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I found out that i had GH about a yr ago because i had my first outbreak. It scared the death out of me because i had no idea want was goin on an findin out i couldn't help but cry cuz i felt so nasty an disgusted an the fact there no cure but now im dealin with it. An it seem mayb every 3 mths or when i really got stressed i would have an OB but it would be one or two sores n the same spot. Recently lookin on here i discovered Propolis...@ the time of my OB i took two capsules 3 times a day and to soothe the pain of my OB i broke open 1 capsules of propolis, aloe vera, an tree tea mixed until it became a paste an put it on the OB. It seem to relieve the pain instantly.. An only had to put the paste on 3 times an by the next day the sores were gone!! Its been 3 mths now an no OB...An i just take 2 capsules of propolis every day. You should be able to find it @ your health nutrition store. I hope this works for others cuz its worked for me...I wish ya'll luck!




I just wasn't to say thanks for the advise from all of you. I've been using the lysine for yrs on my fever blisters. I've been diagnosed with GH for a yr now. Last summer my mom had this new toothpaste called Miracle Mouth made with pure Brazilian Propolis, well after she had braves put in the inside of her mouth was cut so she put a dab of the paste on her cut b4 going to bed & the next am her cut was gone. A month later I had an outbreak from both viruses. So of course I asked my mom for a little of the paste. I put sum on my lips and genitals and in a few days my breakout was gone. I do however have more than frequent outbreaks on my lips so I need suppressive treatment. But I myself have purchased Miracle Lips its a lip & skin salve by the same Company Holocuren that makes the toothpaste. Again its made with propolis as well as all organic and natural ingredients. My 3 yr old daughter gets fever blisters like I did at her age and she has 3small blisters across her lips now. I put the salve on her last night & now her lip is almost completely healed. I hope everybody finds something to help ease their minds and the pain and irritation. I was crushed to know that I have GH & to not know where it came from was hell. But for me & my daughter I have to stay positive and keep our immune systems up. Good luck to u all.


cimetadine. tagamet. it's fantastic, and you won't have heartburn either!

take 1 tab morn, noon, night. works wonders!


After reading a post on here I tried propolis. I
am very happy to say that it worked for me. I take the Y.S. Eco Bee Farms brand, I got it from a natural food store. It says 70% Ultra strength PROPOLIS on the label. In a tablespoon, I mix 10 drops of the propolis with 1/4 teaspoon of honey as directed. I use something similar to a tooth pick to mix it and I take it twice a day.

I had all the signs of an outbreak when I woke up yesterday morning. I took my morning dose immediately and chose to take my evening dose early in the afternoon. I woke up today without any signs of an outbreak.

Good luck!


I'm a 25 year old male - was very sexually active up until a month ago when I began experiencing excruciating pains around the genital area.. Was diagnosed with GH even though all the tests came back negative, but I'm 100% sure I have it..
Feels like I've been to hell & back - the first outbreak was horendous - both physically & mentally - very appreciative of websites like this - at the end of they day, its not the end of the world, its not really that big of a deal, its just a bloody nuisance! Can hardly even walk at the moment, & get this, im at work! Lol
Anyway, onto remedy, this is not for the faint hearted, let me tell you this now.. I've seen alcohol mentioned, & may try that myself, but when this all happened, I was advised to try SALT..
Apparently the virus is not a fan & shoots straight back into the body...
Now, like I said, this is extremely painfull, & to be honest only has moderate success - but if you have no alternative, it does keep the sores extremely dry...
If you like pain, you'll love salt! Lol
Anyway, stay strong my friends, life is short & precious - enjoy every minute regardless of this...


I FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS! I have tried everything, vinegar, tea tree oil, l-lysine, camphophenique, zinc, and while these all seem to help slightly, they didn't make the sores go away. I heard about Propolis and decided to try it and 3 times I've used it so far and when I feel an outbreak coming on I put it all around the area and the lesions never showed up. It stopped it! I love this stuff! It will stain your skin temporary so use gloves and it is sticky but I don't even care because it works!

hope is still alive

Hi, I have faces this journey with gh for 4 years and have found keeping yourself stress free and dry during outbreaks makes a difference. deatin, yes baby rash cream is great for curing itching and keeping moisture out of outbreaks helping the healing time as well . 2 caps of bleach in a bath tub can help kill germs and help soothe as well. Always stay positive and remember you are NOT alone 1 of 5 over the age of 12 face this battle, and yoy can beat it with positivity, calmness and jnoeledge and avoidance of stressors for gh!


The best remedy I have found for GH is to get some epson salt put it in a bowl and add just a touch of water. Then I put that mixture on a bandaid and cover the sore. Within a day the outbreak is almost gone. I hope this helps.


I found out I have GH almost a year ago during the same time I was having an HPV breakout. I slept with an ex boyfriend ( big mistake) and realized that I had a small cut a week later. I thought maybe I had cut myself shaving but the cut would go away and come back every month. I was finally diagnosed 4 months later. Each outbreak I've gotten since has been worse than the first few. I blame it on stress. I take Beta glucan pills every other day. I also take 1500mg of lysine 3 times a day during an outbreak. I make a white tea and while the water is warm I add Ginger pieces, cloves, and pop open a cayenne pepper pill of 455mg and add it to the tea, I also add a whole lemon (squeeze the juice).I let it sit for a few minutes to get all the benefits in there. I drink it twice a day for all of those ingredients have anti-viral and immune boosting properties. Seems to help. You can also add honey to the tea. I drink this with LOTS of water because the Cayenne pepper is so pungent. I also apply hydrogen peroxide to a blister with a cotton ball for 20 min. After I follow by adding tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a life saver! It heals my cold sores in 2 days and just recently started using it on my GH. Only add a little bit and with a q-tip. I usually do it before I go to bed. In addition to all of this I take a multivitamin and drink lots of vitamin c about 2000% of your daily value. All of this has helped tremendously hope it can help others that are seeking a natural way at coping with this horrible disease! But I always tell myself, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Good luck in finding what works best for you.

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