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I have discovered my outbreaks occure after shaving around the genital area.
I have had very sever outbreaks that require prescribed medication. But recently I have increased my L-lysine when an OB is occurring, keeping the area dry (with tampon/ hair dryer), & my biggest saviour is Bonjela. A teething gel, it stings like hell for no more then 1 min (very intense) but then I get 2-3 hours of no pain/itch/discomfort. I also find bonjela drys the blisters up very quickly prob due to the alcohol base. Works for me a lot more then aloe
Vera gel/lemon balm etc.
Hope this helps


I stumbled on this website, lookinkg for home remedies for the HSV. I found out I had the antibody that leads to HSV, about 2 weeks ago. I had been having OB for years but did not know what it was. I had never been told by any other DR. That I was infected. My new DR. Explained to me what it was, and how I possibly got it. When she asked me about the OB I lied an told her that I never get them. She then told me that if I did get one, she would call me in something. Well I had an OB and she called me in some VALTREX. I took the first dose and it made me kinda sleepy. I tried some of the remedies on this site, such as cleaning the area with witch hazel. That burned a little bit, but was ok. I get OB on the inner lips of my vaginal area. I found that putting cotton pads on the are keeps it from rubbing your panties. These are the same pads used to clean your face or remove make up. It really helps. I am Still sad about this but am realizing that I am not alone. I told my kids dad and he pissed me off bc he started to laugh and and poke fun. He now since then kinda understand, but not really. This is great site hope this helps someone. Remember you are not alone. ;)


i am 18 years old i was diagnosed at 16 with herpes. i assume my outbreaks are different i have a outbreak every few months on my finger i always thought that outbreaks came in your private area are mouth. but i guess not.i have a boyfriend that i have not told&im so scared that he will kill me are something i dont no how someone could react to somthing like this.the only thing i can do is cry i have no idea how to deal i live everyday in fear of my life.please any opinions i would greatly to live a regular teen age life


After reading all your posts i felt compelled to share my story. I was diagnosed with GH type 1 about 6 months ago. This was absolutely the most devastating time of my life.. I had been with 3 people and all long term relationships. I went into a deep depression and was in a painful nightmare that I didn't think would end. I have been OB free so far without taking suppressive medication. My first OB was an absolute nightmare, but what helped me was taking acyclovir and applying lidocane gel to the lesions to ease the pain. I also took tylenol with codeine which really helped ease the pain. I pray that I never have to deal with such an intense OB again, but luckily i found a routine of meds that work for me. If you need to use a more natural remedy, i would suggest warm baths with baking soda, keeping the area dry, wearing cotton underwear and nothing too constricting. I have heard great things about coconut oil killing the herpes virus when applied to lesions, but i have not tried it. My heart goes out to all the hsv sufferers, remember you're not alone and it could definitely be worse. This site helped me so much in learning how to accept my condition and learn that there is life after hsv. I wish all of you the best!!


Bleach!!!! On a Q-tip. It sounds crazy but it works mine was gone within two days healed and everything!!!


Over a period of years and by a process of elimination I was able to conclude beyond doubt that cranberries either brought on or exacerbated my herpes outbreaks (in my navel cleft, top of behind crack).
Steering clear of them, I can go many many months without but only a week ago I had some christmas cake, two days later outbreak. checking the ingredients, there they were. I'm not saying the same will apply to everyone but it is worth monitoring.


i just found out a week ago that i have GH, at first i was really freaked then i found this web site and it made me feel not so ashamed. since the pain was so severe, i started reading stories and remedies. i read a few on here about a homemade topical ointment/paste of vagisil, benadryl and tylenol. at first it worked, but then it just started to burn. i also read something about aloe vera, so i decided to try that and that actually helped soothe and alleviate the pain. one that i just recently tried was the tea tree oil and may i say that it works wonders! not to be all detailed, but you can FEEL how cooling it is. thank you!

asian female in FL

I am a 42 year old female, contracted GH when I was 33 years old. Like everyone else who have discovered when they first have it, I cried terribly, thought it was the end of my world, and a complete end to any future intimate relationships. I felt dirty and useless. When I came to an understanding with myself that I can't let GH take control of my life, I went online and come across many helpful websites to help me deal with it. I was fortunate to have found someone who understands what I have and loves me regardless --he's now my husband. He's been also persistant doing research online for the most current treatements and possible (and hopeful) vaccines for getting rid of this annoying virus forever.
Initially, my OB was mainly on the same , small spot. Just two days ago, I now have small OBs on the sides of my vaginal walls. I was hoping it would not spread anywhere else, but I decided not to let it get me down all over again, and treat my OBs like I normally do.
As for my OBs, I can tell I'm about to have one when I feel a 'muscle ache' around my genital area ( when I flex my muscles down there ) or I have a terrible cramping that runs from my right buttock down the back of my thigh. I'm thinking the virus stimulates sciatica. Sciatica is the irritation of one of the many spinal nerve roots which results in pain--which we know that's where the pesky GH virus lies dormant. Sometimes, my right butt cheek feels like it's asleep as well --but those are my tell-tale signs that I will have an OB.
I take Lyseine (1000 mg )2-3x/day once my signs appear; for suppression I take 1000mg once a day. At times, the OB doesn't happen if I take them early enough, but when the OB does appear, it's present for 2-3 days. I also take Valtrex(valacyclovir) 500mg 1 tab once a day; if I have signs of an OB, I take Valtrex 1 tab 2x/day.
I do try and get enough sleep, be around positive people and have a positive outlook in my life, workout ( P90X and TurboFire are the programs I do ), yoga, and eat healthy as much as possible. I avoid foods that have arganine and nuts. I do have chocolate once in a great while, but I don't see that as a trigger for me.
Also, once in awhile my period will set my OB off,too.
My home remedies are pretty much what I have read on this site and others so far, along with what my husband discovered as well; I keep my vaginal area clean --washing 2-3x/day with Dial Antibacterial bodywash. ( I bought a cheap spray bottle and used it to mix my Dial bodywash and warm water, and washed the area.) Pat dry. I applied a light dust of baking soda with a cotton pad on the external and internal parts of my vaginal area( which did sting for a few )so I dabbed a water-soaked cotton pad to lessen the sting, which it did. I then appled a thin coat of Vagisil afterwards. I also put my blowdryer on low/warm setting on the area.I have to say--no more itching and burning! Since I am at home, I don't wear panties to help the area air out --what I do during an OB is to wear loose, guy's boxers. :)
Take care to everyone.


I have dealt with Genital Herpes for a few years now. I went from 6 out breaks my first yr, to one every 14 months now. For one, taking a daily med is best, however your immune system never gets use to the virus. Over time, outbreaks are less frequent. My trick has been to stay healthy! Anything that can compromise your immune system, viral and bacterial, can make you more prone to outbreaks. So, I decided to take a step in my own recovery. I went from the head down. I had my teeth looked at, filled/fixed/and cleaned. I see a dentist twice a year now. I maintain a proper diet of heavy micro-nutrients(watch fat, 40 and nearly dead!) I eat lean meats and I work out regularly. I also take Lycine pills daily (1500mg) as well as a daily vitamin, zinc, and garlic. I work out four days a week, and I shower/clean regularly. Stay healthy. Don't smoke dummies! Oh, mentally you need to stay fit also, be upfront with relationships. Remember everyone probably has warts or herpes! When you feel your outbreak happen (generally a tingle or burn) start your meds then. The 5 day treatment with acyclovir is what I do. Do not cover the blisters with anything!! They need to breath. The virus is very weak outside of the skin. That's why you can't be touching them, then touching thin skinned areas like baby's cheeks, your lips/eyes or anus!! Yikes!! Now, as I have stated I've dealt with this for years. There are set backs. You might get really sick, you will get an outbreak. You may get a 'second crop' or a recropping. All very normal. An some are stubborn and don't leave right away. Just stay cool. You won't die! Don't scratch. Once everything is healed, then apply the zinc cream. Do this daily if you want. It will return your skin color to normal. Good luck, and's herpes, everyone has it. Or at least 2 outta every 5 people you know! Gross! Haha! Bye!


I was 17 when i found out that i had gh. My partner who i was with was very unconsiderate in telling me he had already been tested, and found positve. Even though that did'nt stop him from having unprotected sex with me knowing that he had gh. Rumors started going around that he had gh and that's when i got nervous and went and got tested! Gh did not show up in my test so i thought i was fine! But after being in discomfert for far to long, i had started putting a&d ointment on my genital areas and noticing that it was easing my pain and makining it go away. After a year i had went back to the doctor when i noticed somethings just were'nt looking normal, and thats when they diagnosed me with gh. Now whenever i have a outbreak i put a&d ointment on and i feel better! This remedy works for me and hopefully it will work for you!

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