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VERY IMPORTANT, I don't think I have ever posted to a blog before, but PLEASE read what I have to say. I'm a 46 year old male who first contracted herpes in college when I was 23. Wasn't that big of deal and I have lived with it ever since and have always said if somebody said 'give me $1000 and I'll make it go away', I would say NO. Only because it never affected me much. It just wasn't a big deal and I would have an outbreak downstairs like 3 times a year. Now fast forward to about 2 years ago. I met a really attractive younger girl who offered up the fact (before we had sex) that she had genital herpes. I said, well guess what? so do I, so from what I could find on the internet, no problem right?? WRONG!!! If you don't know what you have HSV1 or HSV2 you can get infected with the other, which is what happen to me. I now have outbreaks constantly, constantly feel sick and achey, seems like I'm a walking herpes infector that never goes into remission. I've gone to my doctor and although he says it's just in my mind, trust me, it's not. I've never been a hypochondriac ever in my life but clearly I was REINFECTED with a different herpes virus I previously wasn't infected with. I was tested for everything else, HIV and all other STD's and only herpes came back, both HSV 1 and 2. Oh, and by the way previously when I said if somebody said give me $1000 and i'll rid you of the virus I said no? Now I would easily pay $100,000 to get rid of what I have. The moral of this is just because you think you have herpes don't think you can't get either reinfected with the version you don't have or a still to be determined, another strain of the virus you do have. From what I understand that is still somewhat a mystery of wether or not there are actual different strains of each of the HSV1 and 2 but I honestly have no idea about that. Please don't make the mistake I did and listen to anybody who may say well once you have it, you have it and can't really get it again. It's not true. TRUST ME!!!


I contracted GH when I was 18 unfortunately. My first OB was terrible I didn't know what was happening. I finally wazs able to see the DR a week later and found out. A year later I ended up not having any insurance. I was so stressed i kept gettin OBs.. Acyclovir was $500 without it i didn't know what I was going to do with just the pills and not the ointment. I was searching the internet for any bit of info to help me that wasnt expensive. I tried crushed Tylenol with drops of water spread on the area, abreva with crushed Tylenol but both only work for a short period of time. CARMEX works THE BEST!! It's only .99 cents and it gets the job done.


hey. i read the stories on this page and they have uplifted me so much. i just found out a day ago that i was diagnosed with Gh. i was historical in my doctors office. thinking my life is over as looking at websites seeing ther is no cure for this std. me being 18 i saw my whole life flash before me. i contracted it from my ex boyfriend and had to tell my current partner about it because we had sex without a condom. he was scared and i felt so guilty and responsible . i cried all day. going through horrible pains all alone this helped me figure out my life and i saw this as a turning point. im starting to forgive myself because i know this isnt my fault as for i wasnt the one who had it but i till feel guilty. im sure this will be over soon & i hope the future has less painful ob than the first one.


I am pretty sure I have genital herpes. I went to a free clinic and they told me I had it. I got a swab test but my results came out negative... I am going back next week to get blood test done. But, anyways with my first outbreak it sucked! I screamed and cried while peeing it was unbearable. Something that helped me extremely well was drink baking soda it makes your urine less acidic and more basic only drink it once a day or it will make it worse take one cup of water and 1/2 a tsp of baking soda. IT REALLY DOES WORK! After I would pee I would sit in a warm bath. This helps ease the pain and take away the itching. Do not itch it! It is hard not to do but it will make it worse and make it burn. I hope this helps some people! I am just looking on the bright side. Everything happens for a reason. If a guy really loves me he won't care if I have herpes or not. Stay positive and stay safe. YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Misery loves Company

I just wanted to share my story as well... First of all, I always thought it would never happen to me (like everybody else).

I am 25 years old female and I had only 2 sexual partners. Last month, I got diagnosed myself with this virus. How did I end up with it?

Let me tell you....
I have been dating this ER doctor since January and just recently stopped using condoms. He told me that he is clean of any type of STD's and that he would prefer not using condoms anymore. I just got tested in December for all types of STD's and everything came back negative. In May I discovered two tiny lil pimple on his penis shaft in the morning (we just had sex the night before). As soon as I saw it, I had a feeling that it was HSV-2. I was super freaked out and I started looking through his medicine cabinet- I couldn't find any antiviral drugs. I am a medical student myself and I am on the way of becoming a gynecologist, so I have seen Herpes on multiple times in woman before. Even tough I didn't find any medications, I was still concerned...I was so nervous that my heart rate was elevated. He felt that my heart was beating very fast, so he asked me why I am so nervous.
I was like, well what is this bump on your penis?
He looked and told me...oh that's nothing. He claimed it appeared from masturbating without lubrication. He told me that he just recently got tested yada yada and that he would never do this to me. He made me feel really stupid because he is the doctor and I am just the medical student. I honestly wanted to believe him...but I was still concerned.
Anyways a month later, I found one tiny little spot on my vagina. I didn't have any pain or felt sick. I applied some Isopropyl alcohol on it which really burns but I wanted to disinfect it. I didn't tell him a word but went to my gynecologist and told her the whole story. She took a look at it and told me that it doesn't look like HSV-2 at all and I should calm down (I was crying my eyes out in her office). She told me she was 100% positive that it was not what I expected but I insisted in a blood test regardless.
Meanwhile, my boyfriend went on vacation to Europe. A week later, my gynecologist called and told me that she was wrong. The ELISA test had shown that I had been recently infected with the virus. She was so puzzled because it didn't look like it at all and I didn't have any other typical symptoms. She ordered another test because she actually believed that it could have been a mistake in the lab.

Anyways, I was devastated...I called my boyfriend and he started crying on the phone....he got tested as well and it turned out to be positive as well- not a surprise to me.

My point of this story is that EVERYBODY should get tested for EVERYTHING all the time. This is the only way that the spread of diseases can be eliminated. I am mad at myself because I have always been so cautious and got tested all the time. I had a false sense of security since he was a doctor and I felt like that he is as responsible as me..., he told me that he got tested but he never showed me the prove of it.

My mother is the only person that knows about my infection beside him..

Ever since I got the virus from him, we are having problems. I don't trust him anymore...

On the other hand, I am very fortunate. I don't have any 'problems' with it, it is not painful or anything. All the women, I have seen in the clinic were in agony and were in so much pain.

Being infected with this virus helped me made up my mind about doing research in this field and possibly getting my PhD as well. I am very positive that there will be a 'cure' in the near future. Unfortunately, I doubt that the virus can ever be eliminated out of the body- however, I am positive that the outbreaks and the viral shedding might be stopped very soon (maybe in the next 5-10 years). I think they will first develop a vaccine to prevent transmission.

Meanwhile, hang in there everybody and keep your head up! It all could be a lot worse. In the end of the day, it is only a 'skin condition'/ 'virus that affects the skin'.

God bless you!

just another

Hi everyone..!!! I want to tell a lil about myself. I first got gh at the age of 15. I got it from a boyfriend that i had been with for 2 yrs.. He was my first.. And ta-da i got it 2 weeks later... It was super painful... Everything i did hurt. But it wasn't only painful for me but for my parents too.. They had had 'the talk' with me already but was in love and didn't think.. After being told i had it i felt horrible like my world had ended. That i would never find someone that would every accept me like this.. That no one would ever understand me. I was depressed for a long time. I felt that there was nothing left for me.. Exaggerating i know but i wasonly 15... I had just had my quincenera... But i am now 22 and married to a wonderful man that loves me for me and accepts me for who i am with all my virtues and defects.. I was honest with him from the beginning which i recommend everyone be when you decide to take that step. Many people have gotten it because their partner never told them. Don't be that partner that does that.. Anyways i am now married with one child and another on the way.. I know. Im not playing around or wasting time!!!! Lol. I had mijo Dr made me take valtrex for the month that i was suppose to have him that way everything would be clear. Hopefully everything works out good with my next one... =) ok now for my help... ALWAYS ALWAYS WASH DOWN THERE WITH WARM WATER AND DRY TO PERFECTION!!! Its good to wash up twice a day just so your always clean. Eat healthy and try to not stress. Now i know that's easier said than done but just try. Now when you get an outbreak you need to wash up more times a day.. Try to keep the area as dry as possible. Try putting baby powder on it after completely dried use cotton underwear cause its more breathable. I like to use granny panties at night when an ob happens. It helps. Also sleeping naked ALONE with a fan or something to blow air on it while you sleep works too... When showering what also helps is putting warm water on it then putting cold water on it.. Repeat a couple of times it helps soothe the pain... Do this everyone you wash up and it should help heal faster.. It does me. And please if you feel an ob coming up don't risk your partner.. Don't have sex till all symptoms go away for at least a week. My husband has yet to have any signs of having gh and i pray he never does. I don't wish this pain on anyone... And lastly keep your head up.. I know it may seem like there's no hope for us but i truly believe that there will be a cure for this horrible and extremely painful virus.. Be honest and think before taking that step to have sex again with someone you mighty not love or might not be worth it.. You will find someone that'll love you regardless of your virus you'll see.. To this day I've had only a few very small ob. That last about a week. Hope this well help some of y'all out with this painful crap. And remember that your world isn't over even though it might seen like that.. God bless all of you. And can't wait to post here one day about the cure =)


My comment is especially for the girl who wrote how painful peeing can be with genital herpes sores. The way I got through my first attack.. I had 77 sores at one time, My husband counted them. My doctors gave me Xylocaine to put on locally and told me to lie naked and let them get air as much as possible. Peeing was extremely painful and impossible to bear unless I ran a few inches of water in the bathtub, sat in it and then peeed. There was virtually no pain when urinating this way. If you have to poop, sit and pee in the bath water first, then sit on toilet and poop. It's the only way I survived that first attack of genital herpes. With subsequent, less fierce outbreaks you can sit on the toilet and as you pee pour a large plastic cupful of water from the sink over your genitals. It helps, but the tub is still best if you have a tub or plastic basin to sit in.


I know everyone's frustration! I have had GH for 14 years now. I had my 1st outbreak while celebrating my 24th BDay in Cancun. It was horrible, I was in so much pain and discomfort!!! When I got back I went straight to the Dr. I thought I was and wanted to die! I was not one to sleep around, but my xboyfriend was a man whore come to find out and he denied even when i found prescriptions in he's room.
Anyway, it was hard at 1st n I thought I'd never get married or have kids. I've been married for over 14, yrs n have 3 beautiful kids. Life does go on.
I have not had an OB in years but with a lot of stress in my life right now has caused an outbreak and I'm so irritated I'm going to try one of these remedies in the morning. No insurance, little money. Need to get rid of OB n stress!


I'm 24 and was diagnosed with GH around 2 months ago. I never ever thought that anything like this would ever happen to me (like any of us) My first OB was literally the worst thing ive been through. I was given a 5 day course of acylovir from my doctor which didnt seem to help me very much. I found this site and tried everything i could, I started using epsom salt in baths which helped take away the itching for me and using bicarbonate of soda which i put straight onto the sores and within a day they started to disappear, it does hurt when you first put it on but after a few seconds it feels ok. I've also started taking vitamin c, garlic capsules, bee propolis capsules and probiotic acidophilus capsules and drinking peppermint tea. I am currently going through my 2nd OB, When i first felt the symptoms coming i started to take l-lysine and this OB hasnt been anywhere near as bad as the first so far i only have one sore... Some days i do get down about it i go through every emotion. I havent told anyone about me having this as am scared for how they'll react about it so dealing with it on my own can be tough but reading through some of the post on this site make me feel more positive when am having a bad day dealing with it. I thought my life was over when i found out i had this but i'm not gonna let this take over my life.. the only thing i'm worried about is how to tell people but i'll worry about that when the time comes!

This website has honestly helped me so much.. Thanks for all your remedies, keep them coming!!!! Stay strong everyone!!

Ann S.

Have had GH for almost 15 years. What seems to work best for me is Chinese herbal supplement I get from my acupuncturist called: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Bian Fang). Lysine seems to work also although I've just read that research shows it to be most effective with oral vs. genital herpes. Another product recommended to me by a chiropractor is called: Lauricidin. They are tiny pellets you take 3x a day with meals. Best of luck to all!

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