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I am 20 and just got diagnosed yesterday. To say it was the worst day of my life is an understatement. I've just moved away from home and had to go see a new doctor who was severely unsympathetic. I live in shared accommodation so I am not in the comfort of my own home. Walking, sitting and doing anything is excruciatingly painful. This is my first outbreak and I was told it can last up to 10 days...for me it is the worst at night. I've tried sleeping pills but they don't help, nor do painkillers. for me a FAN straight onto the area is the best thing yet still doesn't relieve the pain. I'm afraid to go to the toilet because the pain is unbearable and we don't have a bath so I can't sit in the bath. The medication had also made me extremely nautious and I have lost my appetite entirely.

The psychological side of it all is almost worse. I don't know how to confront the boy I was sleeping with as he told me he didn't have an STD..Does anyone have any advice on how to accept the stigma associated with the disease and how to progress on with life?


I recently turned 16. And I just found out I have GH. I still don't understand how I got it because I had been in a relationship with a wonderful guy that's honest, caring, and understanding. He was also a virgin.And we loved/trusted eachother enough to have intercourse unprotected. I made sure I got checked before we did anything though. Him and I were dating for about 9 months. I thouhght I had lost feeling and would be fine on my own because he's slightly older than I am so I felt like it was just a better idea if we were only friends. So being a teenager I decided to have a fling with a past friend.I had asked him before we did anything if he was clean making sure. He had just gotten out of a relationship as well with a girl for almost 2 years. About right after he took my virginity. They had both got checked for everything possible and they were clean.I started being sexually active when I was 14. Yes, I started young and I regret it. I feel very mature for my age because of the things I have been through. Anyways we had unprotected sex and immediately after I couldn't pee without pain, I was really sore down there, and I thought I just had a few 'razor bumps' from shaving with the wrong soap. I made an even bigger mistake. I slept with another past friend at a party because we all had gotten wasted.. the worst part is I didn't remember it. I had blacked out. So I went to the doctors the next day and they treated me for a UTI. A few days after that it still wasn't getting better. I had noticed more bumps and they were becoming more sore so I tried pinching them and putting ointment on them (bad idea) I went back to the doctors 5 days after only being able to pee in the shower because the water helped soothe it coming out. Sure enough he diagnosed me with GH. My world came crashing down! I honestly was on the verge of ending my life. It was the hardest drive home. I cried, screamed, and even tried screaming at God for what I had thought was his fault. I know it's mine. And know it's just another struggle I have to deal with. My doctor prescribed me HYDROCODONE for the pain to urinate because I had a lesion on my urethra. And the doctor had scrapped them all making me in excruciating discomfort. I got lucky enough to have my mom to support me. She has been doing anything she can. But lately I haven't gotten any enthusiastam to got to school because the pain to sit is unbareable just to drive. School is 8 hours long, most of the time your sitting. And I don't want to go to school high on pain killers just to be able to bare trough it.

My doctors told me to use a lot of vaseline to make it less uncomfortable to walk and make a barrier so it wouldn't spread. ( He was wrong this outbreak it still getting worse) But it does make it easier to walk and deal with. I am also on valaxcyclovir. That's to take away the outbreak but I'm still waiting for it to work. My appetite has lessened greatly. I have lost 6 pounds in 2 days. I have never been this depressed. But I'm taking in all the information you guys have shared. I'm sorry you guys are dealing with GH it's embarrassing. The only advice I have is cornstarch, vaseline if your going out, lots of heat, and make sure to wash your hands and anything that comes in contact with the area of out break.


Hello all, I am 28 years of age and was officially diagnosed with GH a week ago. I have had the symptoms of 'bumps', discharge, chaffing, and shooting pain in mainly my left leg on and off for over 10 years. I started going to the GYNO (gynecologist) 10 years ago because that is when I started being sexually active. I have had roughly 6 sexual partners ( 2 serious) and honestly reading all of these posts it could be any one of them who gave it to me. I was only unprotected with the 2 serious relationships and I believe I know who it was that left me with this parting gift. Even though I have had the symptoms maybe two or three times in the past 10 yearsm, it still feels new because I was just recently officially diagnosed. Im trying to get passed it and forgive and move on but it is hard. My main concern is whomever my future husband is and my future kids. I dont want my future boo to not want to be with me because of this and I also do not want him to lie to me and give me something else! I also do not want to pass this on to my kids etc. I heard that there is something that one can take to keep from passing this on to their partners so if any of you know of what this is PLEASE let me know. I also want to thank each and every one of you for posting on here. I had no idea that so many strong, beautiful (in spirit cuz i cant see you all lol), intellegent women were living with the same thing as me. Praying for you all and God bless.

Ps. I believe that using towels soaked in boiling hot water whenever I shav and just randomly helped with the OB's. It shrank them quickly and also mad them less occuring. I also believe in what a lot of you are saying, eating healthy, excersizing, and trying to stay stress free also contribute to fewer or no OB's. Stay blessed you guys,,,like I keep telling myself it could have been worse,,


Hey you all! Just found out New Years Day that I have G.H. This is my second breakout. I so happen to be using a natural body wash that has 'pepermint' in it. The next day I didn't feel anything where I noticed my breakout. Its an awsome body wash that I bought at Sprouts aka Henerys or Boneys. Anyway, pepermint has menthol which happens to sooth other things such as colds, aches and pains, and cold sores. Look up pepermint oil or pepermint. I think I may have discovered a homeopathic break through or relief. But, I do have a pain shooting down my left leg on the side where my breakout began. Nurse said its because the virus/sore lays on a nerve... Hum I got to research that more. Anyway, try pepermint oil or soap. Im using 'Alaffia African Black Soap pepermint' its called. Let me know what you think .....


So I was 8 months pregnant with my son and I had only been sexually active with my son's father it was 3 days before my 20th birthday that I was having a hard time going to the bathroom felt like i was peeing glass it was so bad i couldn't do anything but cry and avoided peeing (keep in mind when your belly is huge from a baby inside its very hard to do ) the only way i found releive when having to urinate was going and sitting in the tub with water and then letting the water out and showering, I knew at this point something was definately wrong it hurt to do anything from sitting to walking so i called my OBGYN and went in for a visit, when she had examined me she was very very upset she had said I looked like a rape patient ( i had sex three days prior with my sons father) he had been sleeping with someone else as well as we were off/on again.... i explained the sex was a bit rough she then went on to explain that it looked like genital herpes that she would swab it and send it to the lab.... three days later I called them my 20th birthday and they had informed me it was infact genital herpes, I wanted to die at that point, so grossed out, betrayed, heartbroken can go on and on with all the emotions i felt at that very moment... my mom was there for me through it all. I was more worried about the effects it may have on my unborn child... at 8 months they started me on acyclovir just to make sure that i didnt have an outbreak, my sons birth went well and he was healthy thank god... and i have since had no outbreaks luckily ! and hope i never do... this topio is still a bit hard to talk about and i really dont discuss it to much with men because im scared of how they'll react, this doesnt make me a slut/whore or dirty person I like many others got it from someone they trusted and loved and was betrayed.... In the 3 years now that ive been diagnosed I find it hard to trust, but ive come to terms with the herpes unfortunately theres nothing i can do but just maintain a healthy lifestyle... I hope my story helps those who just found out... life doesnt end and you can still meet someone who will love you regardless of your flaws and if he CANT then he definately isnt the one for you ! :)

when i had my outbreak the baths, and squirting epson mixed luke warm water at the areas helped, for walking i used a bit of cream to lube the area so it wasnt rubbing and always wash your hands ....


The best thing you can do for outbreaks is start taking acyclovir for suppression. My doctor told me that shes had people go without outbreaks for 10 plus years. Yes, you have to take 200mg 2x daily... but if you prevent it, you wont have to worry about future outbreaks. It can be pricey..but, you can go to your local health department, clinic,etc. and get it at Walmart on the $4 plan.


hi. just got diagnosed a week ago. it is a lot to take in, and the worst part is pretending to be fine around my family when i hate standing and sitting, and peeing. but a cold wash cloth as soon as i pee helps. i put diaper rash cream on it and they bleed, but feel better. i dont know why the doc gives meds they dnt help. it seems like im constantly looking around wondering if this person or that person has it. trying to be a trooper, but im sad because i dont know if i gave it to the one i love or vise versa but i cant be mad its done anyone can get it who is having sex. please pray 4 me.

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I got GH when I was 18. I was dating an older, mature man of 28. He said he was going to make me his Mrs. and in the meantime I am graduating high school and he is a traveling salesman...enough said?
Well that was some time back; I am 55 now. Here is the knowledge I have gleened from the many years and outbreaks. First of all there is a lot of good information and experience on this site, read it all! Second of all, our bodies are different, and what works for one, may not work for another. Third - and this one is important - GH is an opportunistic STD, so pay attention to what happened prior to an outbreak - what did you eat/drink? Were you stressed? Sick? On your period? For many, many years my outbreaks were always around the time of a period. Finally, fight back with all you can, everything you read here that works for you, eat well, exercise, do what makes you happy so your spirit stays up. For me, heat has always worked well. Someone posted that she curled up a heating pad and was able to get it in a position that would give the area a lot of heat. I agree, and have done this as well. I also have one of those hand held shower nozzle thingies. I put it on a soft spray and spray those lesions with the hottest water I can stand for as long as I can stand. This also cleans the area and this is important too. Do this several times a day. With my schedule, I can only manage 3x a day but what a difference. Also wear cotton panties and loose fitting clothing. Take advil or something for pain and for swelling. I've never taken any of the drugs for GH; I don't like putting strange things in my body (if only I'd felt the same way when I was 18 - ha ha). I run, because exercise releases endorphins in your body that lift your spirit, any exercise will do. Watch an upbuilding movie or read a good book, pray, ANYTHING that will build you up. Like I said, GH is opportunistic and being down physically or emotionally is fodder for it. My point here is not to be passive, don't give in to it. Fight it, you will win. My outbreaks used to last a couple of weeks and would visit about every 6 wks or so. I only have them maybe once a year and doing the above, they last maybe a week. Maybe.

And yes, there are wonderful and understanding men out there who will look past your GH and see you. And you will have children and a family and all of the things we dream of. I have never passed my GH on to anyone else. Please make sure it stops with you too. WASH YOUR HANDS! Often and of course, always after you have had dealings with your lesions. Pay attention to your body - did you experience a low grade fever prior to outbreak, headache - anything outstanding you can think of that heralds the coming of an outbreak. When I am about to have an outbreak, I start out with a low grade fever, sometimes chills. And whatever side of my body that the lesions appear, that leg will hurt - like all of my nerves are sitting on top of my skin. I feel like I am coming down with a cold - tired, achy, etc. but no runny nose, cough, etc. This is when I start fighting. I will make sure I am eating right, exercising, making positive experiences happen in my life, surround myself with good friends, etc. Life goes on, don't give GH any more power in your life than what it has right now. Fight back with whatever works for you and do it as soon as you can. Make this an opportunity to shine, don't let it get the best of you. Blessings to you my GH sisters!


I don't have a remedy : but I think after doing some research that I have genital herpes.. I have several excruciatingly painful sores and I was hoping to find some homemade remedies..? I'm too afraid to tell my mom (my parents are very conservative) and I can't make an appointment to the doctor without her knowing.. Will this effect me in the long term if I don't go see a doctor and treat it from home? Or better yet, just wait for them to go away?


I feel that god gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. It sucks that some people can get away sleeping with a different person every night and not get anything. I dated a guy for 5 years and found out he cheated on me. I got tested right away for everything and was clean. It took me a while to trust a guy again and when i finally started seeing a new guy a year later i trusted him enough to sleep with him (protected, none the less). And ofcourse..a week later i wake up to severe pain. Run to the bathroom take one look down there and my heart drops. I knew what it was. I had the sores, burning urination, inflammation, and sore lymph nodes. There was no worse feeling in the world. The only thing keeping me going is hope. Hope that there is one guy out there who will understand that I'm not a dirty slut i was just lied to and deceived by a dishonest person. That is what happens to most of us who get this terrible virus. After a while i realized im going to have it no matter what, so if i do have it..I'd rather have it without pain. Ive tried a bunch of remedies and here is what i found helps most.

I got sores so bad I couldn't walk..I rubbed vaseline all over and got immediate relief.
Then i found out that sores heal faster when they are dry so it is better to use cornstarch/baking soda for relief
After I shower i put tea tree oil or propolis on the wounds and then cornstarch while i sleep (since i move around a lot when i sleep and the pain would wake me up)
In the morning i shower again and repeat the same process, it definitely is 100x better then leaving them untreated
Im looking for more ways to prevent the outbreaks tho, and stop burning during urination WHICH IS THE WORST. Help if any ideas!

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