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Heyy girls/guys.
I'm 16 years old, I was recently diagnosed with herpes. I started feeling pain the day after of my sexual encounter. I didn't start getting bumps till 2 days after. My mother rushed me to urgent care and they gave me Valtrex cream, but I was only given a small amount. The Valtrex eased the pain and helped some of the redness go away. unfortunately, after using the entire tube with no refills it didn't clear up. They also gave me medication to speed up the healing. At first I tried diaper rash cream, which helped with the burning. I also used wipes that contained witch hazel , those burn when you wipe but effectively work! I use them everyday, several times. Also, when I urinate I understand it burns so what I did was put on gloves and urinate in the shower over the drain and spray as I was peeing which really helped with the burning. I would then use dove soap and then the witch hazel wipes after I rinsed off the soap. I highly recommend an Epsom salt bath! I recently tried tea tree oil which burned but helped clear it up some. I really suggest corn starch! I started using that today and they're already starting to dry up! It's really a miracle worker and dries it up instantly. I really hope this helps! Stay strong, everything will turn out okay<3


im a 22 year old female. I was diagnosed with a mild case of GH yesterday. my OB started on monday and its extremely painful so i came to this site to try to find remedies to go along with my acylovir. i decided to buy garlic pills along with bee propolis 10% tincture extract to try with all my vitamins. I took some of the extract orally and applied some to a cotton ball and put it on my OB. after the stinging from the alcohol dissapated, THE PAIN WENT AWAY ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!! i am sold on bee propolis! Im really sad that i contracted GH, but if i am able to prevent outbreaks with remedies and vitamins and a healthy lifestyle, i think everything will be ok.


I have had GH since I was 15. At that time I had only been with 1 person with protection and no oral. However I was diagnosed with shingles around the same time. I did shave on a regular. I'm wondering if the virus could have spread from my leg,which is where my shingles occur, to my genital area. Anyway stress is the cause of many outbreaks. I have been prescribed valtrex whicb I am building up an immunity to. So I've tried propolis and it's works wonders! Thanks to all who share their stories. It really helps to know that I'm not alone in my misery. My only advice is to try to control your emotions!


I was diagnosed with GH in January. I am 18 years old and I never would have thought I would be that 1 person out of 5. When I'm having an outbreak I hate everything, I become depressed and emotional. This has lowered my self esteem more than anyone could imagine. I'm trying so hard to stay positive about it all, but it's so much harder when you have to keep it a secret. It's embarrassing. I've had about 4 OBs since I was diagnosed, but none have been as bad as my first. No where near as painful as the first, but still so annoying and irritating. I didn't get this disease because I'm a slut, or a whore. I got it because my boyfriend performed oral sex on me while having a cold sore. Now that I have GH I don't fin any of the 'herpes jokes' funny, and I don't understand why people are so judgmental about the disease. I feel so alone in this situation. Anyway, the only thing that has helped me was to take a warm bath with lots of Epsom salt (soak in the salt water and rub some of the salt directly on the sores while in the bath), then put some peroxide in a spray bottle and spray the area, blow dry the peroxide into the sores making sure they are completely dry, and lastly, apply gold bond medicated body powder to the area for it to absorb all moisture and keep the area dry. I really hopes this helps someone else as it does me. I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy.

Trust This Remedy

I was diagnosed with GH in 2008 and had tried EVERYTHING to get both relief and peace of mind. What I found to be most effective is drinking peppermint tea every morning. A friend of mine drinks it just because she likes the taste of it, and when she offered me some I found that I had less and less outbreaks. I know it sounds too simple to be true, but try it and you will see for yourself. It's a can get any brand of pure herbal peppermint tea and drink up. I like to drink mine with honey in it to give it a sweeter taste and plus honey is a naturally healthy agent that is good for almost everything. Whenever I stop drinking the tea for a very long time, I get an outbreak and I use Ketoconazole's prescribed, and is supposed to be used for the treatment of ringworm, but it works for the sores and will clear them up in about a day or day and a half! Then I immediaty start back on my tea, but usually double up, so I will drink a cup int the morning and a cup at night! As for the peace of mind.....well, I'm still searching for that. This is GUARANTEED to work for you...TRUST ME!


I'm a 17 yr old, female, I was sexually active from 14 and picked up herpes from presumably my cheating ex.
I was diagnosed officially last year with GH, btu I'm assuming I had it before as I had similar problems to the outbreak I had when I was diagnosed. To ease the pain of an outbreak, I find that eating a lot of fruit and veg and drinking orange juice helps shorten an outbreak, and a cold cloth layed over the sores or painful area. I normally hold the cloth under the cold tap and ring it out so its pretty dry then pop it in the freezer for a few minutes.. it works most of the time..


Hi, was diagnosed last week, pain urinating, strange hot cold numbness sensation (anyone get this?) close to pain on patches of skin on buttocks, thighs, legs healS(especially the left). Did'nt know what it was so let blisters develop while watching in horror. iTCHY AND PAIN ON PENIS Lots of pain/ burning / difficult urinating. Shagged a girl 3 days before symptoms started unprotected (idiot!! but i dont need to say it ...right guys) but could have picked it up before, marriage broke down last year, bean particularly active. Lots of holidays here, so everything closed and could not see the doc. Got result and decided within 24 hours that I was going to turn it into the most positive thing life could thrww at me. There are watch your body all teh time adn learn about it, take it easy , supplement your diet and eat healthy, potentially you give up smoking and always using protection when sexually active. You fear rejection from others which make you value the relationships you have more and love deeper. Then you find a site like this that teaches you that there is a host of remedies and emotional support from people in the same boat as me. I am writing this post while sitting here with my penis out liberally covered in aloe vera and lemon balm , feeling fit and strong from teh Lysine, Zinc, Apple cider vinegar tablets and propolis tablets , i am bathing in Epsom Salts and washing my hands and keeping clean at every opportunity. Admittedly this is my first OB and it not that bas even though I have suffered all these wierd body aches and kinda tightness on the anus , although no blisters i dont think. So only 3 by 3 ml and then cluster of pinpricks all formed as scabs .....oh yeah i'm also on aciclovir 200mg times 5 times per day. The scabs are taking a while to get smaller though annoyingly! but generally all pain gone , just itching but not that often bouts.
Enough about me!!!......................I LOVE THIS SITE AND YOU ALL KNOW WHY!!!! CHIN UP FOLKS ITS ALL GONNA BE FINE. Thank you for your remedies people. Gimme more. Hoping for no more outbreaks !!!!!Is that just silly??


I was diagnosed with GH about 4 months ago, and I must say argurably one of the most hurtful days of my life. I am 22yrs old and thought that something like this would never happen to me. But let's be honest, it can happen to anyone, and more people than we know have. I am currently experiencing my 1st outbreak since my intial. I tried so many things and with no result. I found this site and was very happy to find out that there are other people experincing the same thing and that I'm not a horrible person and that i am just like everyone else. I read a review about using propolis cream. So i went out and bought some and it was no help it actually hurt more than helped. so i went out and bought liquid propolis..... and i applied the liquid propolis to the lesions (because you can apply externally)... this was god's gift to GH sufferors!!! it burns like crazy the first 15 sec or so but once the burning stopped i got immediate relief! and the sores started healing immediately and it took the pain!... I apply the propolis about 4 times a day and the sores are already sheading and starting to heal. Honestly to have this virus you must have a lot of faith with god. He makes no mistakes. so if you have this virus it is for a reason and a purpose. DO NOT LET THIS hender you from anything we are just like everyone else that god created!... I was so depressed when i first found out but then i thought about all the other people who have HIV/AIDS and die from their disease...and god spared me because it could have definitely been worse... we can still live we can live with a purpose because God still chose us to live. Yes we have a virus that will never leave our bodies but we can live. A lot of people ask how i am still in such good spirits, but it's because i'm grateful for life. So many people have something so much worse! We are the same. And so many more people have it that we don't know so don't be sad!.. pick yourself up and thank God! I know that i do. Peace and love!


I am a 24 year old male, i recently was diagnosed with GH by a doctor... in which the doctor said that my gential herpes was so severe and shes never seen a case like it.. i didnt get blisters al i got where like 30 pimple like cirles that turned red all around my shaft and head... i would never recommend using any type of lotion or any type of a&d ointment... all that shit did was spread my infection!!!... i would def recommend salt as i thought i was having a little out break and all i did was constantly wet a napkin lightly in peroxide/alcohol and pour salt all over it.. applied it to my 'ob' and it didnt turn into anything just stayed red for a day or two... i was so surpised... i was dating this chick who was giving me oral sex, and when she did her tooth cut me.. the next day or so i started having red pimples appear... she denies she burned me but i know she did seeing as its NEVER happend before... even tho they say it can be dormat for years ive never experienced or had any of my partners tell me they experienced this before.. anyhow... salt, and clean paper towels every time you clean it...!!! and i wouldnt even recommend using the same wash cloth for your body or face.... also the Doctor gave me some meds that cleared me up the first an idiot i through them away. so just keep clean and when an outbreak happends... use salt, and peroxide anything to dry out


For pain relief during a severe outbreak, I suggest a topical application of ground up acetaminophen or Tylenol. I have had GH for years and have been trying natural remedies (including putting hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, and oil of oregano on the spots) which sometimes help and sometimes don't...the oil oregano was a new one and it hurt bad. My outbreaks are usually more annoying than painful, but this one woke me up at 3:30 am and felt like a blowtorch on my delicate female parts. After research, the best option sounded like using ground up Acetaminophen tablets (I cut them with a knife into pieces and then used a heavy bottomed drinking glass to crush them into a powder), then made a thick paste with a little water and applied it to the sores. I was in so much pain that I didn't expect it to work, but within a few minutes, the pain had gone down dramatically and I was able to sleep. Also, don't wear anything tight fitting and avoid underwear if you can...that helped me a lot too.

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