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I have had GH for approx. 26 years. I find that taking good care of myself (sleep, exercise, good eating)& AVOIDING SUGAR limits my OBs to one every couple of years.


I used acyclovir but now I use 2000 mg vitamn c, 1000 mg l lysine and liquid propolis directly on sores, for pain I use motrin and take 2 epson salt baths daily and cornstarch in my underwear to relieve chafing


I was diagnosed with GH 19 years ago. The initial OB was 3 weeks long and I was so sick. I had OB's every few weeks for a few years. Some weren't so bad, and some hit me quick. One minute I was feeling great, and the next I was down with the fever/flu-like symptoms, then the actual blisters. So a year ago, I have the worst OB (after having GH for 18 years) since the initial. In fact, I thought it might be worse than the initial. I now know it was all the stress I was going through. It lasted 3 weeks. Now, a year later (19 years with GH), I have OB on top of least 2, maybe 3 and this is week 4. Since I don't have prescription drug coverage, my gyno suggested using Vaseline instead of the Acyclovir cream (VERY expensive). I've gone through a bottle. I do take Acyclovir daily, and increase when I feel an OB coming on (if I know) and during. It doesn't seem to be helping. I'm trying not to stress, but it's easier said than done. I already take Xanax, and have just started going to a counselor. I can say this....most of the stress is NOT self-induced, so what can I do? However, the Vaseline has been a God-send. I'll probably end up calling my gyno tomorrow as the hubby asked me tonight if he knew how long this had been going on. He thinks my immune system is compromised since I'm still continuing to have OB's. On this blog is the first I've read about ph-balance, alkaline, etc.


So I have been reading and reading all through these posts, I was just diagnosed monday with HSV 1, I have actually had it much longer...years I have had it and didn't know, I just thought I had really bad yeast infections and very sensitive skin due to the fact I also have psoriasis. I have only had 2 partners, my first boyfriend and my husband of almost 10 years, who I met while pregnant with my daughter (courtesey of my 1st boyfriend who took off when I was 6 months pregnant) my first boyfriend also gave me hpv which turned into cervical cancer, I've been cancer free for years :) I let the anger of that go before I ever gave birth, because I knew without going through all of it I wouldn't have her... Fast forward through marrying my now husband and giving birth to a son to monday im laying on the exam table, this happen? I have been faithful, I know my husband has been faithful, how long have I had this ? I could recall my 'horrible yeast infections' for about 6 years... My doctor looked through my chart and said that I may have gotten this from my daughters father but just didn't have an outbreak until my psoriasis became evident because it's an auto immune disorder so my immune system is weaker...oh great...another little gift from my ex... As the doctor was taking swabs that hurt like Hellll, I remembered whenever I caught my ex cheating on me and like a niave girl I would forgive him, he would try to make it up to me by giving me oral sex... Wow reading that really makes me see how young and niave I was...anyways he got cold sores and I was forgiving so the delayed end result on the exam table with a forever diagnosis... I cried, I went to the pharmacy crying, drove to my sisters crying, went home crying.... How was I going to tell my husband? Even to me, who knew all of the facts, it sounded suspicious... ' Hi honey, I went to the doctor today turns out I have had genital herpes outbreaks and not bad yeast infections for the last 6 years, I' ve actually had it for over ten years but my body used to be stronger so the disease was dormant' so I cried some more and stiffened my spine, I was gonna feed the kids early and put them to bed then we would have the talk... He walked in from work while I was making dinner he picked up our daughter (shes his daughter now and has been from the day I had her) told her she looked beautiful like mommy and said how was beautiful mommy's day? I burst into tears over the mashed potatoes, there went my plan... He sent our daughter out and everything just spilled out... I told him I was so sorry , I didn't know, I would understand if he didn't believe me...i finally ran out of words and there was 10seconds of silence before he said ' I had ringworm next to my balls once' Oooookkkkaaayyyy........ He told me to calm down, it wasn't the end of the world and he knew I was faithful, holy crap, how did I ever get this lucky to find this man? I told him I was so scared and I didn't want to get him sick too and I was going to educate myself to keep him and our kids safe... He said letting go of my guilt would be a good start, hes a big believer of mental well being and said I was doing a good job keeping everyone safe already since no one else in the house has it and now that we really knew what was going on this knowledge would only keep them safer... So I went online and started reading about how the virus works then I started looking into remedies and ended up here so this is what I do everyday :

1000mg of vitamin C
2000mg L Lysine
I take 2 epson salt baths 1 in the morning and 1 at night and drink earl grey tea while I soak when I get out I use cornstarch directly on my vagina and sprinkle some in my panties....OMG the cornstarch is AMAZING no pain while walking no burning no itching a total lifesaver
Just yesterday I started using the liquid form of propolis... I wont lie, it burns like hell when it goes on, I put it directly on the sore then I apply the cornstarch and wash it off during each of my baths, then reapply... And in just 36 hours my sores are flat and some are scabbing over!! Yay!!!
I also take mortin for the pain and that works really well too
Most importantly, let go of the anger and the stress of this, so many people have this and just don't talk about it... It doesn't make us dirty or bad, it just is what it is and the sooner you accept it you can start healing... I hope this helps someone else, I know this website has been a great comfort to me


Well I'm 29 years old and found out on December 16, 2012 that over got Genital Herpes. Im still in shock but I can't beat myself up about it. Sometimes I feel like im dirty and no one will love me because of this virus. I'm trying to be positive because things could have been worst. Ive been using a diaper rash cream called 'Butt Paste ' its really thick shoo when you urinate it doesn't sting. My first out break was seven blisters but they healed after I took the antivirals for ten days. About a week and a half later I've develop one area with a cluster of blisters .So im back on my meds and just trying to be stress free which is easy said then done .This site its a breath of fresh air for me Thanks.


I am a 30 yr old woman. Have has HSV type I for 15yrs, managed to catch this from my very first partner at a tragically young age. HSV is just a part of my life and I fully accept it and also do what I can to try to remove stigma from people I interact with. I remember all too well the feelings of hopelessness and self disgust that accompanied my diagnosis and plagued me for yrs after. I remember how ashamed I felt, and how those feelings ultimately dropped my self esteem to zero and contributed to years of bad decisions including drug and alcohol abuse. My first remedy has to do with emotional pain: what is done is done, let the regrets go as the healing cannot begin until you can accept the virus as a permanent part of your life. Always, always be honest with a potential partner, keep your head high and remember that it is not the disease that defines you, but your response to it, and treatment of other human beings. You are not ruined, you are not dirty, you are simply faced with a challenge and must rise to the occasion.
To manage the pain, I get percocet from my doctor for the bad days. I use ice packs, the plastic kind that are filled with clay. This reduces swelling and is very good for the beginning of an outbreak when it feels like needles stabbing into the genitalia area. It also helps with itching.
A warm shower with the spray directly on the genitals can help clean the area without being too abrasive. A squirt bottle with warm water can be used as you urinate to relieve pain during urination.
I will sometimes make a paste of water and oatmeal and pack it onto the external labia to help with itching. Oatmeal is very Bengal and soothing.
For particularly painful sores, anbesol can be applied if you just need a few minutes of total relief. I use baby anbesol because it is dye free and sugar free.
Papertowels dampened with icey water and used to blot the sores can help relieve pain after urination.
Aquaphor can be used to help protect the sores from abrasion if you have to walk or move around, although you should limit movement to prevent abrasion and allow healing. Unfortunately we often still have to go to work, school, care for children etc, so this trick has helped me quite a bit.
Last but not least : love your body even in its imperfect state. Treat it as a mother would treat a child and give yourself compassion and understanding.


Im 34years old. I just got diagnosed 2 months ago..Still having an outbreak. I got it from my bf who is now my ex. We used condoms but he knew he had it all along. I thought i had an allergic reaction to the condom & Bacterial vaginosis..come to find out it was HSV2. I was woman about it and talked about the results with him. He acted a complete a** and stopped coming to see me and be around me. He would never call..only texted. He stated he needed space. In the back of my mind, I think he was having an outbreak too. He began to act strange. So I backed off and started to focus on me..I know that he is knowledge about how to treat this awful dz but i wont ask due to fear and embarrasment. For the past 2 months, I have suffered. I lost who I was..mY identity..GONE. I know i got it from him because I havent had sex in 16 months prior to him and this is my first outbreak. The remedies I used that i saw my change is valtrex 2Xday. Lysine 2X day. Emergen-C powder to put in water. and now I've been I'm going to do the alkaline diet. I think this outbreak boiled down to tooooo much acid in my body. i've been monitoring my pH and I notice when I eat more alkaline foods that Im healing more each day. Thanks to my sister, Im emotionally getting better. As far as the guy go..he sucks. I am beautiful and I will not die...His lost..Now i am able to learn more about really how beautiful I am. I just hate that he is going around pretending to be someone's boyfriend just to 'get some'. Ridiculous. But every dog has their day...I have to see a infectious specialist next week.. my gynecologist referred me. Because Im not healing as fast as others. But i'll go just to see what the deal is...although I know what the problem is...tooo much acid in my daily habits. But as far as the guy go..dueces...I love myself to keep putting up with this crap from him. Hopefully I will find the guys of my dreams to love me for me...If not..i tried! So all you guys hang in there..and i'll do the same..oh and i also find that putting baking soda on the sores helps heal quicker and also taking an alka setzer at night(which is alkalinic-based). I've learned alot..I just hope someone will come out with a cure for this


Hi.. So, I'm a 22 year old female and I was actually just diagnosed with genital herpes yesterday. I still can't believe it.. I have only been with 2 guys, my current boyfriend doesn't have it so I must have gotten this virus from a boyfriend from almost 4 years ago. My first outbreak started about 4 days ago and developed quite rapidly and I had no idea what it was. Now I'm taking Acyclovir for the next 10 days until the outbreak is over. I'm quite miserable to say the least, I'm too uncomfortable to sit, stand, walk, or even lie down to sleep. I feel exhausted and the medication has curved my appetite so I haven't eaten much. I am drinking a lot of water because you have to with this medication to make sure your kidneys keep working properly. Other than that, I would like to thank all the people who have posted before me, knowing that I'm not alone has helped me a lot. I still have a long road ahead of me before I can accept what has happened to me.


Okay so I was diagnosed today and I went to the doctors because my peeing was absolutely unbareable, and it was so sore to walk sit anything. The peeing was so awful i was screaming my face off. I read peeing in the bathtub with luke warm or cold water covering the area completely helped. Since it's only my second day of painful urination I didn't think anything would work, but pee in the bathtub! My god, of course there is still burning and pain but it's no where NEAR what I was experiencing before, I highly recommend it. So much better and I am not screaming anymore, I don't even have to stop myself because of pain. Try try try and good luck,

Indiana Hooiser

I had my 1st out break about 15 years ago.My exhusband had cheated on me and I got punished with the herpes virus for his screw up. Anyway, went to my doctor(who is a woman)she treated me with some pill and told me about the MOM (milk of Magnesia). Dap cotton balls soaked in MOM on the sores instant relief !!! The liquid is cold and it has a drying effect. After a couple days of doing this everytime you pee they are GONE!! She was a life saver.

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