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The main problem that gives me a outbreak is stress or anxiety. The best thing to do is trick my immune system into believing I'm okay. Those pills the doctor gave me only helps if an outbreak occurs but I've noticed it still lasted 7-8 days.... So I did years of research.... When I notice an outbreak is coming I use tiger balm on the affected area. I also take Valerian root vitamins to calm my nerves. It disappears in less than a day.... I sometimes just take the vitamins to avoid any outbreak period if I'm under stress. FYI, l-lysol seems to work only if a outbreak occurs faster than valtrex....idky, but it does for me...hope this helps...remember, everything doesn't work for everyone....try new things n see if it works for you. Good luck loves.


Also, if anyone is suffering from HSV2 and on progesterone hormones, Lutenyl or other pills, stop taking them immediatly. I had recurrent attacks without a break for a year but when i stopped my progesterone pill (to see if i would get rid of bad migraines) my hsv2 attacks stopped completely. I did some research on this and it turns out a lot of woman have this experience. It has also recently been tested on mice... Too much progesterone makes the virus very aggesive! Good luck


I was drugged and raped in Miami. I woke up and didn't feel a thing until the next day. I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with Gonorrhea and Genital Herpes. So I started reading this thread last night trying to find a way out of this pain and agony. I went and bought Lysine and I'm doing the water challenge as well. I started today and I'm already seeing results. 3,000 mg of Lysine and a jug of water. No pain, no burning, nothing. I don't feel a thing anymore.


I'm 15 years old . lately ive been having a problem with Urinating it burns like hell and yesterday I was feed up with it . I decided to go to the Hospital n I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes . the Herpetic doctor prescribed me with Valtrex but im scared to pee because my urine burns badly , i bought A+D ointment but im not for sure to use it ... does anyone have advice for me ????


I was diagnosed with GH in January 2016 and the first OB was horibled. Lasted about a week before i went to the hospital. They prescribed me Valtrex it worked. But here it is May and i have another OB i tried the baking soda and when i put it on it burned like hell. I wiped it off with a cold rag and it still burned about 1 hr later. I have an appointment at the Health Department to get another prescription for Valtrex hopefully and. Hygiene and proper eating helps. Does the aloe vera gel work?

Jamie S

I just been diagnosed with genital herpes on 4/14/16. I started to feel some symptoms on April 8th after my husband and I had sex. After we had sex I figured because of the burning it was normal I went pee it started to hurt. And I had immediately started my period afterwards so I thought to myself maybe this is period pain since I am type 1 diabetic. After visiting the hospital 4 times in 3 days they came to the conclusion that I have genital herpes they did not tell me if it was hsv-2 or HSV-1. But ever since I've been crying and screaming every time I have to use the bathroom I cannot make a bowel movement without it feeling like it's tearing me in half. It hurts so incredibly bad I told my husband I just want to end it all he's highly upset but he's very supportive he told me you'll be here for me 100\\%. He's not showing any symptoms and he's going to get checked I'm really nervous because this outbreak has lasted since the 8th and today is already the 18th I don't know what to do it feels as if it's not getting any better and I keep having discharge down there. Somebody please help me on what I should do I'm Type 1 diabetic and I have genital herpes and I'm so scared I'm only 24 years of age


The company "Cloverleaf Farms" sells an antiviral cream. It's called "surivon". It works at speeding up healing. As soon as I sense an outbreak, I apply the cream to the potential area. Always use a clean qtip. Do not double dip or you risk transferring the virus and contaminating the cream. I stay away from anything acidic, and nuts. Listen to your body and narrow down the foods that could be more harmful than helpful. I also bathe in Epson salts and wear full cotton underwear to allow breathability. Stay positive! It's a virus and you can still live an amazing life!


I was diagnosed with HSV-1 in June of last year. It's wasn't a cold sore that I had. I had it down on my Genitals. At first, the very rude dr who wasn't my normal one since I freaked out and had to get in sooner told me no doubt I had the GH. It was a relief to hear I only had HSV-1 when the tests all came back. I was told I can continue to take the medication until it's gone but I shouldn't have to worry about it ever coming back down there and it's just a one-time outbreak kind of deal since I was exposed. Now afraid it would ever come back I refuse to let anyone go down on me, weather it be for their protection or my own. I had some weird symptoms down there recently and instantly jumped to the conclusion that I had a yeast infection so went to the store did my treatment, didn't get better. Went to the Dr, had a Bacterial Infection. Did treatment, didn't get fixed. Went back, had both a bacterial and yeast infection at the same time! treated for both of those simultaneously. Still with no relief. During the time at the Dr I got a full STD check because why not, and came back all clear on everything other then the HSV-1 I knew I already had. Now this was all blood work. Dr appointment tomorrow to test some more. I think maybe since the PH levels in my vagina have been so off and have undergone some intense treatment that I'm having an outbreak. It's real similar to the one I had back in June. I'll make them take a culture this time. There's not a whole lot of research that I can find on HSv-1 Genital other then it's becoming more and more common. I know my story isn't \\%100 related, but if you took the time to read, thank you. Any relief would be great. Got the Ice Pack on now and plan on eating and applying some cocunut oil soon since it's what I have right now, and I'm severly broke haha, anyways ladies stay strong!


Get sleep. Get more sleep. Then get some sleep. It really helps.


To keep the virus at bay, you will have to boost your immune system as much as possible. You can do this by taking turmeric capsules, eating a ton of garlic(raw is best), vitamic C ascorbic acid powder supplement, also have heard good things about red algea extract. Keep stress at bay as much as possible, meditation helps. also important to watch your diet by eating as many veggies/fruits( mostly a variety of vegetables), potatoes are okay but stay away from sugary things such as candy, cakes etc and also not too much wheat, rice, corn products (potatoes are okay), beans and meat are okay. For topical application on the sores, try raw neem honey or any other raw honey( not regular honey will make it worse), tea tree oil works wonders ive heard and coconut oil too. Hope thos helps.

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