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Doctor Steven

Prevent Genital Herpes Outbreaks Naturally, Without Anti-viral Drugs

SUMMARY: Avoid eggs. Take 200 mcg selenium per day. Take more selenium whenever an attack starts to develop.

HISTORY: Had severe GH with about 30 outbreaks a year. Then discovered the major cause. Eggs. Stopped eating them and the outbreaks dropped to about 5 a year.

Then read that 200 mcg selenium per day prevents GH outbreaks. Tried it and it worked. This was discovered by Dr. Jonathan Wright, who pioneered many advances in this field.

Am now almost totally free of GH outbreaks, perhaps 1 or 2 per year.
On the rare occasions when an attack starts to develop, just take another tablet. This really works.


hey everyone. I have been battling with GH for almost two years. I went though similar reactions as others, anger, pain, hurt, ignoring and anything else you can think of. I am in a doctorate program so stress runs high on my list every day which is my number one factor of an OB. I've learned to stop feeling bad about myself and take an active role in feeling better. I try to work out on a regular basis even if thats doing 100 jumping jacks in my living room and eating healthy. I try to stay away from peanuts and peanutbutter (my downfall) and eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.
I by no means have cured myself but found a few daily things to do to help decrease OBs...
When I feel an outbreak coming on I double up on L-lysine (found in any stores walgreens, walmart, online) i often take propolis as well (found it in a health store or online, try to take it daily but definitely take it when i feel an OB). I have recently purchased a bottle of tea tree oil and have been using that as well when i feel an OB. On a daily basis besides eating healthier and working out i try to do some other things to lower the amount of OBs. I shower regularly (especially after swimming and working out) and always put baby powder on my underwear to help stay dry, always wear cotton underwear and try to sleep without at least pants or shorts or even underwear on at night. Due to high stress I try to take a detox bath once a week which consists of 20 minutes in hot hot water with 2 cups of epsom salt, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 hydo-proxide (if i feel an outbreak i try to do this twice a week or so usually lessens any pain, stress and helps reduce the length of the OB) I also keep garlic pills and vitamin c around. I try to take vitamin c daily and then double or triple the dose when feeling an OB. Drink a lot of water helps flush your system though I admit I often never drink enough.
I've learned that having multiple ways to combat this helps me to a. remember to do at least one of them on a daily basis and b. have numerous options incase I'm out of something or what not. I feel a lot of this is a mental game. so loving yourself is key... taking time out to de-stress and breathe have been important. The more I worry about GH or an OB the more I tend to get them. The less I think about in my daily life the less I seem to get an OB.
Hope this helps some people and give you a few ideas going forward :)


I found out I had gh about ten months ago. The man I am with was my good friend for seven years before we started our relationship. When I told him what he had given me he was just as devastated. We are supporting eachother. Through this and I can honestly say support is the best way to cope. We found that peroxide works best for drying out the sores in three days or less. Along with antiviral medication. We never have an outbreak that lasts any longer thanks to people sharing there ideas.


I was diagnosed with genital herpes (II) about 6 months ago, after being with my partner for over 2 years. I had never consciously experienced an outbreak, and the first one was excruciatingly painful and came on during a time of much stress. My partner was not aware that he had the disease, either, but he had an outbreak several weeks later. We have each had 2-3 outbreaks since.

The sores are painful and irritating, but manageable. Twice since my last outbreak, I have felt a tingly irritation which seems to signal an outbreak. Both times I have applied Hyland's Homeopathic Calendula ointment to the area, and have completely avoided an outbreak, with the tingling gone by the next day. This ointment contains a 10% extract of Calendula flowers in a base of Petrolatum with 5% Lanolin. I suspect that the lanolin might be the best healing agent, as it is known to be a great healer for chapped or irritated skin. One might experiment with using a less expensive lanolin-based product, such as Bag Balm. I would also use this on an actual outbreak if one occurred, as it helps heal abrasions.

Someone else had suggested using baking soda on an outbreak in order to dry it out. I tried this, and it caused excruciating pain and stinging. I thought it might go away after a few minutes, but it continued stinging until I washed it off. I would NOT recommend trying baking soda.

Cornstarch was recommended for the same purpose, and I found that this worked quite well. I applied it with a cotton ball to the area after using the bathroom, and it helped reduce irritation from the sores being moist and rubbing together.

Warm baths also seemed to help, though I was constantly paranoid about fully bathing, as I thought the virus might shed into the water and infect other areas, such as my mouth or nose.


I've had GH since being diagnosed in Aug 2009. Needless to say I was devasted....I thought my life was over. My partner had been diagnosed with GH years earlier and had purposely withheld it from me. Not only tht he refused to use condoms. So I was doomed from the start. I was totally in the dark, until I was contacted one day by one of his other partners (another suprise) and told tht he had the disease and had passed it along to her. I was hysterical, ashamed, and hurt. A couple of days after my diagnosis, I experienced my first outbreak. It was the worst thing I've ever felt in my life...both physically and emotionally. Since tht initial outbreak, I experience an outbreak approximately every three months. They are all bad. I can't get out the bed, I can't function through the pain...even with the Valtrex 1 gram and acyclovir cream and painkillers. After a long stressful week this week, I felt tht familiar tingling early one morning. By that night, the blisters were out. I turned to this website for some relief. I went to a natural store and purchased the bee propolis liquid and pure tea tree oil. I dabbed the blisters with the mixture. The first time I used it, I was literally on fire down there for an hour or so. After the burn eased, it was practically painless. No itch or irritation. Yes! Since then, I use it a couple times a day, it only tingles for a few seconds, and gives me major relief. I can't even feel it, and I'm completely functional. I'm still taking acyclovir pills (5 daily) & lysine 1000 mg, and I drop 10 drops of the bee propolis under my tongue daily.I've noticed my blisters drying up only after 3 days! 3 days! My outbreaks usually last 10-14 days. I know its the bee propolis. It's a miracle! Though this disease is incurable, it is manageable...I feel as if I can live now. A major burden off my shoulders. It's also comforting to know I'm not alone with this silent disease. I'm proud to say as well tht I have a wonderful man, who accepts me, with my disease, and loves me through it all. It was hard at the beginning of our relationship telling him that I have GH, but nevertheless, he accepted me! This website is a lifesaver! I'm learning more to accept my disease...but I still have my moments tht I cry...maybe the tears will never stop.

Liz W

Hello everyone. I'm so glad I found this site. I found out I have GH just 4 days ago. My symptoms started while I was on vacation and had to sit on a plane for 7 hours to get home. As soon as I noticed the bumps I knew it was GH and going to the doc was just a confirmation and getting treatment. From what I've learned in the past 4 days....peeing in the tub is way less painful than trying to do it on the toilet. Using a blow dryer on the cool setting helps keep yourself dry and hurts less than trying to pat dry with a towel. Aveeno oatmeal baths in very luke warm water is incredibly soothing. My gynecologist told me not to use any topical creams or ointments because not only will they lock in moisture but it can delay healing (even though it seems to soothe the itching and burning in the short term). I no longer have 'granny panties' as I only ever wear thongs, so I stole my boyfriend's boxers and they work nicely because they're loose and breathable. I take l-lysine (an essential amino acid that our bodies can't create, but desperately need) can either get it in supplements or look up a list of foods that contain it. I've been taking advil liquid gels every 4-6 hours to help relieve the excruciating pain and this seems to help. I'm also taking my acyclovir prescription 5x a day. I tried putting baking soda on the sores early on to try to dry them out....DON'T do this!!! It burns so badly....I was doubled up on the floor in tears. This is all the advice that I have, but now I'm looking for some as well.

For the past few days that I've had these symptoms, I've stayed home from school and haven't had to work. It's been nice to just lie in one position in bed and limit irritation. Unfortunately my time off is up and I have to work tomorrow night, a double on saturday, and sunday night as well. I'm a waitress so I usually walk very quickly and I have to wear certain pants that I feel aren't going to be comfortable for this. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me to get through this work weekend? I've already told my boss that I have some stuff going on medically and need to take it easy, but I just feel that walking around so much wearing those (relatively) tight pants is going to irritate my sores that are trying to desperately to heal. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

And good luck to those of you that are experiencing the same pain.


Hi all. The doctors told me I contracted GH2 about a month ago. I had the same reactions as most: Shock, disbelief, sadness, and so forth. I have lurked around on different sites seeking remedies and have finally decided to write and share.

As a woman, the thing I have found most helpful for relief is applying a few drops of Cayenne Pepper EXTRACT AND Olive Leaf EXTRACT on my pantyliners where the sores are present. My sores typically surface on or near my vaginal lips. INSTANT and LONGER relief for me when done this way in comparison to putting the drops on a cotton swab and then applying.

Applying a mixture of the TWO EXTRACTS to Pantyliners has really helped me. It has taken the hassle out of re-applying when I am not able to.

If you are a guy, I strongly suggest swallowing your pride and getting some pantyliners. Do you want your pride? Or do you want relief? Plus, you can always say you're buying them for your girlfriend, sister, or mom..

For guys, the only other suggestion would be putting the extracts directly on your underwear and see how it works.

***Just be careful because it is VERY strong does burn near the bikini line so just beware.*** I probably should water it down, but I never end up doing so.

Hope this helps someone!!!

living and doing fine

I'm 30 yrs old and I caught gh when I was 18 and I wad devastated. I have learned how to live with it and I don't even have outbreaks anymore. Something I learned when u have this condition it is very easy to catch other diseases especially HIV and I learned that through research. I haven't took pills to control this in yrs I went cold Turkey cuz ur body will get dependant on them. Quick tip especially for woman after ur period cuz the blood can cuz out breaks bathe with vinager in the water and keep the area very clean use femanine wash everyday u bathe and trust me it works for me for yrs now and number #1tip keep stress down stress will cause outbreaks quick. If pregnant tell ur Obgyn and then u go on meds by increasing ur dosage and times u take until delivery my doctor did that and I never had an out break and my child didn't catch nothing hope this helps and good luck


I have had gh for about 4 years. I got it when I was 19. My boyfriend of 5 years I believe gave it to me and has outbreaks but never bad ones. He believes I gave it to him go figure right. My first outbreak was horrible. It was like one big scab hurt so bad to pee it put a shirt in my mouth to bite one. Neither sitting in the bath or in shower to pee helped. I am having my first ob in over a year. I thought it was a yeast infection at first was douching with salt, vinegar, hydrogen proxide, water mixture. It fixed the internal itch but now have all these bumps. Then I was like oh damn an outbreak. I use bactroban cream it shortens the length of time I have them and I find it works best when I first see a bump to treat each immediately. I also use diaper rash cream to avoid chaffing and pain. I sleep with no underwear so it gets plenty of air. It just needs time to heal. No sex during this time and normally wait 4 days after th bumps are gone just so he won't get an outbreak caused by me. Wash hands each time after touching for any reason. I also have trouble sleeping cuz o th itch so I take a sleeping pill. The worst ob are in the anus area and the crease above the clit.


I was just recently told that I have genital herpes and I've been depressed ever since! I'm happy that I've found this website that shows me how other deal with this daily! I'm taking vitamins now and trying to change my eating habits. I know it's a long road ahead but I guess I'm looking for guidance more than anything now

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