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I was diagnosed with the herpes virus type 2 almost a year ago.. I dnt remembeer having an outbreak.. If I did it had to be many years ago and I thought it was an allergic reaction to the condomns.. But anyway I try and use baby powder or vagisil powder to help keep the sore dry.. Because when they are dry it decrease the pain.. I get one sore in the same spot which is in the rim of the anal cavity.. Very painful.. Also I use hydrocortisone for the pre symptoms and I wash and dry the area a few times a day to promote the fast healing... Dnt forget to coat the area with powder.. And make sure the area is dry so the powder wont cake up.. Hope this works for everyone.. :-)


I'm 18 have only had sex with one man who i am sure is loyal and was told today that I have genital herpes. the bumps developed last night n the pain has been unbearable. I now fear having to pee because the pain is so intense. I also fear putting anything on that area because of how sensitive it is and also i am worried i will make it spread more. Every time i look i have more and more blisters. this infection spreads like a wild fire. i feel dirty like my hands have the virus all over them spreading to innocent people and trying to infect my eyes and pretty much anywhere on my body. i fear I will get blisters everywhere even my hands.


Hi, I have had gen herp for 22 yrs now and have finally started to be able to accept it and move on. My first boyfriend with whom I had a relationship with for 7 yrs was sleeping around and gave me this.
I have been so bitter and angry as it has been hard and it hurts something awful.
I can share with all that it will get better, takes time but it will. Eventually the outbreaks will be longer apart and last for less time. Try and minimize stress and take extra vitamin C's and zink which boosts the immune system. If it hurts I usually am helped by using lidocaine/xylocaine balm or gel. To speed up the healing and take care of the infection I have found that putting Tea Tree oil on the blisters helps wonderfully.
Wish you all the best!

31 Year old Female

I want to share my experience in an attempt to help people cope with their first time outbreak. I was diagnosed with Herpes Type 2 last summer. I was incredibly horrified but to my dismay I survived and have been in good health since. It will pass! The first week for me was incredibly painful. The symptoms spread so fast and I will tell you what you may expect and what relief I found.

The sores lasted for around 10days and were incredibly sore while urinating. Try to hold lips apart and turn towards the wall over the toilet. This helps the stream from not contacting the sores. Peeing in the shower with cold water helps. I used tea tree oil in the shower after urinating and it provided a little numbness to the area. Only wipe on the outer areas, do not insert inside!

I encountered burning in my bum and tingling pains throughout my legs and feet. These were the last symptoms to go. I was very lethargic, experienced diarhea, and had a yeast infection near the end of the 10 days. Your immune system is fighting hard for you so if at all possible give in to laying in bed, and eat healthy and sleep as much as you need.

MY #1 SAVIOR WAS A FAN! I WOULD LAY IN BED WITH A FAN AT THE END OF MY BED AND LAYING NAKED DIRECT IT AT THE SORE AREA. This helped a ton! Try to stay cool and out of the sun as the sun irritates it.

At the worst stage I had massive red spots, dark scabs and an area in the inside that looked like it was dropping out and scabbed. Do remember that this is part of the process and that you are starting to heal. The virus is shedding and your body is healing. It's very ugly and humbling but it will go back to normal.

Eat lots of Veggies containing Lysine (google search for list).

Lastly, I am sorry that anyone has to go thru this. It is incredibly humbling and painful. The good news is that I have made it a year with only a tiny sore and the occasional itch. Nothing that affects my daily life. I was also devastated after contracting herpes from a partner that I broke up with and went on to finding a new partner. I was honest with the next guy and he supported me 100%. We now have an active sex life with no problems! I'm honest if I have a symptom and we abstain if that is the case.


I'm a 38 year old male. Been living with GH for 8 years now. Not exactly sure how I got it, but I know it is very depressing when an OB occurs. Anyhow, I have managed to keep outbreaks to a minimum by using plenty of lubrication during intercourse, and trying to live a stress free life. Obviously, that is much easier said than done. I only have about 4 OB a year. It sucks because I do limit my sexual encounters to limit outbreaks. Anyhow, I just told my girlfriend of 2 yrs. about it last week. That was not a good experience. We spoke about the fact earlier on in the year that if an STD were to come along that we would deal with, and work with it. However, I have always been afraid to tell her for fear of losing a woman in which I love dearly. We are still together, and she has accepted the fact I have it, and that if she got it, she would deal with it. I am still fearful of giving it to her. She has had no signs of an obvious outbreak as of yet, but today I sit here with an OB trying to find relief. Just so happens I have some propolis in my stash of remedies, but have never thought to try it. I will do just that. I wish there were a cure for this. I am sure there is, as there is a cure for cancer. Pharma makes too much money off of prescriptions to even consider releasing one to the general public, so. Anyhow, thanks for all the tips guys.


Use wild oregano oil for and make sure its has p73 on the bottle. U should take 3-4 drops under tongue twice day and let it sit there for 30 secs then swallow with juice or water and also put it on the base of the spine bc thats where the virus hides at. I have had GH for several years and this is one of the few things that have worked for me so far it has alot of research to back it up as well. Its a little pricy but i think it is worth it.


I'm 22 years old. I was diagnosed with HSV1 2 years ago. I searched for home remedies to help with genital herpes because a couple days ago I started to break out (my second time). My first outbreak was pretty much traumatizing. I didn't show any signs or symptoms of the disease for 2 years and then I went on vacation to Cancun, Mexico and not even a week later I broke out. I would barely walk, I had so much discharge, I couldn't wear underwear because the sores kept sticking to them and everytime I moved it felt like I was ripping my skin. I was in so much pain I threw up. My whole body just ached. I spent most of the days in the bath tub because that was the only thing that soothed the sores. I went to immediate care and they gave me a 10 day prescription for valtrex, 1,000 mg hydrochodone and gel that was 5% lidocaine. I tried the lidocaine but when it dried it pulled my skin and my pubic hairs just adding to my pain. So far for my second outbreak I am not in pain but more sores keep popping up. I'm PRAYING it doesn't get any worse. My boyfriend does not have the virus. He gts very frustrated because I always have some kind of vagina problem. Like a bad odor or it'll get really sore on the outside and itchy on the inside. There's usually something wrong with my vagina everyother week almost. I've tried telling my obgyn and she just kept giving me diflucan(for a yeast infection). My family doctor gave me some vaginal cream that I put in tubes and inject into my vagina for 7 days. I think it's for bacterial vaginosis but I'm scared to do it because everytime I try the injectable creams I have some kind of reaction. I don't have any home remedies for genital herpes, I just wanted to tell my story. I feel gross sometimes and I feel bad for my boyfriend because he has to deal with all of this. I just want to feel normal and have a normal body again and feel comfortable in my body again...


Hello all. suggestion to heal from herpes. Check out this website and read the article for gential herpes. With this dis-ease you have to start the healing process from within. figure out how it was attracted to your life. Find the right herbs. On this website you can find anti-viral detox that can heal. I recommand doing a full body detox also on the website than the anti-viral. I recommand this because herpes once was my issue until. I detoxed, changed my lifestyle, and forgave the one who passed to me. It doesn't hurt to give a try.


Hello, I was just diagnosed with GH yesterday. Of course when I was told what I had I felt like my life was over and that no man would ever want to be with me again. Today I've read some of the stories on here and it's nice to know I'm not alone in this. The blisters on my vagina are killing me. The urine burns me soooo BAD! I'm currently on the antibiotics to treat this virus, I just wanna fast forward the next couple days. One thing that helps me some is a diaper rash paste. It helps act like a barrier to kind of block the urine. Hope that helps someone.


I was diagnosed with HSV1 & HSV2 in January after my cheating ex boyfriend gave me the disease, knew he had it all along, and never told me he had it until after I left him. I went to the doctor and sure enough the bloodwork came back positive. I had never had an outbreak though and I never wanted to. I went to my GYN and she prescribed Valacyclovir..I was taking it regularly and then my RX ran out and I couldnt afford the $300 it costs . I had my first outbreak a week after I stopped taking it. My mother then paid for the RX for me bc I literally wanted to shoot myself from the pain. The symptoms went away and I was fine. Well now once again RX is out and a week later here I am again dying!!! So I bought the propolis drops. I take them orally twi e a day for 2 days now and put them directly on the blisters. It seems to help the pain for a little bit but I see another blister forming. Anyone else know what I can do to prevent these things? I recommend no one tame Valacyclovir, I never had a single problem until I started taking this which Ive heard from several other people as well. Someone please let me know what works for you!! My ex still has never had symptoms so apparently he is just a carrier and im the not so lucky victim FML.

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