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I keep reading all of the same treatments, but I have to be honest as a medical professional with GH there are a few things I would like to address. First off if you swear by Tylenol PM placed topically all that really does is apply a drying pain reliever that the main benefit is actually the PM part which is actually Diphenhydramine HCL which is actually Benadryl. It can help with inflammation and itching to provide relief. You can buy this in dye free soft gels where no crushing is needed or in the cream they make over the counter and you can either apply directly or mix with a topical anesthetic Lidocane being an easy one to get. Or the use of Aloe if you find that more soothing. Taking the Tylenol Or Advil by mouth works as well. You can take up to 4 of each if needed that is prescription strength. Also the use of hydrogen peroxide can make it worse. It dries out open sores so if you already have the ulcers this can make them worse because of them drying out and cracking which also prevents healing time. It is also why it should not be used on open wounds. Ever notice how dried out your fingers get turning white if in contact with it for too long? The use of oral medications is best but if you can not afford them I have had patients that have used some cold sore treatments with success but this depends on if you have type 1 or type 2 type 1 patients usually see the better results. The cotton application is good for every one and women who can should use tampons so they prevent the area from being warm and moist breading bacteria which can make the condition worse. If you want to go the natural route H-balm has worked for me and others as well as taking L-Lysine I recommend you speak to a doctor or health care specialist whether they be a doctor or herbalist before trying anything. I know how hard it can be to afford medications I have had that problem for you who can't think about appealing to the company that makes the drug many of them have patient assistance programs. I hope this helps in some way and hope everyone feels better.


Just came on here to inform everyone about lysine dosage. I was taking 3,000 daily for 6 months because I had frequent outbreaks. Now I wish I was more informed on the side effects. This week I started having severe abdominal, liver, and kidney pain. I went to have blood drawn and everything came back normal except I had too much acid in my body that was eating away at my stomach muscles. They did further testing and, thank god, no major organs were affected. I stopped taking it today and still have some pain, but I know each day will get better. I was also taking bragg's apple cider vinegar for 2 months to help alkaline my body, but I think it did the reverse because my urine ph test was very low. Just wanted to share my experience so people can learn some times following someone else's remedy isn't the best until you explore all side effects and, most importantly, consult with a doctor first!
Best Health


I have been suffering with genital for the better part of a year. I have tried most of the remedies her plus using Valtrex. I finally found something that has eliminated all symptoms for me. The first thing was for the lesions. It is called Silver Shield Cosmetic Gel. Dab it on, results in a few hours. Takes away pain. Tries up bumps. I also used Colloidal Silver Spray internally. But the best thing that I found is called Cerassee. It is a Jamaican Herb that you make into a tea. It is the plant from the bitter melon plant. Tastes great. I drink 2-3 cups per day. All symptoms have disappeared. This herbs has many medical uses. It can be found in Jamaican, Latin, and Indian grocery stores. Well worth a try. Also said to treat cancee and HIV.


PROPOLIS!! completely works when you even think you feel something coming on. New research has shown when applied topoically it had a 100% effectiveness rate. And it's natural it comes from bee hives. Just google propolis and you can see all of the research going on with it. it works!!


The past couple of months been hell i tried everything from baking soda to apple cider. the best advice i can give u is to not touch ur herpes with unclean hands or use a towel to dry down there. my herpes spreaded to the crack of my ass and my left arm. Blow dryer or fan is the thing ever.

What i use

Since my last doctor's appointment my doc didn't prescribe me any medication i had to come out of my pocket and buy everything, i losted my job this may and money has been tight.

so i take three hot baths (10-20 min) a day using epsom salt(3.00), apple cider(1.00) and tea tree oil(3.00). all of these can be found at walmart, family dollar, cvs, etc. I feels so good because i can feel my bumps start to tingle and harden after three baths. i use to use baking soda, bleach, windex, alcohol,tooth paste, etc but it burns so damn much i couldn't take the pain.

So i did some research on many sites and came acrosds tynol pm and mixed and a paste. so i went to walmart and bought they brand (3.86).

After my bath, i use peroxide because it doesnt burn as much and blowed dried it until its no longer wet, i mixed the tyrnol pm into a paste using several drops of water. you do this by crushing 3-4 pills. i love it, it burns but not to extreme if ur someone who cant take pain like myself. i lay there until it dries and then put on cotton panties.

my doctor told me to wear granny panties or free ball so thats what i been doing. i also take l-lysine 1000mg (4.00) 3-4 times a day, multi vitamins (4.00), orange juice and i drink plenty of water.

it works after five months of having bumps they finally stop spreading and are going away. i still cry but my sister is my support system because she also has it on her lips. if u need anyone to talk to let me kno and ill listen its tough but never forget that you are not alone

You all are in my prayers, together we can fight this. i dont know when the next time ill be intimate with a man, but i went a year and half without sex and i can do it again.

Prayer, forgive others as well as yourself, and a positive support system who would not judge you will make herpes seem not like a big problem. Remember you are never alone.

i hope this helps


I was diagnosed a Lil over a yr ago and have had 3-4 ob since than and was just taking acyclovir twice a day during an ob and keeping it clean and dry. I started feeling symptoms a few days ago an decided to try a home remedy. I cleaned the area with antibacterial soap an warm water and made a paste I used baking soda and apple cider vinegar but it burnt bad with no relief I added some biooil a tiny bit of glycerin and some crushed tylenol as well as cocunut oil cleaned again and applied the new mixture with a cotton swab and put a pad on I've been washing and reapplying and changing the pad every couple hours and haven't fully had an ob yet!!! It did burn a Lil but it was tolerable and so far has helped fully!!! I've also been taking the acyclovir but normally I still suffer a full ob for a few days so glad this prevented it all together!!!!


hello, about two months ago I was diagnoised with gh.When I found out it I was completely shocked because I couldnt believe something like this could happen me . I was going in to the doctor for a regular check up and got tested and came back to get my results came back positive. The reason I hurt even more wad because my ex died last yr and he has been my only sexual partner. For the life of me I thought that I wasnt gonna make it. I have had little signs of icthing but that have been all. I am very greatful to GOD that it wasnt anything worse than gh. I know with GODs help I am going to be a living testimony. Stay encouraged.God Bless


I believe I got this from an ex boyfriend that I had for 6 months about 7 years ago. This is my 3rd flare up since that time.

This is what Im doing to see if it helps

1-I used a mortar and pestle to crush my pills - Lysine and Tylenol PM
2-Pored a small amount of apple cider vinegar into a bowl and mixed in the crushed pills
3-washed the area with anti bacterial soap
4-used my mixture on the area with a q-tip to clean it
5-let everything dry
6-used campho-phenique in the gel form not the liquid
7-braved a small swig of that apple cider vinegar (YUCK almost made me barf)
8-ate one of the lysine and a vitamin c... both 500mg

the whole process hurts a bit... stings... but immediately my 4 bumps got super white and hard as if they were drying out... they seemed to turn into one large hard lump instead of separate smaller ones

We will see if this works... but already the pain and itching feels better as I type this


I was diagnosed with GH for about 3 mnths, when I found out I was very shocked bc I had gotten it from someonei thought that I could trust. Since being diagnosed with GH i've had 2 OB's and both times I used....FOOT FUNGUS worked for me. What I did was took a shower...made sure the area and applied a thick layer or you can you a mixture of cooked corn meal and baking powder


After 20 + years of GH this what I've learned: (hope it helps you)

1. Avoid heartburn an acidic system-> The surest way to get an outbreak is bad heartburn. I always carry a roll of tums with me. If you've ever noticed after a bad case of heartburn, within a day or you get a canker sore-(HSV1), same thing applies to GH-(HSV2). An alkaline diet is best. (veggies)

2. Avoid Physical Or Mental Stress-> Avoid strenuous physical activity. Avoid letting your self get stressed out with your own mind babble, and avoid letting other people put you in that state. I'm not saying don't work out or stay healthy, I'm saying every time you put your body into a state like you see when people are falling down at the end of a marathon you'll get a outbreak for sure. Same thing applies to your mental state.

3. If you smoke, it will take 3 to 8 days longer for your out break to go away and heal.

4. Expensive medications that give you headaches and constipation don't necessarily work. In fact you want to keep those pipes/bowels clean. Eating right and being regular is more important than antivirals.

5. Covering the infection-> I use a product called 'New Skin'. It's a paint on bandage that you can apply and dry with a hair dryer (careful not to burn yourself). It lasts for 3 to 4 days before you need to remove it carefully/tweezers without touching the infected bandage. This idea of the blisters needing air is Bull, that's how it spreads.

6. Heating affected areas-> (if you can) with a blow dryer kills surface virus and kills the the itch for 1-3 hours. (to be done in moderation)

7. Wash your hands/keep your hands clean-> Obviously washing your hands will keep you from spreading the virus and not getting sick as well. But this especially needs to be done when you have an outbreak. GH spreads like wild fire, the minute you let your guard down you'll have spread it to another place on your body and it's there forever. Keep from touching your eyes, especially when you have an outbreak. Herpes can blind you.

What you need to know about herpes:

1. It is easily killed by temperature (hot or cold) and cannot live without a host for very long outside a host. It can live in a moist, warm environment like a bath towel for much longer.

2. Herpes can live in all mammals, some plants and even some fungi can be a host.

3. Your NOT ALONE. When I first got it about 1 in 12 people in the U.S. had it. Now that number is more than double. In 20 years we'll all have it. LOL...


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