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MY STORY: so I've never posted in a blog before,but what better time than now? Well i am 19 years old and was diagnosed about 4 months ago. ): I've only had 2 partners EVER and used condoms with both initially. And then BOOM!!!! after 5years of off and on with my 1st partner we decided to not use one. a few days after having sex, i started to experience a lot of pain down below. i went to the doctors and was diagnosed with a yeast infection....but after it didn't clear up with the prescribed medication i knew something was wrong. IT was SOOOOO PAINFUL to pee.i went back to the doctors and was the diagnosed with the virus. i was emotionally damaged. i was hurt,confused,depressed,SCARED!!!!! the doctor put me on acyclovir for when i experienced OB's. for the 1st couple months i got OB's around every week and a half. for my last 2 OB's i stopped taking the meds because i dent want my system to become immune to it so i just let it ride out on its own. when i showered i applied alcohol/water to the sores.YES IT BURNS LIKE HOLY HELL. but it seems to dry the sores out faster. i also started on vitamin c. i haven't seemed to find a 'remedy' yet but i am now able to manage the OB's without medication;something that i NEVER imagined that i could do. POINT BLANK I WAS READY TO GIVE UP COMPLETELY...BUT I DIDNT AND NOW IM LEARNING TO LIVE WITH IT LITTLE BY LITTLE. I HOPE YOU ALL CAN FIND THE SILVER LINING AS WELL. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND I LOVE YOU ALL FOR STAYING STRONG<3


I am 22 now and contracted HSV1 genitally when I was 15. I had blood work done, came back negative, so I lived thinking I did not have it for three years. At the age of 18 I had another one and that's when I came out of denial and accepted it. The first one I ever had I had to have a catheter put in because I could no pee. I went over 40 hours without going to the bathroom. That was to this day the worst one I have ever had. They get less worse with each one I get. I have had four total. The one when I was 15, 18, 20(when I had my daughter,) and now that I'm 22. I have a very loving and supporting husband. He was my best friend when I was first diagnosed so he has always known.
I am looking very forward to trying these remedies some of you have listed because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I need to be around a lot of people without letting on that something is wrong and tomorrow the way my OBs usually go I will be totally immobile and won't be able to walk.
My remedy is this. With the peeing thing. Take one of those paper dixie cups and cut the bottom out. Hold it up to yourself and pee. It stops the urine from hitting the sores and it makes going to the bathroom so much more bearable if you don't get them up inside of your self! This trick has saved my life every outbreak that I have had! The other thing that works is Valtrex. I keep it stocked up for when I get an outbreak because I take a double dose twice a day until the sores are gone.
Just remember that you're not dirty for having this. It took me a long time to accept this. I still feel ashamed when I get an OB because I can't be there for my daughter the ways that I need to be but I have a very loving and supporting man who bends over backwards when I get an OB to make sure I'm comfortable.


Hi, this is really for the person who left the last message. I am 33 now and caught herpes when i was 20, I like you by the sound of it was devastated, i was getting outbreak after outbreak and spent so much time at the GUM clinic. But just trust me when I say it DOES get better your body learns how to deal with it in time. How many people do you know whith the other type of herpes (type 2) on their face, lots, but its just one of those things. There are many other more serious STI's out there you could have caught. I asked to be put on a years course of aciclivir tablets as a preventative medicine and i didnt have a single outbreak for a year. Once i came off the tablets I only have maybe 1 outbreak every year or 2. So keep your chin up its not that bad and it does get better, but i know how you feel.


I don't have a remedy, I just wanted to say that I found out 2 nights ago that I have Genital Herpes. This is very difficult for me and I am scared. I ve read a lot of you alls testimonies and I felt a bit of relief. Especially when I noticed someone else felt like they had a large sign painted on their forehead with a diagnosis. Day 3 with GN wasn't as bad as yesterday. I am definitely going to continue to research and live with a little more ease each day knowing that life goes on and I am not alone. Thanks


I have been living with HSV since 1988. Initially, outbreaks were frequent and bad. I then tried acyclovir as suppressive therapy, which reduced my outbreaks to a several a year. After several years of taking acyclovir and discussions with my Dr., I decided to stop taking acyclovir as suppressive therapy and would only use it during an outbreak. But I did not find the acyclovir very effective in reducing the length or severity of the outbreak, so I eventually stopped using it. As the years passed, the outbreaks became less frequent...under normal circumstances, about once per year. But the times I was under significant stress could trigger an outbreak. For me (and many here), stress can be the determining factor in having an outbreak. What has worked for me: take care of yourself. Eat properly, exercise, get proper rest, and try to keep your stress levels down. Take supplements. L- lysine taken at the first symptoms has averted outbreaks for me. Tea tree oil and vitamin E salve have been helpful in clearing up outbreaks more quickly for me. There is no magic cure-all for this disease, but if you take care of yourself you will likely have fewer outbreaks over the years and they can be less intense. Life goes on, so don't beat yourself up over this. You can live a happy life.


My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 and a half years now. We split up for about 6 months and during that time the woman he was seeing had genital herpes. We got back together and he did tell me he had contracted herpes. When it first happened I was the only one who knew forever and I was his friend. Not ever have I looked at him as dirty or anything of that sort. About a week ago I started to have my first genital herpes outbreak. I went to the doctor a couple days ago and was officially diagnosed. It is a very severe outbreak. I have never been in so much pain ever and I have had very serious abscesses. I can't stop crying from the excruciating pain. It has caused me to feel sick as I've ever felt! The doctor said I am severely swollen all over including the rectum, I have blisters ulcers and I have limpnoids on the left and right of my bikini line, high fevers, chill, all flu like symptoms, and basically any symptom you can have I have. She gave me a medication I am to take 5 times a day for 10 days. I am having problems sleeping at night and controlling the pain. I am not mad at my boyfriend I love him very much and am happy I have someone who I know will always be by my side no matter what who loves me. He feels horrible and I've been trying to tell him that its not his fault that eventually I was going to contract it. So far the one thing I will say is the most amazing home remedies first of all Oatmeal Baths! Take one when you wake up and one before you go to bed. It helps you tolerate the pain so you can sleep and walk comfortable and it also calms down the swelling ALOT!! For pain and swelling I take naproxen and ibuprofen and when the pain gets really bad I to take a hydrocodone which it has Tylenol in it so it helps bring down my fever and the body aches. If you need medicine to tolerate the pain let your doctor know and they will most likely prescribe it to you. Another method for heat you can use in between baths is a heating pad fold it which ever way you need to in order to cover the areas that hurt. For the stomach and lower abdomen pain I have yet to find a remedy. Food doesn't sound good at all and I can't eat or I get diarrhea. I believe this is a part of the flu like symptoms. And the main thing I wanna say is don't be afraid to seek help and advice! My mom has genital herpes and she has been my biggest supporter and person to turn to for advice. I came on to this website at first and read for alot of advice. I want to thank everyone who shared their stories and gave advice. I hope my advice helps someone who really needs it and lets them know they're not alone!


Tea tree & cornstarch. The tea tree is a natural anti-viral and relieves itching. Cornstarch dries out the blisters & prevents chafing. After bathing, apply tea tree oil using a cotton swab, and with clean hands pat cornstarch over the area of infection. Wash hands before and after every time you touch the area of infection.
Vitamins: Zinc, L-Lysine, Selenium, & B-complex. Wear loose, comfortable cotton undies and no tight-fitting attire. DO NOT scratch! Give it time to heal.

Don't stress! Remember you are not alone - 1 in 4 people will contract this in the span of their lifetime. You are still beautiful and can live a normal life. I've had this for years, and still managed to find an amazing guy who loves me for my quirky personality, stubbornness and pretty smile and not this stupid virus I carry. He's the bread to my butter and Im the toast to his jam. Love that man. :)
Just be cautious when you feel an outbreak coming on. NO sex until you know for sure! Also, I know condoms suck and decrease sensitivity but you should always be smart & use them! Your partner will appreciate your thoughtfulness of the situation.

I'd try to stay away from drugs, they sometimes have icky side effects (nausea). However if its really bad, go see your MD and get on acyclovir. It will shorten the duration of your outbreak and relieve your GH symptoms.

Hope this helps!
God bless & don't stress :)


I have had Herpes since I was 21 and I am now going on 36, I got it from a man I was dating that gave me the excuse that his 'package got zipped in his zipper' Well The best way that I have learned is try to just use extream heat on the area, you start feeling them coming on avoid scratching and start applying either a super hot wash rag or I use a blow dryer for as long as u can tolerate it. These 2 simple steps have worked wonders. I find the OB are worse if I apply any topical stuff however the heat is the answer and quick recovery. I hope this helps


Hi. My story is somewhat similar to many of the others on here. I was in an awful and abusive relationship for 5 years. We were engaged to be married, we lived together for 3 years. I was blinded by what I thought was love and we became engaged, not long after that I discovered his other girlfriend (I had not known about) was 4 months pregnant with his baby. Needless to say I ended that relationship. Then I met the greatest man alive. We began dating, it was 7 months before we became intimate at all. After about a year, I had my first outbreak. He was faithful, so was I. The culprit was... he had a fever blister that had not surfaced completely the night that he had performed oral sex on me. Two days later he had a fever blister on his mouth, he said he gets them when he eats citrus fruits for some unknown reason, he had eaten some oranges to fight off a cold. Then four days later I was in my gynecologists office in tears from the pain. The Dr. took one look and said herpes. I was absolutely devastated. I felt like my life was over. I just knew he would not believe that I had been faithful and that he would leave me. I cried for hours before I called him. He came over, I explained what was going on. He cried with me. Together we researched and he began to feel so guilty. He determined that he had given this to me unknowingly because he performed oral sex on me whil he had a fever blister, although it was not visible. He was very supportive, he paid for the medicine to treat it, which was $600.00 at the time. He took care of me, made me stay in bed to keep from making it worse. Like I said the most amazing man alive. Three years later we were married. I became pregnant and my gynecologist advised us that as long as there were no lesions near delivery we would be okay, unfortunately I ended up having a c section because I stopped dilating. We now have two wonderfully healthy children, a boy and a girl, with no evidence that this has passed to either of them. Thank God. It has been 7 years since I had an outbreak. Recently my children became sick with a nasty little bug that we couldn't seem to kick. I lost a lot of sleep taking care of the kids, plus keeping up with my night school classes, housework, and my own career (I am a nurse). Thus my immune system plummeted and I became more susceptible to an outbreak. Four days ago, it happened. This one is way worse than my first outbreak thought of being. It hurts to pee, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to move at all. I can't stand sitting in the bath, but I have to suck it up and I have, soaking in epsom salt baths seems to help a little. I also have my husband pour hydrogen peroxide all over the lesions after I bathe. It hurts like hell, I won't lie to you, but after it stops bubbling, the relief is instant and has been lasting 4-5 hours. I also have lidocaine jelly that I apply 5-10 minutes before trying to pee because it hurts so bad. After 24 hours of using the hydrogen peroxide (three time thus far) the lesions have really began shrinking and crusting over. I also take 800 mg of Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and to help with the pain (and sleeping). I increased my l-Lysine to 3000 mg a day, I am taking Valtrex twice a day, and began taking a sublingual B vitamin. I am willing to do anything to get rid of this mess. It is very hard to pretend that everything is okay and put on a happy face with two small children, but thank God I have a wonderful husband that supports and stands by me. I don't think I could get through this without him. Good luck to all and I am praying for a cure. I hope my story helps someone. It's okay to cry about it, I have been crying for 4 days now, but I know that this too shall pass and life will go back to normal again.


I was burned this Spring. Sucks, but life does go on and everything will be fine :) I have practices holistic medicine for close to 9 years now and I am a firm believer that God put a natural remedy on the earth for everything....after LOTS of research...I HAVE FOUND THE BEST NATURAL CURE: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It is anti inflammatory, anti fungal, anti bacterial, and ANTI VIRAL***

I would recommend a coconut oil cleanse which you can look up online. As well as replacing all your cooking oils, spread, etc with it also. I like it in smoothies, too, or just eat a spoonful! This is a preventative and some people have even claimed they have NEVER had an outbreak again after incorporating this into their diet again....virtually curing it.

You can also use it topically on you skin, hair, lips, everywhere!! Also, slows down the aging process...BONUS :)

When you have a break out, I honestly believe this is the healthiest way to cure it. Eat a lot of it and apply to sores. Make sure you wash the breakouts several times a day to keep it clean and dry completely. Never use the same towel twice! Don't touch them, and they will be gone within 5-7 days.

You also need to keep your immune system up so take GOOD vitamins not ones from Walmart with immune boosting properties. Stay healthy and don't stress :)

Good luck!!!

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