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Guys heres what I have been doing as soon as I see an outbreak (usually a cluster of blisters) right away I tie clorox disinfectant wipes around it and change it out when it drys, that dries them up right away and theres no scab that takes like a week to heal and I take salenium a natural antibiotic bassically that boost your amune system and dramatically reduces the risk of most cancers, it all cost like 3 dollars at walmart.
these things work for me and thats all I do! Try it hope it works for you.

God bless and good luck!

I was diagnosed over 3 years ago, so around late 2008 I found out. I am ashamed til this very day but my husband/babies father accepts it and supports my home remedies because he sees how horrible I feel down there. The thing that bothers me most is knowing I have this descusting std. I hate having to be super cacious around my children and especially my husband. As far as we know, he hasn't gotten it yet. I have no idea where I got this from, I have been with my husband for over 6 years and have had no sexual contact with anyone else. It's horrible; i feel gross, dirty, ugly, embarrassed and much more during an outbreak.

So as far as remedies; I've tried the L-Lysine and it works for me. I am in the mix of an outbreak right now and I was reading up on some of your guys' remedies. I went out and baught some Vitamin C pills and some bee propolis and royal jelly, I found these all at CVS pharmacy.

Good luck to you all and God bless. Without the power and strength from HIM, I'd be a reck! My husband is amazing, so as long as you find great emotional support, you'll be fine. I'm still trying to accept this, as you can see, but I'm getting better and better with each outbreak.


this is your guide to outbrake free life. alcohol drugs fresh plain yogurt 500ml a day
3.1 garlic clove am. 1 garlic clove pm.
4.vitamin d with a meal. 1000mg a day
5. excersise daily every vegetable and fruit in your sight.
from your friendly neighbourhood spiderman :)


Hey, there. I've had GH and OH for about ten years. Since I was 14 and had the misfortune of meeting a rather 'forceful' fellow one day. Anyway, I used to take Valtrex but some of the side-effects were bothering me. Not only that, I noticed it wasn't working like it used to do. I started only taking the pills if I felt an OB coming on. Tingling, achy muscles, feverish, fatigue, and discharge. I noticed that my triggers are mostly hormonal. Like my period.

My OH OB are usually triggered by me accidentally biting the inside of my mouth. Most blisters show up on the inside of my cheek and near the gumline. On the off chance that it's at the edge of my lips or tucked into the corners of my eye, I use Blistex. I'll take some of the chapstick and apply it. Helps a lot!

I'm looking for alternative remedies. Mostly painless remedies. One that hardly and/or don't sting.


I was diagnosed with it 2 years ago since than my outbreaks come than be gone for months than it will come again I learned taking hot bath in showers its a suggestion but I found if u put a small cap full of bleach or even a drop in ur tub cuts the outbreak into half time it usually disappears in two days. Also salt baths drinking water helps staying stressfree or listening tob calm music in the tub . Stay positive I do not take my antivirals every day . I have ms multiple sclerosis I notice once I started my treatment had fewer out breaks in fact I forget I have it until it shows up lol but I usually keep piece of paper towel down there after cleansing the area with warm salt water and a personal wash nothin harsh plus when using the bathroom besure you dry the area or just keep a wet one clean it dry it off .the biggest deal is stay dry in shave or wax because hair carries moistness you want to be dry as possible it is not the end of the world there are vitmans to boost immune system think as gh as you would the flu the higher and heathier your immune system is the less outbreaks you have bless day everyone


I was diagnosed with genital herpes when I was 17 years old (2005) I got it from my ex-boyfriend/son father. Anyways my first OBb was the worst and since then I have had like 3 OB. Three days ago I started to have a tingling, burning feeling on the opening area genitalia and I felt a bump. I know it was an OB coming on so i decided to Google home remedies and I got to this site. I decided to try this remedy that I saw posted:
L-lysine 1000mg (3x)
Zinc 50mg (3X
Eat 2 clove of garlic
campho-pheqiue and Tylenol paste applied to infected area 2 times a day by day two all discomfort is gone and now day 3 the bump has been reduce. So I didn't get a blister and I really think it it because of this regimen. I would wipe the area with hydrogen peroxide before I apply the paste.
Whoever came up with this remedy God bless you


I haven't found a remedy that works for me yet but I will say, taking Aleve for the pain has worked so far for me. The Aleve helps with the swelling and if the swelling if relieved tben the pain is relieved. I wish I could find a way to get rid of it all together but thats not going to happen. And I personal don't want to take drugs for it. I do know that theres valtrex for herpes but the side effect don't appeal to me. I may try so of the remedy some of you have posted.


PROPOLIS - It totally works! Just go to whole foods and get the liquids drops. Take them orally as directed and also apply them directly to the sores with a cotton swab. It does sting a bit, because of the alcohol base in the drops but worth the small amount of pain. I had a really bad breakout that lasted over 30 days, nothing was working. As soon as I tried Propolis it cleared up in 3 days!! The bottle of liquid extract cost me $14.00. It is made from Bees so if you are allergic to bee products then this wont be a good idea for you.


I am so upset and cant stop crying, I was just diagnosed today with herpes after I went to my OB about a couple sores I have on my vagina that hurt. I don't know where it came from and if it wasnt for my husband being so supportive of me, God only knows what my depression would cause me to do. I am 9 months pregnant and only 11 days left until I get induced. I will start my 7 day prescription of acyclover that the Doctor gave me tomorrow but I need a remedy to heal my sores ASAP because if I hit labor any day soon I will get a c section which i want to avoid. I just went to Walmart and bought Lysine vitamins, vitamin C, tea tree oil, and aloe vera gel. I couldnt find a bottle of Melissa/lemon balm but I will go to the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC tomorrow to mix a capsule with aloe gel to use on my sores. Does anyone have any other solutions that are quick and don't burn too much?


I tried the tylonel and benadrly i mixed it with aloe.. applyed it last nite pain and itching and reddness was gone. I crushed 2 of each and just mixed the aloe. Applied again this morning and its even better.... I have had gen herpes since i was 18 now i am in my mid 30's... When I told my now husband of 9 years he was so sweet and never walked away. Just never forget ur not alone 1 out of 10 people have it. I have never even told my mom who i am really close to....

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