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I am 24yo and I have had GH for 11yrs. I had an elective c-section with my baby because of the fear of passing it to her. I have never heard of some of these remedies but I am willing to try because I am a diabetic and I noticed while taking the valtrex my sugar levels would skyrocket so I stopped taking them. I just left the hospital because I am having an OB that is worse than the first episode, and the doc did mention the epsom salt, honestly im in so much
pain I would drink or bathe in anything if it
helps. Thanks to all of the people who shared their stories, remedies and encouragement.


I first contacted GH when I was 22. 24 years later and I still get depressed and emotional when an outbreak occurs. I have learnt to live with GH-it has become a warning sign when my life is out of balance, either working too much, too much alcohol, not enough sleep etc. I have tried so many remedies, starting with metholated spirits applied directly to the sore. This was soo painful, but helped dry the sore out quickly. Aloe Vera didn't help, nor did the ice. I now have an outbreak and trying paw paw cream & hoping & praying that it helps to heal it quickly as I have a romantic weekend away planned next weekend. Time will tell...


Im 22 and married and yesterday i just found out that i have genital herpes, which has came a complete shock to me since i have been with my husband for almost 3yrs and i know that he is faithful.. I asked my doctor how i could have it and aparently it has layed dormant for awhile, and that my husband shows no signs of herpes so he must be the carrier but how do u know... and lucky 4 me my 1st outbreak was the worse case that my doctor has seen for someones 1st outbreak... now the only thing that is bugging us both is who gave it to who, he is beating himself up thinking he gave me it... when i 1st heard i had it i was mad, sad, confused angry as hell everything rolled into one, mainly discusted with myself, i felt so nasty and all i did the whole day was cry... Can anyone suggest any cream or something that i can do to treat and help get rid of the sores faster... i tried A&D ointment b4 i knew what it was n it didnt help much now i have been using Baby Powder Cornstarch it has actually helping dry up the sores but it makes them itch like crazy, they itch in my sleep and keep me up throughout the nite... is there anything that would help me keep from itching and help the sores heal and go away faster? Thanks.


I am that person that would just read others post and not share my story. But today i must admit that I also unfortunately suffer from this GH character. Smh. I contracted it around the age of 17 but did not find out until I was about 19. I would only really get small red bumps on my thigh . I was told originally it was just a boil or a hair bumb. I visited my obgyn and my doc finally took a culture of it. When she called me back and told me what it was I swear I could of jumped off a buildin . Maybe I'm over acting but damn this is what my parents warned me about. This is why my dad told me to leave those damn bad boys alone. My boyfriend of 4 years was obviously cheating and contracted it and gave me this gift i could never get rid of. He prob still to this day does not know he is infected because when I found out that was the last straw for me. We have not been together for the last past two years. Recently I spoke to him and he was complaining to me about a 'hair bump' that irritated him. I just sat there and listened to him complain about the pain of it touching his boxers and my hate for him grew more mainly because he is still ignorant to the fact and prob infected other girls. I will let him find his own way. I am stuck with this forever. Call me bitter; because I most definitely am. but i refuse to admit to him how much he actually ruined my life; especially since we now live 500 miles away from each other and barley talk. Anyway my doc put me on valtrex and ironically I always felt it made my outbreak more worse and they began to come more often. So I recently stopped and I have been clear so far. I just always made sure my genital area was always clean and absolutely dry especially after showering..too much moisture can cause an outbreak ...well that was until 2 days ago. Which hints my reason for searching for healing remedies and finding this page. From my readings I found that I maybe need to try some epsom salt and power or corn starch to dry it out. I have been using this scar cream along with a tropical cream to help with the scar tissue it leaves behind. Regardless I waiting for that day I read in the newspaper that they found a cure! Wishful thinking !!!!
Thanks for listening ! Good luck with it all_!!


I work a very physically active job outside in the heat. Rubbing and aggravating the sores is unpreventable. I use gold bond medicated foot powder during the day and cold sore medicine ABREVA at night. It seems to work well. My symptons last less then a week without prescriptions.


Hi everyone! I am so so grateful for this site! but everyone, I have a question? Most of you seem to describe that you have pain down there, do any of you feel extreme itchiness? because i've felt much more itch than I have pain, i can't even walk w/o feeling itchy. I am 16 and haven't been diagnosed by a doctor but I am 99% sure I have it. Because I got what I think was an outbreak a day after my boyfriend performed oral sex on me and have gotten what I think are outbreaks twice since then. I have been itchy for the past 3 days and don't know what to do! I took an epsom salt bath and it worked but only for so long. I need stuff you can find at home! I don't have money to buy stuff like propolis and I can't tell my mom what I have! please help!!! thank you all! stay strong!


I was diagnosed with Herpes1 last week. This form usually forms cold sores on the mouth, but in rare cases it can break out on the genitals... Of course I was that rare case!

I have always been a carrier of H1 because my mother has it, but I did not get sores and couldn't pass it on to anyone else. My parents havebeen married 38 years and my dad still does not have H1, so it is hard to pass on when you are careful during an outbreak.

I was tested last September and was still negative for H1. However, I recently started a sexual relationship with someone with H1, and shortly thereafter developed horrible sores on my vagina. They were so bad I felt like I was going to throw up from the pain. I stayed home from work and could barely move. My OBGYN took a swab and they came back as H1.

When H1 breaks out on the genitals, of course the initial OB is the worst, and it is also unlikely to break out there again (thank god!) So this may be my only outbreak.

My partner is devastated that not only did he give me H1 in a fluke, but that I had a fluke genital outbreak. It is healing now and 13-ish days later I am almost good as new.

I tried bee propolis, but the alcohol sting was terribleand I got no relief once it was gone. I took propolis capsules by mouth as well as valacyclovir, and used Zovirax ointment.

When it was REALLY bad, the only thing that brought me any relief whatsoever was 5% Lidocaine ointment from the doctor. It finally let me sleep and was a lifesaver.

Also, i found it impossible to urinate without searing pain when my pee hit the sores. the only way i could do it was to aim the shower directly at my crotch, turn the water as cold as i could stand, and urinate that way. Not attractive but it worked!!

I hope everyone out there keeps the faith & knows that this virus does not define you and does not preclude you from having meaningful and happy relationships!


I was diagnosed with both HSV 1& 2 plus antibodies for yest infection back in Nov 2011. I was experiencing some problems and had the blood test which came back positive for both types. I never had an outbreak of genital herpes down there until a month after that. I was put on Val for 10 days which seem to work, but I experience outbreaks every mouth it seems.

I started Ayaclvior back at the beginning of May which I still had an outbreak at the end of May. My doctor was no help, so I switched to supposedly the best women's health in my area. I had another episode in June. Just last week I had two bumps form and my new doctor took a culture of the one that didn't look dried up. Due the holiday I am supposed to get the results back on Monday.

Ever since the end of May I have been experiencing tingling down there at times it isn't fun at all. There is no itching, just tingling.

I have tried the tea tree oil, bee prohilis, l-sein, vitamin D and Zinc, diaper cream, etc. I just want it go back dormat and leave me alone. I know you have to accept this, but how can you when it is so persistent.

I have started a new relationship and he is very understanding of this. He knows that we are not doing anything for his protection.

Sorry for my frustration, but how do I get doctor to understand this isn't normal!


Genital herpes.... I've always been so careful when sexually involved with people wearing. Condoms always. The last year I've been virtually abstinant from sex. I visited and ex boyfriend and we ended up having protected sex. 2 weeks later I was in the emergency with what the doctor and multiple nurses said was the worst case of gh they had ever seen. I couldn't walk, couldn't urinate without having to take morphine. I ended up being in the hospital for 10 days. I'm also a type 1 diabetic and was sending my sugars all over the map. When I got out I took every precaution possible but kept taking valtrex because I always had the 'tingle'. I became very depressed, lonley, angry and withdrawn. I started reading message support boards for people with gh and did some research on valtrex and realized that this was what was making my feeling magnified. I quickly went off valtrex and tried some of the remedies I found on this site. Had I not I would probably still be in a very depressed state. I am too scared to tell my ex I have it and caught it from him, he's not kind and I fear telling him. Thank u to everybody who has offered support, remedies and thier story. Every time I'm feeling upset about having this virus I come on here and feel so much better and that my feelings are also had by others. I have also found if u have people u trust that u can talk to and confide in about this helps as well. I hope anyone with gh can realize as hard and terrible it can feel to have this, your alive and have hope for yourself and true people in your life will support u and love u regardless xoxo


I'm trying something new or perhaps different. I'm not sure if it works but I feeling relief. I'm trying a mixture of three ingredients. Ground Tylenol paste, hydrogen peroxide, and providone iodine. All three ingredients combined into a paste. I will post tomorrow and see how it works.

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