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Oh how it saddened me reading thru all of these posts... So many, too many, young-ins in here to have to go thru this... The plus side? Your lives are NOT over by any means!
I am 29 soon to be the big 3-0! I found out I had HPV during my first OB checkup with my first child... Yep... Super bummer day! Time went on, had another baby at which my long time bf and I decided to get married... And at my OB checkup for our 3rd child I had mentioned to the doc having strange sores around my bum... At which point I was Dxed with GH... Fun. My husband and I have now been together 9yrs and have 4 children... We have never had protected sex (except when we first dating we did) and he has never contracted anything or had any outbreaks of any sorts.
The trick, I'm kinda what you'd call 'crunchy' and eat well for the most part. I only ever use Homeopathic and Natural Remedies!
Coconut Oil had a BILLION uses... Using it on my sores is just one amazing thing it can be used for. Because its an oil it acts as a barrier for comfort and helps the pain slightly. Next, Tea Trea Oil! Had amazing antiomicrobial properties and a fairly good pain reliever. And then Neem... Same reasons as above. And lastly, Aloe Vera! Not from a store tho! As in squeeze it out of a plant! Awesome relief. Get yourself on a decent diet of veggies and fruits too. Keep the areas clean and dry.
The disease and sores will never go away. But you CAN treat them and live comfortably.
So how did my hubby never catch it? We just don't have sex when I have outbreaks... At all! No playing! Except with him... Lol. I kid, yes. Because there is no reason to be negative about a life so short lived and amazing! I've lived with HPV and GW and GH for almost 9yrs now. And life really hasn't changed. Sure I require a bit of natural treatments once every so often, but so what? It's like getting the flu a lot... Just take your meds ;-) I would and will always steer clear of pills and doc Rxed medications because NATURAL home remedies will do the same thing they do, only Faster and Better and Cheaper!
And don't be embarrassed about sharing! Not only does it protect your future partners, but it will improve your own self image and worth knowing you CAN control this little pester all on your own! :-) Keep your heads up! And DEF look into natural remedies! I promise they will help!
***NOTE*** for those using cornstarch to keep dry... Yes, it works... But it also can and WILL spread the sores and make them last longer! Just use a dry cotton cloth and dab the area. Can even leave a small swatch in place through out the day if you need to. ((Btw, most baby powders have corn starch in it so steer clear of that too!))
I hope some of this info helps! I'm a natural born modern day crunchy 'hippy' and I know my natural remedies! ;-)

vet tech

Hi all. I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with GH on Wed and I was devastated. It started the friday before with a headache then it got worse and I was in constant pain. I was taking 6 aleve a day and it wasn't even taking the edge off. Monday I woke up with bumps on the outer folds of my vagina when I went to pee I was in excruitiating pain. I was miserable but I had to go to school (im studying to be a vet tech) I couldnt focus and ended up skipping my second class to go home early. My primary doc is in Chicago so I got another doc in the practice. She took one look at me sent me to an OB/GYN who works with the doc who delivered me. She looked at me and said herpes. She gave me percocet for pain and Cyclovir 1G every 12 hours. Ive been with two people. My boyfriend when I was a junior in hs but we broke up 2 months after having sex. And one of his friends who ive known since like kindergarden. I havnt had sex since Jan 1st so this was a shock.

I tried some of the remedies on here and some worked. Some didnt. Peeing the the tub didnt help that much. Epsom salts worked good. One thing that worked ok for me was having my mom squirt warm water into my vagina while I peed. She gave me the best idea though. She gave me A and D ointment to spread on my sores so that when I pee it doesnt hit the sores. I tried it and IT WORKS!!!!!!! Make sure you apply it before you really have to pee. Also make sure you apply it all over the sores kinda thickly. You have to reapply it everytime you pee which is kind of a pain but it works I swear try it. My mom is getting me Balmex because she said (she was a nurses aid at a nursing home when she was a teenager) that they used it so the patients wouldnt get urine scald. Im waiting for that as we speak but just thought I would share what works for me

PS corn starch/baking soda mix worked good too. It burned a little at first but it went away


I just found out I have genital herpes around the 1st of March. When I got a culture, the results were negative--I will get a blood test soon to confirm. But, I do have it. I haven't had a break from the blisters for 6 or 7 weeks. Every time I am close to healing, a new outbreak pops up. Has anyone else had this experience? I have been eating well, taking supplements, trying all the natural remedies. Today, I felt a new blister starting. I soaked in a acv, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, and epsom salt bath 3 times x 20 minutes each today. Inbetween, I blowdried and applied Abreva and sometimes Zilactin, also some Miracle Lips with bee propolis. I have been attacking this outbreak, seeing if I can get it to NOT spread. So far, so good. It is staying at bay, but it has been an all day project. Can anyone give me an idea about how long initial outbreaks can last and when they might start settling down? I haven't been able to have sex with my husband in months, and I am trying to be patient and positive and not be stressed (I was very stressed at first). My husband has had the virus for 17 years. We have been together for 7 and I've never contracted the virus until now. It is so much harder to deal with than I realized. Thanks so much for this site; it has helped me stay calm and find positive ways to help.


Hot baths hot as you can stand and sit in there for at least 20 minutes, adding hot water as it cools down. I'm 60 years old and I've had it for over 20 years, your life is NOT over by any means.

19yr w/ GH type 2

About a month before i turned 19 i was diagnosed with GH and that was almost 4months ago and now im having my second outbreak and im looking for other homeremedies other than espom salt and aloe vera so if you have anything to give me feed back on to try please feel free and comment


I contracted GH when I (19) years old. I am now 30. I was dating a guy who I thought was a good guy. He knew he had it and failed to tell me. When I found out I was dumbfounded as to what this was. I was treated so cold at the hospital after being diagnosed.

When felt symptoms I thought I had a bad rash, soaking in hot water for a week to relieve the pain or to urinate. It was horrible. The outbreak lasted about two weeks.

I struggled with telling men that dated about it fearing that they would judge me. Thinking I was nasty and I was in a committed relationship.

Now I'm 30, I have dated and I have explained to the men about it they didn't mind. They just was a little concerned but they really didn't make a fuss about it.

Now I am dating the man of my dreams and he doesn't know. He is so sweet and kind but I'm scared he will just pick up and leave. But, I do plan on telling him eventually because it wouldn't be far to him.

Home remedies; I usually now don't get the vaginal outbreaks like I use to. It moved, so now its usually above my anus which highly annoying. To prevent spreading wash your undies in high water temps, wash your hands after treating area. I use alcohol and peroxide on a cotton swab to dry the area. Also, using a liquid bandage will prevent it from spreading as well using Vaseline as a barrier during sex. For comfort, Tylenol, Motrin or soaking in Epsom salt. Also heard about lemon balm and neem oil but never tried it. Hope this helps a little!


I was diagnosed in August 2012. The first outbreak then was horrible. I was in so much pain and there were few things that gave me much relief. However, i got a sitz bath and filled it with warm water and epson salt. That was so helpful when I would get home from work and needed some relief. I was taking the anti-viral medication my doctor had prescribed and prescription pain killers. If I didn't have the pain meds I don't know how I would have made it through. I suffered for about 3 weeks until it finally calmed down. I stayed outbreak free until January when I had another less intense outbreak. This outbreak has gone on ever since with no changes. I'm still on the anti-viral meds and have recently starting taking vitamins as well which include: l-lysine, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin a, vitamin b-1, vitamin c, vitamin e, and echinacea. I have only been on these supplements for a few days and don't know how much they will help just yet.

I believe my biggest trigger has been stress and depression related to this diagnosis. It got worse when I lost my job a couple months back. Then on top of that my long term boyfriend is obviously afraid of being intimate with me now. We both don't know if he gave it to me or not and there is no way to know. He has been supportive but did say he worries about it sometimes too. Which is understandable. Regardless, I feel very much like damaged goods. I have spent years battling depression and this situation has not helped. I know it's my fault which only makes me more depressed. I will say that reading these posts have been helpful to not make me feel as alone in this disease. If anyone has any feedback on stress relief concerning this and/or topical treatments that may help with my current outbreak I'm all ears.


So, I have HSV type 2, which is genital herpes. I found out at 9:00 Valentines morning 2013. That day will officially and forever be dubbed VD day. When I received the call I broke down into tears, as any of you did. At the time I was not having an out break but I had apparently suffered one before I got tested. Mine has fortunately always been external. I have yet to deal with the painful urination.

Unfortunately I have no idea who I received it from. I have my suspicions. I did the right thing though, called each person I had foolishly trusted to have unprotected sex with, and let them know so they could go and get tested themselves. yes there is more than 1.. 4 to be exact in the last 2 years.

I am fortunate to have an amazing support system. For me the truth is better than hiding. It wont help, it will just cause you more heartache and OB's. Talk to people, don't be afraid and protect yourself as much as one can. As Doctor Seuss said, 'those who mind, don't matter and those that matter don't mind'. Be happy.

So I refuse to take pills. I find it to be ridiculous and most medications are derived from natural plants anyways.

Of course keeping the area dry, comfortable and clean is a must. I have read cornstarch helps with chaffing of the area. Of course applying on the sores a drying agent will help.. something with Zinc or witch hazel is a couple examples. And than follow with an antimicrobial like tea tree ol or neem. I still need to research further. Aloe or oatmeal will generally help sooth and relieve itching. Try and use the actual plant or make a paste with the oats.

With supplements, I take a Multi, pro-biotic, but what is Most important is to take a super-B complex. Its a tremendous boost to the immune system (try and get liquid if possible, your body absorbs it better!). Of course eat Lots of green vegi's. Fruits high in vitamin C, red fruits and berries. and EXERCISE!. Your body and mental health is of up most importance in keeping it dormant. Don't eat chocolate or nuts, that darn wonderful has cause my most recent OB.

Try and be normal. Be honest with partners and be honest with yourself. All of us are wonderful people, male or female. Blessed Be.


Think about what you ate before the outbreak. Was it Chocolate or nuts? Did you have hot chocolate and then a sundae with nuts? Right afterwards an outbreak? They seem to be the biggest offenders because they are high in Arginine, or L-arginine, an amino acid that is said to contribute to outbreaks. How about Oatmeal, whole wheat or green peas? If you google the name of the condition along with Lysine, you will come up with a list of foods to watch out for. Lysine is the amino acid that keeps it away. Provolone Cheese is very good. You can check out: Food Groups with Lysine for Herpes.
Anytime you get an outbreak make a list of what you ate and check it out for high arginine low lysine. If you have a craving for chocolate, you can buy lysine at any local store that sells vitamins - its not expensive. You want to conteract the Arginine in the chocolate or nuts with Lysine. Vitamin C also helps because Vitamin C is said to build collagen around the cells - it helps to keep viruses from getting in. Personally, I think the chewables are best assimilated by the body. Before the outbreak when you tingle it really helps to massage the area as much as you can all day if its in an area that you can massage. Rub your hands together till they heat a little and then use a good cream from the health food store. Between the vit. c, lysine, and massage you might not even get the outbreak. PS I am not a medical professional and this is not meant to replace a doctor's advice, its only a personal opinion of what worked for some friends of mine. Hope it helps.


Went to the doctor yesterday and my doctor confirmed what I suspected to be true - I have herpes. She will not have the official lab results until Friday but she has been a nurse practitioner for 37 years and I of course trust her opinion. She prescribed me an antiviral medication which I will take for ten days that should hopefully clear up my first outbreak.

The hard part was telling my boyfriend because at this point I have no idea who I contracted the virus from and if he has it or not. He currently has no symptoms and is making an immediate doctor's appointment to get tested. We have only been together for a month and a half but I never experienced an outbreak or any symptoms until after I had intercourse with him. That does not necessarily mean he gave it to me but right now he is absolutely devastated at the thought that he harmed me and there is no comforting him until he finds out if he has it as well :(

I have already accepted that I will have herpes for the rest of my life and is focused on finding a way to cope. Right now it sucks because I feel I have no one to talk to about this. Not my family, not my friends.....I am too embarrassed and somewhat ashamed. This first outbreak is very painful and last night I could barely sleep from the pain. I feel so alone. Any advice or words of encouragement will help. I especially need any advice with how to make this outbreak more manageable :(

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