am going in to see my gyno just to make sure everything is okay, where then I “find out that I have herpes”. There are actually several lawsuits that have been filed from women contracting herpes from salons that “double dip” their wands. Again, I know that lying is not best policy, but I feel that sometimes it can be easier to have a catalyst to start the conversation than just come right out and say it.

Again, I would like to reiterate that you life is NOT over once you have contracted this disease. So many people, like myself, have it and live a wonderful life and have found love with someone who understands. I try to always be positive and think that it can always be worse. You could have HIV or cancer and be doomed for death. These little flare ups that we have may not be ideal, but we can make it through it and live a wonderful life!

Tess S.

I would love for Mr. Natural to respond to me too. I will sacrifice foods high in arginine to be cleared of this grievance(well, me and my husband). His outbreaks are worse than mine. Please help and GOD bless you for your recovery! Have a great evening. :-)


I found out I had gh about 3 years ago. I just had my first real ob this year. Before then I was sure that the doctor made a mistake. It wasn't bad as I expected however it was just a reminder of this 'thing' that I will have for life. I was depressed and sad for a minute until I realized that I'm still here and have my health. I would like for everyone living with gh not to be discourage, it could be a lot worse. Life is not over. I feel that eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will reduce my ob. I also take vitamins daily.


I have had GH for about a year, had my first OB on my penis about 6 months ago. I have tried abreava and it did seem to help a little with my first OB. now I am having my 3rd OB and it has been a week and a half. the first week I tried the acetone thing and abreava which seemed to work in the past but this time not so much. I also take the mega doses of L-lysine 6000mg daily during an OB and 1000mg when not having an OB but it dosent seem to stop the OB as I have had 2 in about 6 weeks. This time when the abreava and acetone didnt seem to work I found this site. I tried cleaning the sores with iodine and then applying lemon balm and that seemed to help. Then I read things about asprine and also alum (used in pickling) so i tried the alum and that did help a little, so I figured try them all..... so I made my own ointment if you will. Put it on before bed and in the morning things were a lot better. the sores were dried up and some had little black scabs, but felt much better. so my ointment consisted of the following..... about a 1/2 teaspoon or alum, 1 1000mg L-lysine crushed up, then enough lemon balm to make a paste. then since the alum is line salt i but that in the microwave for about 10 seconds to heat it up an dissolve everything. after mixing it up so it was a consistent I added a little abreave. I then cleaned the sores with iodine, a little sting, but not bad, then applied my ointment. Not saying it will work for you, as I think that different treatments work better for some people then others, but it work for me. I wish you all luck. hope it helps.


Ok I have had it for about 4 yrs now but omg the las week has been horrible but the best cure is a warm bath and keep ur self dry baby powder wrks to a blow dryer after bathing and befor bed will keep it dry ooo yea Cotton bottoms

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