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I had an outbreak on my genitals this week and while I have not made it to the doctor yet I'm pretty sure it is HSV because I've had HSV1 break outs on my lips and face since I was 13. So now I'm certain the virus had migrated. I really did not do anything that I have not already done naturally. I for once have NEVER taken any RX meds from doctors. After being diagnosed at 13 I simply researched options for natural remedies. I have handled it very well with maybe 4 aggresive break outs in 20 years, and they have got less aggressive with time. I am now 34 yrs old. These are some of the things I'm doing now:

I do Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with mother, Do not use any other brand! I can't handle the sting topically but I drink it with my tea daily....I find that keeping your body PH levels balanced helps lessen the strength of the break outs....Women need to be naturally acidic but if your acid drops you are more prone to infections and weaker immune system.

For treatment DURING a break out I take things that strengthen my immune system: l-lysine 1000 twice daily, vitamin C 500mg 4 times per day. Oregano Oil capsules as recommended on label. Kyolic Garlic capsules. A good Multivitamin with high B-Complex and high vitamin D (1,000 IU or more). Antioxidant complex to aid in healing the cells on the skin faster. A GOOD Probiotic with at least 8 strains of bacteria!...and a product called Monolaurin which in studies has been shown to suppress viruses.
Topically I mix a Lysine ointment by Quantum(which has olive oil, bee propolis, zinc and garlic oil) with a 99% pure aloe gel and half powder from a probiotic capsule...then I apply it on the affected area. Once you have a break out I found that sipping on water with baking soda (maybe a teaspoon per cup) through out the day helps weaken the virus by balancing the body's PH levels.
For regular days and to maintain my immune system I only do the multivitamin, vitamin c once per day, the oregano, the garlic, probiotic and the monolaurin. And of course the Apple cider in my tea once per day.
My diet has changed completely since I was a chocolate, no soda or extreme sweets/sugar, NO coffee, and minimal to non alcoholic drinks. Nuts are off the list too!
I worked as a manager for a holistic health and sports nutrition store/company which I can not name here for 9 years and the things above are what I had found most effective with my customers with HSV and by first hand experience.
EVERYONE's body is different so don't worry if some of these don't work for you, Keep looking and trying! :) there is so much out there specially to strengthen your immune system..... GOOK LUCK!


I came on this site to look for some home remedies for GH. I am greatful to everyone for sharing their stories and advice so I will share mine. I was diagnosed with GH when I was 19 which was 12 years ago. I used to call it my personal nightmare. At the beginning it wasn't so bad but about 2 years ago I started to have outbreaks back to back literally. I would have at least 2 outbreaks a month. They would last about a week. They were so painful that I would not be able to walk. I had to cancel engagements and lie constantly to hide my personal nightmare. The pain was so unbearable that I was buying percocet from people who had prescriptions for them. That became my only relief. I went into a deep depression for months. I felt dirty, ashamed, lonely and hate towards the person who gave it to me. I finally got out of my dark hole recently and I am doing better. I still have outbreaks but they are not as painful and I am able to manage them better. The one thing that I do when I have an outbreak is pop the blisters with a paper towel on top of it so it doesn't spread anywhere. It helps them to heal faster and it greatly reduces the pain. I have also noticed that when I drink liquor especially, it brings on an outbreak. Like everyone, stress always brings it on. If anyone needs some support, I am willing to listen.

God bless you...


I was diagnosed w GH about 3months ago, got it from a boyfriend who turned out not to be so faithful. Anyway, since then I have had a hard time dealing with it and have had many breakouts because of the stress. Everywhere, my private areas, inside my mouth. I don't know what to do to keep them from coming back or relieve the pain besides take the acyclovir when I can afford it. Besides less stress, what are your suggestions.


I've had herpes for a little over a year. My initial outbreak landed me in the hospital for 4 days. My doctor said it was the worst case she had ever seen. I contracted HSV-1 genitally from oral sex. My fiancé, now husband, had a cold sore... And the rest is history. I've had two more out breaks since and both were absolutely nothing compared to the first. First sign of an outbreak I take Valtrex as prescribed my my doctor. I also take l-lysine, garlic pills, vitamin c, and my daily multivitamin. I do not take Valtrex daily when I'm not experiencing an outbreak, nor do I take lysine because both are damaging to the kidneys. Aside from that I use a Sitz bath with hot water and Domboro. Domboro is like Epsom salt, but I think it works better. Its an antiseptic and it relieves itching and pain. Also It dries out the sores. If I'm really burning or itching I may mix a little tea tree oil, alcohol free aloe Vera, and some Benadryl cream. I apply that to my perineum and it provides cooling relief. Other than that, I just wait for it to heal. Usually clears up in a couple days. Like I said, the two outbreaks I've had since my initial one have been pieces of cake to manage. I'd be careful applying peroxide or bleach to open wounds. I'm an ER RN and those are harsh chemicals that have caused many bad burns to people. Also, if your pregnant, please consult your MD or midwife before taking any supplements. Valtrex is okay and usually given a few weeks before delivery. A lot of herbals have terrible side effects during pregnancy, such as pre-term labor or placental abruption, which can be fatal to baby. So just be careful. Hope this helps.


I had a very bad case of genital herpes for many years. Through that time I learned how to not only stop having outbreaks but also how to turn having the virus into a positive thing that helped me in many different ways, check out Here you will find out how to deal with it from an emotional and a physical perspective. The truth of the matter is that the virus is very much linked to your emotions, hence why you get it on the skin. the skin in general reflects our emotions, hence why most skin conditions have an emotional/stress element. Approaching the virus from both angles helps to stop having outbreaks and to live an awesome life. Check it out.

TrustMe On This1

I HAVE FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!!! like many people that will read this, I was fed up with having outbreaks because of too much friction. I have seen everything on here from bleach to pepper. I actually tried the bleach with no success.I found that what actually works is propolis, found at any health food or organic store. 1 pill a day. I found it after the symptoms of an outbreak and it completely fought it off with no outbreak. i have been taking 1 a day for the past 6 months and have had no issues. Before, I was plagued with an outbreak almost once a month.And for those of you that want prescription help without having to see a doctor, you can order valtrex with no prescription at XLpharmacy. I ordered some after I got the propolis just in case it didnt work. Haven't had to use it yet!


Please don't hurt yourself with these home remedies. I am reading stories of acid burns and chemical burns. It is not necessary. Please try and following remedies and NONE of them are uncomfortable. It will help you feel better not only physically by relieve some of the stress of your condition. The first remedy is based on a university study were 100% of the participants (all women) were CURED of the herpes strain that cause HPV within 90 days (no sign of the original infection in the blood stream). HPV can be cause by a strain of the virus, were males are usually the host. Can be used by men ans women. Use equally 1 part aloe (soothing and heals cells including cancer), 1 part tea tree oil (anesthetic), and 1 part bee propolis (anesthetic and healing). Use this as a topical solution. Please note this solution is safe inside (internally) the body as long as you are not allergic to the ingredients. It can also be used as a suppository or internally for ulcers located on the mucus membranes by dipping a tampon in the solution. IT IS INSTANTLY SOOTHING and the anestithic makes you feel CLEAN (physically and mentally). Don't use tea tree oil more than 2 a day for more than two weeks internally, your outbreak should be long gone by then.
Bee propolis can also be taken orally just as you would take honey.
A drop of peroxide in water can help as oxygen therapy. Also for those with asthma or other condition which effect oxygen in the body, please keep your asthma under control. This will help allot.
In addition to aloe for pain, Tylenol or Aleve taken orally will help.
Take a multivitamin to keep your immune system and general health at it best.
Please let me know how this easy and safe remedy works. Consult a physician as need.


I've read about Hydrogen Peroxide and it's cures and I am proof of that, as soon as I seen the blisters start to appear I applied the 3 or 6% Peroxide from the chemist at least 3 times a day with cotton ball or Q tip and they never fully appeared as a sore! Doctors wouldn't dare tell you about a 3 dollar solution when they can get so much more money out of you through medications and vitamins. They know oxygen therapy works.. Also putting a drop in your drinking water everyday will oxidize your body and enable the virus to stop you from ever having another breakout.. I suggest searching hydrogen peroxide cures or drinking hydrogen peroxide cures. All the best.


Hello fellow sufferers,

I was diagnosed with GH October last year. The ulcers appeared around my perianal area. It was my first outbreak that lasted for at least 4 weeks. My question is to ALL of you & I do hope to get some replies, do you experience pain in the thigh area down to leg especially sole of the leg? I experience that & its always the left leg.

Anyway, thank God I don't have recurrences after my first out break last October. I stick to healthy diet, supplements, & exercise:

Healthy Diet:
Strictly NO COFFEE at all, and I mean it. Not even a sip. Coffee contains high amount of arginine which feeds the herpes virus. I have been abstaining coffee for months, but yesterday just had a few sips and today I already feel the prodromes are coming, so I double my supplements.

2) Strictly no PEANUTS
3) Strictly no Chocolates
4) Strictly no added sugar/sugary stuff

All these are trigger foods


We have to boost our immunity. I take these

1) Multivitamins & minerals 2 times a day
2) B Complex plus Folic Acid, Zinc, Vit. E - 2 times a day
3) Vitamin C 500 mg - 6 times a day
4) Olive Leaf Extract Liquid - 5 ml 3 times a day
5) Beta Glucan - 400 mg Once a day on empty stomach.

I used to take Lysine but during medical check up it shows my urine has a lot of protein deposits from lysine. Apparently lysine supplements (not those naturally occurring in foods) can damage your kidney filtration system. So I stopped taking it.

I try to worry less, trust in God & His providence. I exercise 30 mins a day. Any form of exercise that makes you sweat is good.

So far I never had any recurrences which people say most will get it, except nerve pain in my left leg after I had a few sips of coffee yesterday. So no more coffee for me.

All the best and pls answer my question. TQ


I noticed a small red bump on my penis about 4 months ago and was not sure what it was, I went to see a doctor and he assured me that it was not genital herpes and handed me a few lubes which I cannot recall the name of however they contained some sort of benzoyl.

I read through every topic on this forum and realized that Apple Cider Vinegar is perhaps the best solution, i proceeded and purchased all the necessary items.

For the first two days I used a cotton ball directly on the red mark, making sure that I do not use the same cotton ball when I touch another area and keeping that whole area sanitized. It didn't burn, but after two days it started burning and I couldn't sleep at night it was hurting so bad. I proceeded with the ACV treatment even though it was burning like hell and about 2 days later after I stopped I noticed that the vinegar burnt a whole part of my skin, which is alright I guess it was going to heal.. After a day or two the scabs fell off and other red dots appeared on the other side.. Now I'm treating that, and it sucks. I do not even know what to do anymore and it's making me very upset as I'm unable to meet women or develop any sort of relationship with them.

My plan right now is eat a lot of vitamins, Garlic, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Oranges, Orange juice, anything with vitamins really, continue the ACV treatment until I can't do it anymore and then make sure the area is dry for complete heal. I have no idea how long it's going to take but I'll update if anything really happens.. I think that the only solution perhaps is to cut my dick off. :/

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